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    Anyone still here from yrs ago when it was JR and we talked all the time?


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    O wow. I have never seen this before. Kids are cute.

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    Hello all.

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    I love flowers. So i use flowers in balcony at my home.

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    Hello everyone.

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    If I were going to start some kind of sewing business, I’d get a high-quality bomber machine. But for the kind of occasional sewing projects/repairs the vast majority of us do, I think a new, inexpensive modern machine is more likely to make sense because, properly chosen, it is likely to perform well without any inherited problems and at an extremely good brother sewing machine

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    Wall sculptures like all art forms come in a blend of different materials. The variety aspect of art is but one of its many appeals. The manipulation of the materials to create art when done differently, to gives it its variety. To create art, one requires perspective, which gives each piece of art its discerning aspect. At , wall sculptures come in different forms and materials some metal while others are wooden. The common metals include brass, steel, and bronze metal, which are alloys of different metals. Oaks however are the main trees used for wood sculptures for its durability and hardness.

    Brass wall sculptures
    Whilechoosing art sculptures for wall décor aesthetics is a main factor. Brass is a zinc and copper alloy, which bothgive it a flashy look. Brass when polishedoffers a golden sheen thatgives the sculpture an aesthetic appeal. Oxidized brass provides a bright sheen perfect for creatingcontrasting wall sculptures. The aesthetics of brass makes it perfect for the bedroom since it gives off a romantic ambiance. Brass is durable and resistant to rust therefore the look does not fade in time. Using brass sculptures on walls is therefore a perfect way to decorate a room for the long term. uses brass and zeppelin zinc materials in different wall sculptures,which is a perfect way to create contracts on the wall décor. This way the two materials can represent the different hues in a room increasing its color palette.

    Steel wall sculptures
    Steel is an alloy of iron and is renowned for it durability. When treated by pre-rusting steel acquires abrownish leathery look that generally improves its aesthetic appeal. Steel however only provides dark colors and therefore is preferred for dark accents. This aspect makes it ideal for contrasting brightly colored wall or decorating male living spaces. Durability in both color and weight of treated steel allows for long term decorations. Using steel in wall decor offers a dark appeal to internal and external walls without the disadvantage of rusting. Steel can be used in conjunction with other materials creates more appealing sculptures. An example of materials is zeppelin zinc or oak wood. Whilezeppl in zinc is grey, oak is dark brown naturally and paring them with steel provides different dark accents.

    Wood sculptures
    Wood is among the best materials to use for wall décor. The organic feel gives the room an instant rustic appeal since it is rough and spotty. Oak is common is sculpting wall décor for its durability and hardness. The oak wood, when treated, provides different color schemes while creating the wall sculpture. Whenpolished and sculptured into different shapes, the eccentric appeal in undeniable. Sculpting wood is easy since it is readily available which makes its sculptures common. Hanging the wood sculptures is easy since the wood offers easy drilling hence, it is less taxing while fixing it to the walls. The oak sculptures are dark and when used withbrightlycolored brass or bronze the resulting sculpture offerscontrast. It istherefore an easy way to create focal point in a room.

    Clay and ceramics wall sculptures
    Mostly delicate and yet most malleable, ceramics are common among the sculpting materials. Clay worker will accent that creating a clay sculpture requires skill and inspiration all of whichgive art its appeal. Ceramic sculptures are appealing due to their delicate forms and the different colors. Whilecreating a clay sculpture the artist may even use other materials like perplexglass to improve the appeal. Aspects of ceramic sculptures therefore give the room an elegant and eccentric ambiance. The different colors of ceramics are mostly light in texture, which makes them useful for accentingbrightly colored rooms.

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    Deciding to decorate your home yourself gives you the opportunity to deal with something very creative, adding your own personal touch.One of the areas requiring special care is the living room, which is the point of concentration of the family and your friends who visit you and certainly its aesthetics beyond striking, should create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
    The above thinking does not mean you have to spend a fortune to make the necessary changes, since the secret of interior decoration is the fact that every surface and space can be totally transformed even with just one accessory.

