wooden fruit baskets

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  • lovetogarden46 #44921

    I’ve 2 of these and would like some ideas. I’m not sure what to do with them. They are 12" tall and about 18" across the top. Thanks for your help

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  •  Anonymous #79190

    stencil or tag each for identifying and they’d be cute in a washroom for sorting laundry or a mud room holding odds/ends or even kids room holding toys, puzzles, games, etc.

    also be adorable for setting plants in for a patio or even inside…you could always tag them for that too…maybe with some old utensils stamped with the plant name or water me/feed me or something cute and whimsical…sticking in the dirt?? or could always get huge serving spoons/forks and stamp, then curl the handle/tine over to hang by over an outter edge.

  •  Anonymous #79175

    You know I have quite a few bushel baskets and have tried to sell some of them…no one wants them. Not sure why. They are perfect to fill with your harvest. I filled my own with gourds, pumpkins, etc. in the fall and set them on the porch. You can tip some over and let the produce spill out. I think they would be good to hold magazines/ newspapers by a chair or a rolled up blanket. You could also roll up fabric and tuck in then tip it on it’s side for a way to store and display vintage fabric. I had that in my sewing room for awhile.

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