X-mas open house…

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    Wish me Luck!!!

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    I talked to a lady last night that told me her and her DH have come by my shop for the last two yrs during the 60 yardsale. They came to the shop 3 yrs ago the first yr I had it open during the yardsale. She wanted to know if I was ever going to open it back up…

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    Watch for the signs, as the Lord will lead. Sometime, we are so busy wanting what we want, we miss his message. I do my sales to have something to look forward to. I love to show off our property, as it is so “back in time”. When I accepted that this was reason enough to do the sales,and quit looking for the dollar, they began to work. We are finding that folks are becoming more receptive to a “good old days” event in a country atmosphere.

    Your shop looked so neat, and I know you miss it. It is a big step.

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    It surely was a joy to me. I always done real well with my fall stuff. I learned in that one season what does well as well as my pumpkins and things. I closed the shop because my daughter didn’t pay some of her bills and the babies had to have heat so the only money I had was my shop money. Soooooo….I just walked away from the whole thing cause if I couldn’t have it like I had it then I didn’t want any of it. But now things have changed and I think I might want to get back into things. But I don’t want to just jump into things without praying about it and see where the Lord leads. But I sure miss what I had a couple yrs ago. If that makes any sence…

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    Leveta, I so love the pictures and your place. It had to have been so enjoyable. Christmas sells well in our area, so we are hoping that by combining our Holiday open house and our barn sale, it will do well. The first year, we did the sale by itself. It rained all day and was very cold. We did about one half what I expected. The second year, we made it quite an event and had a crowd. Of course, the weather was awesome. I think you should try again.Vintage and re-purposed things are all that sell in our neighborhood. Before retirement, I was in sales and event planning, so I get really down when a sale doesn’t do well.So many factors play a part. One day sales do wonderful for us.They seem to all come the first day anyway, and then, just a few trickle through after that.

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    Leveta “men and their junk” made me laugh…at my house it’s a “woman and her junk” and it can get frightful! LOL! My husband collects nothing. (But, supports my collecting!)

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    Just looking at your pictures of the shop … oh wishing it would have gone better for you as I thought your shop was so cute and neat.. and had so much appeal to it..

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    LOL…I assume sitting around talking. These pic’s were taking 2 yrs ago. It will never look like that again i’m afraid. I let DH move his saws and stuff in there after I had to close and now…Well lets just say, well you know men and their junk…

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    lookin good leveta!! so neat to see your ideas in full color..it looks so comfortable and friendly and easy to imagine at home….

    ..p.s. whats wool gathering? i never knew what that meant….

    • Leveta Leveta #87894

      First time I been on here in yrs. Wool gather is sitting around talking.

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    I just came home from the annual Apple Harvest Fair in Martinsburg, WV. Two huge buildings full of crafts but the sad thing was nothing popped out. There were about 15 people doing jewelry and the only really original one was the teacher I work with who does the fused glass. There were a bunch of wooden items, the kind you find in the Country Treasure stores. There was a man doing chair caning. That was neat. It was really disapointing. Everything there was done well, just the same ol’ same old.

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    It did do well for me. People came from all over. I bought my orange pumpkins, but raised all the others. I just don’t have the room I need to raise many pumpkins. They have to be switched around every yr. You can at least double your money on pumpkins. I would check the prices around our area and then sell under. We cleaned all our pumpkins and gourd with bleach or vinegar water to kill bact. We went the extra mile to make it nice and I guess that’s why people liked coming here. Thanks Copperhead for your kind words…

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    Wow I never saw this whole thing before!!! I’ve never had much luck selling Christmas stuff either. I think there is a lot of competition for that – your gourds and pumpkins are very nice – much nicer than the stuff trucked around the country. I hope it does well for you!!!

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    Aha…I think i’m getting it figured out.

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    I was ask to keep it open for christmas. But for me xmas didn’t sell. The fall decorations did real well…Looks like the resize thing is different then it use to be. I couldn’t get the pic’s with my pumpkins and stuff to resize. I’ll try again.

    Well I got one to work…lol

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    I just sold that chain link gate I done last summer and another peice I had in the shop…LOL…

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    I think the Santa idea is a good one.

  •  Anonymous #71491

    that would be a cute idea leveta, especially for families….maybe add an offer of free pic with santa for every purchase over $10 or something??

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    Wish I could take credit. But no I made some of the things and the other things different family members made and some I bought over the yr and redone…I learned off here from others and the garden junk site and the craft and decoration there… If you can find friends or family that has a talent put it to work for you. Buy the materials they need or let them and either consign or just let them put things in to fill your shop… Thank You Dianne for your compliments…But now I feel like i’m sinking. As you see above I’ve only had one customer since open house. I been thinking hard on what to do to draw people. I’m really thinking of getting a Santa suit and having my BIL maybe play santa one weekend before xmas…What do you all think??? No one around here does it. YOu have to go 20-25 miles to see him at the mall. Wal-mart does it at some point, but the last time I seen him there it was a her…LOL

  •  Anonymous #71479

    That’s what I want to do. But how do you learn to create like that???

  •  Anonymous #71478

    Leveta, did you make all of those things yourself?? It’s all so beautiful.

  •  Anonymous #71474

    Well I’m going with a “this weekend black walnut taffy and homemake pb fudge” and see if that will draw people in. I can’t believe I’ve only had one cust. since open house…

  •  Anonymous #71419

    I thought of you the other day Red, I bought some floresient orange duct tape for around the outside of my sign…

  •  Anonymous #71417

    Good gravy ya’ll – I’ll be beatin’ all ya’lls to Leveta’s…

    the biscuit goes first,

    then the grits (with TONS of butter so it sinks THROUGH the grits to the biscuit…)

    then the gravy.

    yep…i’m saddlin’ up the duct tape roll and headin’ out.

