Window plane turned hat and coat rack.

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    I found an old wood window plane in my neighbors trash. And I figured I’d do something with it. So I took it home yesterday and today I turned it into a hat and coat rack. I cleaned the whole thing up and removed the top window latch and the handle and then sanded the whole thing. I then screwed in the hooks, taped the bird print in the back and nailed in picture hangers in the back. Here’s some before and after pictures:

    [attachment id=25537,3923] [attachment id=25537,3924] [attachment id=25537,3925]

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  •  Anonymous #82750

    oh yeah, thats Jabar in the corner. He’s an old storefront display that plugs in and moves his arm and head real slow

  •  Anonymous #82749

    heres a pic of the one on my wall. made with antique latches and things as hooks. sorry for the blurry pic!

  •  Anonymous #82735

    very cool invention.very cool seeing a guy do this and very cool seeing your before and after pics. Looking for something to do with old windows.thanks.

  •  Anonymous #82687

    Nice to see some men on here. Great job on the window.

  •  Anonymous #82681


    My girlfriend just made her second one of those. I’ll get a photo of it soon.

    We have one up in the house and will sell the second one. Didn’t think to put a print behind it though. Maybe a cool vintage fabric would look good.

  •  Anonymous #81997

    Love It!!! I love to see what people make from old windows…And WELCOME!!!!

  •  Anonymous #81978

    Love the insert, is that paper? Great job and welcome.

  •  Anonymous #81976

    Love what you have done with the old window.

  •  Anonymous #81974

    pretty cool nikolas william!!

    welcome to the site….excited to see more of your stuff!!!

    AND….excited to see another guy add comments!!! 😉

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