    In the case of the living room, this can be achieved by selecting the appropriate curtain, although you often do not pay special attention to quality or designs.

    On the other hand, you can play with the fabric, color and print of a curtain or even dress up a whole wall, especially in minimal houses.

    Curtain with red stripes
    Although it is said that stripes are difficult to fit in an area, a striped and even reddish curtain is an ideal choice to give vividness, luminosity and intensity to a place combining classic and modern.

    Curtain in earth colors
    Translucent beige curtains fit into every apartment that has been built with bold elements of nature such as wood and preserves a decoration in neutral tones. An earth color curtain can be ideally combined with a copper pendant over the main table in the living room area and can give the prestige that is missing from the place.

    Rustic curtain
    The fabric of the curtain in the living room may be the one that will determine the style of the whole space. Ideal option for a house which is located in a mountainous area, may be a great idea for choosing decanter with plaid or flowers in colors like burgundy, cypress, blue or ocher.

    Orange is the warmest color
    If you love the orange color, then you have to put it in the decor of your house and even give it a leading role on large surfaces. This color, although it is perfectly matched with the earthly and wood space, can also be combined in modern areas and contrasting with shades of blue, black and white.

    Cream-color Curtain
    If your sofa is white and the rest of the room is full of color, keep its brightness and playful character with curtains not in white but in cream color. It is much more “warm” and inviting compared to “strict” white.

    The power of the gray
    And this color has been misunderstood as it is thought to have negative energy and is somewhat depressing, however in industrial houses and monochromatic spaces is an interesting choice as long as you observe the depth of color. A grey curtain can give your industrial living room the depth it needs.

    Vivid red
    Perhaps it is the most difficult and bold color in decoration, but it still remains full of passion and intensity, and according to the theory of colors, in the lounges it adds warmth and makes the atmosphere more welcoming.

    Although rarely chosen for the living room, floral is a design which, in its gentle version, can fit into the room and show very nicely in it.

    Embroidered curtains
    They give the feeling of vintage while being fashionable in a distinct way, embroidering on them to steal the show, whether they are full length or not. They fit perfectly into places with vintage furniture.

    The color of mustard
    Many are the people who consider this color as “cold” but this color is a safe choice for the living room if you want to create a decorative area. You can combine it with dark green or olive oil, gold and white.

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    The United States Postal Service, also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service, often abbreviated as USPS, is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States.
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    Hi – I’m Lisa Ard. I own Sweet South Cottage in Tallahassee, FL. We are a year round retailer. In addition, we host an annual fall market called the French Country Flea Market. In October 2017, our market hosted 150 vendors and had 7,000 people in attendance.

  •  britbutler #87893

    I don’t think so, maybe that is hard unless you replace it with formica or laminated vinyl plaster. If that is just like an ordinary wood type, you can probably repair it, after all there are DIY home repair and improvement solutions you can use, just like the eifs fasteners or stucco products from, are all best to use for all types of repair.

  •  mctexas50 #87888

    I was reading earlier that there is a place in Waco called ESME’S, however in trying to locate where it is, I cannot find. Does anyone on here know or can anyone give me address?
    Thanks bunches – heading out tomorrow afternoon for a weekend of junking…love it

  •  Past Blessings Farm #87884

    Hi. This is Brenda from Past Blessings Farm. I am fortunate enough to live on 10 acres in the beautiful rolling wheat fields of Orchard Prairie, a country suburb (hmmm . . . is that an oxymoron?) of Spokane, Washington. Our homestead dates to 1898 and was a carrot farm for over 60 years. We put on a large antique show there each August, called “Pickin’ on the Prairie”, which is now the largest outdoor antique show in the Inland Northwest. We also do monthly barn sales and are now adding a new show, “Pickin’ Boise” to our endeavors. I do this with my husband and best friend, Ron. Ron knows it is important that I do these shows . . . it keeps me from showing up on “Hoarders: Buried Alive.”

