Where is your “junking heaven on earth”?

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    O.K. – Here’s the question…You can only pick ONE place to go junking – where would it be? Think about this as your most favorite place on earth to find treasures…go ahead, spill the beans!

    I will answer my own question later — still narrowing the field to just one!


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    electronics is a small portion of this place – looks like years and years accumulation of stuff of all kinds. Very interesting place. HUGE HUGE HUGE… very industrial.

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    I just posted a new topic searching for junkers in Kentucky. I live in a town that has the 127 yard sale (longest yard sale) running right through it. Every year I have lived here it has been heaven for me going there! This year my school starts early and I will really only have 2 days to cover a lot of ground :(, but I will be there with bells on!

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    Welcome to the Revolution Shirley. I’m not from around those parts but I wanted to welcome you to the party!!


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    Hi fellow junkers, I live in Arizona and would like to find places within 500 miles or so to going junking. Most of the flea markets around here and in the Phoenix area are just new stuff. I did the longest yard sale last year and it was wonderful, but just can’t go that far this summer or fall. Let me know if you have any favorites in AZ, NM, CO, etc.

    I really have enjoyed hearing about all the places you have visited, but can’t really get to MI, WS, etc. for a weekend or three day weekend. Thanks for your help.

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    thanks for the welcome Maggie…i honestly have considered sneaking in. i wonder if they would consider it a felony, what with the personal information in peoples’ trash…..and i meant “be honest” up there, of course 😉

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    Welcome DIY….You’re right….all that good stuff just laying there for the taking & we can’t get to it! LOL

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    if someone would let me passed the gates of the landfill, I KNOW i’d find a ton of treaures! after all, junk is merely a “euphemism” for “garbage”, isn’t it? be honset 😉

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    okay, ladies….i feel left out cuz not alot to write about here in ohio…not really close anyhow.

    BUT we do have the LINCOLN HIGHWAY BUYWAY which stretches 400 miles over at least 17+ counties in ohio (into surrounding states ? unsure) follows the old lincolnway highway along it’s route….church lots/schools, etc are filled with tables along with the many communities along the way that are set up….in yards, lots, etc.

    it’s usually in august and is an entire wkend….don’t think 2009 plans are set yet but you can access their site and take a look, here’s one:


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    In May 2006, during the 100 Mile Garage Sale along the Mississippi River between Winona and Red Wing, Minnesota, we came across the Big Red Barn in Maiden Rock, WI. I was so upset when I went there last year and he was closed the weekend of the garage sales! Here is a picture of it.

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    Hmmmmm……..Jaybird could have a point…..I do often shop there….and then deny everything when asked if I have seen something or other….

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    FYI, RedneckChic’s favorite shopping place is her Mother’s house!!!

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    Okay – you guys all make me want to move somewhere up north…sounds like you have the rundown on all of the greatest junk places!!! Me? I am in Waco, Texas….so there are the standards of texas (marburger, canton, etc.) but I have to tell you the secret of Waco!!! There is a little junker’s haven off of the circle in Waco (yep! we still sport a traffic circle!!!) called “Esme’s” – or more often referred to as “the Circle Lady”! I try not to miss ONE SATURDAY because she has the most fantastic stuff – and she is forever changing it out!!! I have gone home with tooooooooo many treasures to count! I will see if I can talk her into letting me take photos for all of you!

    Keep Waco on your list of “must visits” ladies – Esme’s is the place to go!!!

    happy friday! 🙂

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    Well – you go girls — love how this wonderful site is creating true junking bonds.


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    Ok, I’ll plan a trip. I will let everyone know. Sounds like there ae about six people interested already!!

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    DPumm do you know how old this link is? I was just wondering, as I was strolling through I noticed that the biggest town near us still had the 502 area code. It’s been a loooong time since it was that…

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    Thought I would post this here for everyone, it is a site to find flea markets and such in different states. If you see one you would like to visit call first or look on line for more information because i saw one listed that I know has been closed for several years. Diana


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    OMG–sounds like a dream junkation to me! Count me in.


  •  Anonymous #59777

    Cammie, That would be so much fun!! I’ll start saving my pennies!

  •  Anonymous #59775

    Don’t forget me..I want to come too! It is hard core junking! I love that feeling of being totally exhausted and flopping into bed after a shower and an incredible day of junking in the middle of no where. South Dakota? I could have sworn we were in Nebraska!

    You plan it and I will come!!



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    Hi Laurie! I’d be glad to take a junking trip with you. I’m looking forward to the spring show too.

  •  Anonymous #59697

    Sounds like a dream come true!!!

