Community Questions

How do I log into the community?
If you have registered, you should have received an e-mail containing your username, password, and a link to the Ki Nassauer Community login page. Click the link provided in the e-mail and then enter both your username and password into their respective fields. Click “Log in” and you should be ready to go!

Why won’t my image upload with my post?
Because of file size restrictions, some files that you would like to upload to the Community pages will need to be resized. Try resizing your image to 800px wide to get a version that is the correct file size – below 2mb (2000k). You can use an online image resizer, like to accomplish this.

What are tags and why should I add them to my posts?
A “tag” is a word or phrase that you add to a post to let other community members quickly find your cool content. If you post a photo of a crazy junk horse made entirely of soda cans, add tags like “horse,” “soda cans,” and “crazy,” to let people know what the photo contains. If you write a post about the cool junk shops you discovered on your trip out west, add tags like “Montana,” “junk shops,” and “road trip,” to let people know the main themes of your posts. That way, when someone doesn’t know what to do with all the left-over soda cans they collected in the backseat during their road trip to California, one of your posts or pictures will pop right up in their search and inspire them.

How do I retrieve my password?
Under the login area on the home page there is a “Lost Password” link. Click this link and enter in your username or email and an email will be send to you with “reset” instructions.

Does the Ki Nassauer Community have any rules?
A few simple rules help every community function more smoothly. Here are ours:

  • Be kind, courteous and supportive!
  • Please avoid posting copyrighted materials. If you find something great, post a link to the content at its original location.
  • Feel free to talk about your junking store or business, but make the content unique to the users of this forum. People will appreciate the effort, and it is sure to get more attention than something that looks like spam.

Are there any subjects to avoid when posting?
We understand that religious and political views are important and we respect everyone’s right to have them. We just ask that you find a community more focused on those subjects in which to carry out heated debates or speak at length about your political opinions or religious ideals. We hope you understand, and if you ever have any questions about whether or not something is appropriate for this community, feel free to contact us here.