    Those of us from Spokane are very fortunate . . . we have Chaps, Farm Chicks, Buffalo Girls and so many more great places and people to inspire us. It is kind of an iron sharpens irons mentality, as we each strive to grow in creativity and spur one another on. As in any community, there are a few that try to step on others on the climb up the ladder, but most of us just cheer one another on and enjoy the ride together on the great junk train of life.

    I was excited to connect with this community . . . I met Ki at Remnants of the Past in San Jose about a year and a half ago. But sadly, it looks like this forum is no longer active?! Looks like I was late for the party . . .

    Hoping the forum will be revived . . . because after all, good junk never dies . . . it just gets reinvented. ♥

    With Farm Fresh Blessings,

    Past Blessings Farm

    • katmomgrace katmomgrace #87885

      Hi Brenda,,, and Welcome… Good Stars! I just noticed that the last time I posted was this past Dec,,, oops! my bad!
      I will let you know when I am back in “Snow-kane” to visit my grandkiddos,,, and maybe we can hit Chaps for coffee and eats! hugz and miss ya (Lucy & Ethyl need a Junk fix!)…

  •  junkcaptmike #87883

    I am kind of a rarity on here it seems—-but I am a guy who has come down with a serious case of the “junking blues.”

    It will be three years come February when I purchased a house down in Central Florida in what is one of the largest 55+ “retirement communities” in America, The Villages, Florida. I am just 56 and a bit on the younger end of those either buying part or full time homes here, but I am certainly in a growing group of people who are coming here who fall at the tail end of the “Boomer Generation.”

    I have taken my now 13 model year, modest, two bed/bathroom, suburban ranch home, from just another “plat house,” and making it into my version of a cottage/shabby chic/eclectic style place now that I have recently pulled up the carpets from the main, combined, open living area that includes a small kitchen, dining and living areas, replacing them with a mid-range color laminate floor that very closely replicates the color and look of true wood flooring found in true “Florida Cracker” style homes that once dominated this area.

    In my kitchen and adjacent area leading to the garage and pantry, I had the workable, but dull to my mind vinyl sheeting floor pulled replaced by vinyl sheeting that has a black and white tile pattern, and the look, along with having painted the oak colored cabinets a semi-gloss “Pure White” color—really makes the kitchen look great.

    Between the new flooring and what I have in the house—I think the place now possesses a great deal of style, funkiness, “class,” comfort and coziness.

    In my main living area, I have a mix of styles of furniture that range from very modern styles that come from retailers such as IKEA and a Florida chain called City Furniture, but I also have pieces that I have collected from local and regional antique stores, yard sales and at the Renninger’s location in nearby Mt. Dora, Florida.

    I also have many accessory items and the like that I have collected from here in Florida, Georgia and other southern states, along with up in southern and central Ohio, where I “hail” from and also do continue to spend much time.

    A foundational piece that I found at a now defunct, area antique store, was an incredible find. It is an “old school” chair, upholstered with a turquoise colored bark cloth material that once was used as draperies and to cover other furnishings from a 1950’s era, Las Vegas hotel, that long ago fell to the wrecking ball.

    From that chair and designs contained in the fabric, I “riffed” off of the colors that also include some orange, green and red, which I have used throughout the house and found items that also have similar colors in them, which keeps a constant theme running in both direct and indirect ways all throughout the home.

    My kitchen walls are a lime green, the walls in the foyer going to the garage and pantry is an orange and I have a small section of wall under a bar, that separates the kitchen and rest of the room, painted in the same underlying color of the chair’s upholstery.

    I am so pleased that using the skills I have learned by reading magazines like Flea Market Style and others of a similar sort and being a confirmed book junkie, I have an entire library of books about junking, collecting, making/repurposing items, antiquing and decorating—I have created my own singular style for my home.

    I think that I have done a damn good job in doing this and was wondering–directing my question to Ki—how do I get my home featured in the magazine?

    I think that I have created a great living space for myself as an aging, single guy and now would love to share what I have done with the world.