  •  Anonymous #71393

    i love my moms biscuits and gravy but even she knows that i’m a sucker for my aunts in virginia….she makes the best dark brown bacon gravy i’ve ever had in my life…..to die for!!!

    ok frenchy…i guess we can share a plate!? ;}

  •  Anonymous #71386

    Thanks Hugs. Actually my mom does the cooking here 99.99% of the time. And she is a Great cook. But the irony of it she is from PA. LOL…She does make a mean gravy…

  •  Anonymous #71385

    Lev, I can not believe you have the French fighting the US over grits, gravey and biscuits.. man oh man.. well let me tell you girls if Lev is making them they have to be good.. Heck she is from Kentucky isn’t she .. home of all that good food.

    Lev shop looks awesome.. so proud of you..

  •  Anonymous #71380

    Yes all friends over the last bit of soping of the gravy…

  •  Anonymous #71379

    But gigi, we might also become friends on the occasion of the junketing 🙂

  •  Anonymous #71370


  •  Anonymous #71369

    well, frenchy we may have to “scrap” over this one!! LOL ;}

  •  Anonymous #71361

    Hey you all come on down. There will be enough Biscuits and gravy for everyone…

  •  Anonymous #71360

    Leveta, beats me! ROFLMBO

    And gigi, she’s talking to me!

  •  Anonymous #71355

    heck leveta….you had me at gravy!!

    but…biscuits AND gravy, i’m gassing up the car asap!! lol ;}

  •  Anonymous #71340

    LOL…I wanted that country flavor…Yea ya all, I just got beatin at that game…LOL…French if you ever get over here, come to Ky. Grits, gravy and biscits(sp)…To name a few…

  •  Anonymous #71339

    Leveta, could it be that you overlooked a little mistake? Shouldn’t it be “beaten” ? I don’t want to be picky, but thought I ask before it goes in print 🙂

    Love from France,


  •  Anonymous #71325

    I put ads in the paper. My signs need to be redone a bit. DH is going to do this over weekend…But I have people stop me and ask about the shop and some that come to open house telling me how nice it was and they really enjoyed it…

  •  Anonymous #71324

    advertising is always a good thing!!

    let us know how it increases your business, ok!?

  •  Anonymous #71320

    My DSD is making these fliers for me to put up…

  •  Anonymous #71319

    Near Owensboro, Ky. About 20 miles east…

  •  Anonymous #71318

    where is your shop leveta??? cheryl keyes

  •  Anonymous #71279

    OH Gosh you all, you don’t know how much that all means. Margo it’s my shop that we(DH, Me and BIL) built summer before last. Since open house I havn’t had anyone here. LOL…Your opinions mean the world to me…Hugs to you all here and all the way to France…

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    Leveta, it’s funny, I know you only from this community. But if I would have had to imagine a place you create, it would have been exactly the way you made it. What I mean is, you’re authentic, and your open house mirrors your kind, warm and sympathetic personality. Just carry on like that – you can’t go wrong!

    Love from France,


  •  Anonymous #71276

    How beautiful, I see why you did so good. Is that your place or is it part of a mall? I’m loving those walls.

    Great job,


  •  Anonymous #71273

    Kudos Leveta! Job well done!

  •  Anonymous #71269


    Your pictures could be in a MAGAZINE!!! Your sense of item arrangement is amazing. You have created areas that feel so homey when viewing. I love the fireplace/Christmas tree/rug display.

    I am a hunter/dawdler and could have literally spent hours at your open house. So much to take in. So much to BUY!!! You are one incredibly creative woman!

  •  Anonymous #71263

    Very impressed. Your shop not only looks great but a lot of fun. Congrats.

  •  Anonymous #71256

    Thanks you all… Gigi some were sitting and talking right in the middle of things. lol Some were on the front porch wool gathering…That’s the kinda persona I want people to feel…Thank You…

  •  Anonymous #71254

    leveta….i just want to touch, touch and touch some more all your shop goodies….whether i collect them or not!!

    everything looks so colorful, homey and inviting like you could sit down, have some coffee and doughnuts while chit-a-chatting the whole day away!! proud of you girlie!!

  •  Anonymous #71241

    CONGRATULATIONS! I knew you would do great. Your shop looks wonderful.

  •  Anonymous #71239

    Alright Linda….lol

  •  Anonymous #71238

    Way to go! I’m so glad you had a nice turn out and made some good money. Imagine how much more you could have gotten if you’d had your “red light” out front LOLOL Seriously, it looks like you had a great variety and some really nice things. Congratulations.


  •  Anonymous #71236

    OH shoot, here’s a couple more…

  •  Anonymous #71234

    And last but not least…

  •  Anonymous #71231

    Oh Leveta – it’s all GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! $75/hour is nothing to sneeze at – you are so awesome!!!

    😉 robelyn

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  •  Anonymous #71229

    Here’s some pic’s…

  •  Anonymous #71207


    Wow! You did great! $75.00/hour!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #71198

    Well counted up what I made yesterday minus what I put in to start and what I sold for someone else… 300.00 in 4 hrs. Probable never do that again…

  •  Anonymous #71192

    AWESOME, LEVETA!!!!! you go girl…haha!!

  •  Anonymous #71182

    Well it’s over and I think it went pretty well. Thsnks you all for your good wishes. I have a few pic’s I’ll post when I can…

  •  Anonymous #71171

    I know you’ll do well! You have a lot of talent and I am sure lots of beautiful stuff.

  •  Anonymous #71169

    i forget which procedure you are have but relax and it will be over before you know it

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