    I do plan to blog on this and will share the link to what I post once I can have time to sit down and do that work—just right now–I am still finishing this work up and have a few more things pending to get done before I can say that at least for now–I am mostly finished in this effort.

    Of course, we all know—that such work is never really done.

    I realize that I have gone a bit long with this introduction to the site as someone who has made a living being a writer, mostly having worked as a reporter for newspapers, I should follow one of the tenants of good writing: “write tight,” but I cannot often help myself, and can tend to ramble.

    While I have been out of the “writing biz” in a formal, professional way the past four or five years, I am going to take a deep dive back into writing beginning next summer when I begin to work on an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction at Sewanee University/University of the South, School of Letters, in Sewanee, TN.

    Among one of the areas that I intend to focus upon in future writing endeavors, is this area of decorating in this fashion—from a guy’s perspective, among a variety of subject areas that interest me.

    I am going to join the Southern Foodways Alliance out of the University of Mississippi, and do work in the area of Southern food, etc. as well.

    Of course, along with doing mostly non-fiction work, I do intend to write my version of “The Great American Novel” at some point, too.

    So Ki—I hope you don’t mind my asking two things—-would you have any interest in doing a story featuring what I have done with my place and if there is any possibility of my being able to contribute work to your publications??

    Thanks for bearing with me—I do love the magazines you all put out—thanks for doing this work and thanks for all the advice and inspiration that you and your readers over the years have provided me in doing “my thang” to get my house to what I think is a level of “cool” that best suits me.

  • JoshuaPierce JoshuaPierce #87870

    That’s a great idea! I’m also using a vintage and junk materials but in some DIY crafts and art work.

  • JoshuaPierce JoshuaPierce #87868

    Along with owning a home comes the never ending need for updates, maintenance and repairs. Sometimes these projects are fun, and most times they are tedious, but they have to be done, otherwise your home loses value and ends up costing you thousands of dollars to fix up when necessary.  Neglecting the upgrades and repairs your home needs is a major mistake, so avoid it by regularly maintaining your home.  Here are some ways to keep your home updated and prevent it from losing value without breaking the bank.

    Handy painting tips and tricks

    Keep your home freshly painted.  Whether you decide to switch up the colors or keep them the same, a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase the value of a home as well as keep it looking and feeling new.  Keep a can of your current color stored in your home just in case that color gets discontinued and you need to touch up your paint.  The popular blog, “How Does She,” suggests that you purchase roller bottles that can store paint and they are ready to use at any time.  Paint goes through much wear and tear, and it helps to be prepared when accidents happen.

    Repairing instead of replacing

    Replacing furniture is expensive, and can definitely be avoided.  If you have leather furniture, purchase a leather repair kit.  They are inexpensive and can be found at any major retailer.  Purchase furniture markers to touch up scratches and dings.  You might also consider purchasing product that can get ink and other stains out of furniture.  If your furniture is worn out, consider refurbishing or reupholstering it to save you from buying brand new furniture.  You can find several tutorials for how to do these projects online, no matter what your skill level is.  Lastly, avoid buying a new AC unit by replacing your home air filters each month.

    Importance of deep cleaning

    Dirty air filters, refrigerator coils and other unseen areas can cost you more than necessary on your utility bills, so clean these areas at least twice a year.  Instead of purchasing harmful chemicals to get rid of tough stains on grout and appliances, research natural and successful options such as lemons for hard water stains and baking soda for your appliances and filters.  WD-40 is a great product to have on hand to stop hinges from squeaking and clear out window tracks to they open easier.  Microwave and oven hood filters should be replaced monthly to keep these appliances working correctly.  Your sink disposal should also be cleaned out monthly to clear out any access food that has potential to grow mold.  This task can be done best by freezing distilled white vinegar into ice cubes and running them through the disposal – add lemon to get a fresh lemon smell during the process.

    Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by

  •  Kare #87865

    Thanks for the invite. Here’s my Fairy Garden. It’s still a work in progress.

  • Ruth Ruth #87863

    I picked up a few little Vintage things at a Flea Market when I went to the Lake a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would share them with you. Have not placed them in their new home yet. I will share afterwards. A new fairy garden in the works!

  • JoshuaPierce JoshuaPierce #87853

    That was cool!

  • Ruth Ruth #87847

    Hi!!! Just wanted to show you all what I did today!!! Really loved these!! Pinecones turned upside down and painted, look like Zinnia’s!!! So Cute!!! Also, took a couple of pics in my yard today that I wanted to share with you!! Hope your gardening is going well!! Come on over and share with us!!!

  • helgajones helgajones #87846

    You’ve been considering a remodeling project for quite a long time now and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Whatever home remodeling project you have in mind, there are a few tips you can follow to make the task as stress free as possible.

    1. Choose your remodeling contractor(s) carefully

    Every remodeling project is stressful, but you can lessen the stress by making sure that you hire real professionals to do the work. Don’t cut any corners when it comes to hiring a contractor or contractors for the project. Because the people you hire will be in your home for days, weeks, or even months, it’s important that you hire people you can trust and people who will listen to your concerns. Make sure when hiring contractors that they have the necessary permits, licenses, and insurance to do the work. Finally, ask around for recommendations. The best indicator of a contractor’s quality and professionalism is their reputation in the community.

    2. Have a clear vision

    It’s great to have an idea in your mind of what you want the finished product to look like, but you need to get that idea on paper sooner than later. Beginning any home remodeling project without a very clear goal in mind is a recipe for a disaster and is sure to add unneeded stress to the project. Sit down with the contractor and make sure you both understand the specifics of the project.

    3. Hire an end-to-end remodeling company

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, you may require the help of various professionals such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc… Though you’re certainly welcome to seek out each type of contractor yourself, you can limit stress by hiring an end-to-end remodeling company that already has connections with the various contractors your project might require. You hire the company and they’ll make sure all the right people are there to do the work.

    4. Think “value” not “cost”

    Think of any remodeling project as an investment. If done right, a remodeling project pays for itself in added value to your home. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, a high quality remodel can benefit not just yourself but your children and grandchildren down the road. If cutting costs is first and foremost in your mind, chances are you’ll end up dissatisfied with the outcome.

    5. Enjoy the process

    It’s understandable that you just want your finished product as soon as possible. But remember that many remodeling projects can take quite a long time. In the early stages, your home is going to look worse rather than better. Learn to enjoy the process and keep in mind that all of the hard work is going into improving your home. The more you can sit back and learn to enjoy the transformation your home is undergoing, the less stress you will experience.

    Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by


    Tags: remodeling, remodeling tips, remodeling contractor, remodeling company, remodeling projects

  • helgajones helgajones #87844

    Keep up the good work in remodeling your bathroom. You have started real well and I believe that you will come up with more ideas. You just have to add some more decors like a good mirror and some good lighting. Good luck and I know that you will see the results that you wanted.

  • helgajones helgajones #87843

    There are a lot of paint that you can use in order to give your mirror a new look. You should try visiting a hardware store and ask them for some suggestions.

  • helgajones helgajones #87842

    I hope that you have posted some pictures for us to see. It is always fun decorating our house and adding some decorations. You just have to pick the right color of the paint to match your furniture at home. Have a fun time decorating your home.

  • SallyWilliams SallyWilliams #87841

    The bathroom is one of the most common areas to be remodeled. The bathrooms in older homes especially are often in need of a complete overhaul. If you’ve been putting off that bathroom remodeling project you’ve desperately needed for a while now, don’t put it off any longer. Though any remodeling project is a big project, there are some tips to make the process easier. Here are four tips to keep in mind for your next bathroom remodel.

    1. Plan Ahead

    It is impossible to plan too much for any remodeling project. Some homeowners will even plan for months before beginning a remodeling project. Before you can even think of starting a bathroom remodel, it’s crucial that you have a very clear goal in mind for what the finished project will look like. Visit home improvement stores and make notes of what things you like and what things you don’t. The remodel should be done on paper in great detail before any actual work begins.

    2. Keep the overall structure the same

    Unless your heart is really set on rearranging the whole layout of your bathroom, plan on keeping the overall structure the same. If you put the new bathtub/shower in the same location as your existing one and put the new toilet and sink in the same location, you won’t need to redo the whole plumbing for your remodel. You can save a lot of time and money while still getting a whole new look if you update your bathroom and moving things around.

    3. Improve the lighting

    Often, the lighting is overlooked when it comes to bathroom remodels. Most homeowners focus on the tile, the toilet, the sink, the vanity, the tub/shower, and the paint color of the wall. But lighting is one of the more cost effective ways to really improve the look of your remodeled bathroom. Consider adding some bulbs to your vanity, for instance, to drastically improve the lighting in your bathroom. Also consider which light fixtures will look best in your remodeled bathroom.

    4. Hire a professional to do the work

    No matter how comfortable you are with doing home improvement projects around the house, you shouldn’t attempt to do a bathroom remodel on your own. There are a lot of major mistakes that could be made which will greatly increase the cost and timeframe of the project. Search around for a professional remodeling company in your area that has a good reputation and a proven track record for doing high quality work. Though it will cost extra, the finished project will be well worth it and the added value to your home will pay for much of the remodeling costs.

    Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by

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  • Leveta Leveta #87894

    First time I been on here in yrs. Wool gather is sitting around talking.

  • Ruth Ruth #87887

    What have you been working on? I would love to hear about it!

  •  Sheryl992 #87872

    Sally, I just saw a blog ( I don’t remeber which one) who used a fender off of what looked like a 1940-50’s car as a magnet board! She left the original color ( turquoise) and also numbers that the car parts place must have put on it. The numbers were Yellow I guess and it was the colors she used in her home. Very unusual and original. I would check Pinterest for any other car part ideas.

  •  Sheryl992 #87845

    I have seen benches made out of the front end of classic cars. I have also seen old car windows made into mirrors or framing pictures. Things like old headlights would be really cool used as a paper weight. You could also paint hub caps and make a wall arrangement out of them. Hopefully this gets you started thinking in the right direction.

  • Ruth Ruth #87858

    I see your photo Monica!!! You got it!!! Love it!

  • Ruth Ruth #87857

    Oh Monica! I love this and love your story behind it!!! You sound like me! Never, ever let it go to the trash, because you know you just might need it and you did! It looks fabulous! Love what you did here! This will be so pretty inside! I like that you used the sea shells. I collect sea shells every time I go to the beach and then they sit in the bag forever! Great idea! Your little bunny is so cute! I would just spritz it with some water a couple times a week. It will not need much since it is inside. Let it get a little sun as well! All plants whether they thrive in shade, need some sun. You do not want to drench this with water because it does not have any drainage. Your sea shells are good to have so your plant roots do not sit in water, because they will rot. I love it and thank you sharing this with us!!! You have inspired me today!!! Thank you!

  •  Monica7793 #87856

    Ok progress !!! So, here’s my story. I did this for under $10 !!!
    Vase, rescued from a recent trip (a florist vase that my sister couldn’t get in her suitcase so I rescued it, my junker voice in my head would not let it go to the trash – I had my vision for this garden). The rabbit got at a recent estate sale. The bottom I used sea shells I had in my garage from trips to the beach. The only expense really was the succulents that were like $2 each at the hardware store.

    Now, to keep this alive ! So anyone have tricks for keeping these succulents alive ? Also, this will be an inside fairy garden.

    Thanks Ruth for inspiring us non green thumb folks !


  •  Monica7793 #87854

    Ok, a little technology challenged here. Trying to upload my picture but getting error that max size allowed is 2000 kb. Is there something I need to do different ?

  • Ruth Ruth #87852

    Hi Monica!! I would love to see a photo of it!! Will you share it with us?

  •  Monica7793 #87851

    Just posted my succulant garden with a vintage bunny – fun !

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