  •  Anonymous #59680

    My heart started racing even as I was reading the post!


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    There are tons of out of the way places and people with junk in this area. Ask Ki, she been to a few. It would be great fun to plan a trip for a group of people who are die hard junkers. Some of these places are not your typical antique shop, fleamarket, or shop. These are places in the middle of nowhere, no phone service, although, phone service improves each year, no restrooms, sometimes no food, but you can pack food. Still interested?

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    I’m from Michigan, but 3 years ago, shortly after my dear friend moved down to Florida, I drove down and picked her up and we went road tripping to the World’s Longest. She’s the mom of 7 kids and having just moved, she was ready for some fun and I was more than happy to oblige. We started in Alabama and probably didn’t travel more than 50 miles. But we had a blast and still talk about it and hope to do it again (she’s since moved back to MI so it will be easier). We only had an empty minivan, but it was OK because we didn’t do too much hardcore shopping, just a few bigger pieces for her new house and the rest smaller stuff.


  •  Anonymous #59672

    I’m wanting to go to that too. Our school isn’t starting until late this year so I’m thinking about going. Not sure how I could get everything home though–maybe a rental truck.


  •  Anonymous #59670

    My dream vacation is to rent a truck and go to the worlds longest yard sale.

  •  Anonymous #59669

    OMG–we need to rent a huge truck and go on a cross country junking trip. Now wouldn’t that be fun!!!


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    Hi nebrjunk456!!! aka… Cammie! That trip sounded like so much fun! Hopefully this spring you can lead me to some of these great stops! I’ll let you know when my show dates are set. Hope all is well with you and your family.


    The Whistle Stop

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    Zirbe’s Antiques is in Castlewood, South Dakota. I know it was hard to remember which state he was in since we went to Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa in three days!!! I loved that place too.

  •  Anonymous #59631

    WOW that’s a great friend….

  •  Anonymous #59612

    I love flea markets like everyone else- but my favorie “junking heaven on earth” is when my friend does a tag sale for the local real estate company. She usually let’s me in to get a sneek peak or sometimes even buy things early… my friend prices it all and she’s VERY cheap… one farm tag sale I went too I had my neighbor’s truck, my blazer and my parent’s car full of chairs, tables, benches, quilts, you name it… for only $83.00- she bulks things up for me and offers me one lump sum.

    Then when they are getting ready to clean up the sale she lets me come in and take… for free… anything I want- otherwise it gets taken to goodwill.

    I LoVe iT!!

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    I’m still searching for a new fave. Years ago there was a flea market every Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of the outdoor theater. I found the best junk there! And 20 years ago prices were cheap enough that even a stay at home mom could buy a few goodies. I’d like to find a place no more than 2 hours away that is not just a once or twice a year thing.

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    Very tough questions. Last year when I went to the Junk Bonanza, i was able to get a preview the night before (no buying). I told the folks I was with that this was like a “dream” to me. I’ve not done much traveling for junk, so Canton First Monday has to be my fav. But It’s always nice to go somewhere completely different. I guess my Heaven on earth, would be a flea market open every week, with a whole different crop of junk each time.


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    mine would be twice a year at springfield ohio , the big springfield extravaganzas……..thousands of dealers and so much stuff!!!! i love it…

    i wish we had something like that in indiana…. springfield is a big trip for us..i have bought saps, furniture,prints, snowshoes, garden iron,piles of lockerbaskets, archetectural salvage…etc etc…




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    Wow…this is a tough question to be sure. I thought of my best days antiquing – and the story was always the same: up at dawn; good walking shoes ready; special easy to access pouch of bills; and shoulder bag ready to fill

    has to be a flea market. Then I started thinking about my favorite markets. We moved to western Wisconsin from southern Wisconsin in 2007. I generally have a 2 hour or so limit on where I will travel for a flea market — my old & fav. haunts were Kane County, Elkhorn & Cedarburg. Now – I am loving Goldrush & Traders Market in Minnesota. I think my one & only choice, however, will always be the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin — found many a treasure there…will just have to break my 2 hour rule this summer to get there again!


  •  Anonymous #59550

    ANYWHERE I can get to….lol

  •  Anonymous #59548

    My best place is still the Aramada Michigan flea market. I’ve developed a system. When I arrive (no later than 7am)I start in what I call the back. This is where I find the most junk. The front asiles are sorta reserved for the weekly vendors and don’t bring what I call “junk” and they don’t seem to want to wheel and deal with you. At the moment there aren’t too many year round stores here but one can be hopeful.


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    Nebraska! Clarence’s shop, Zirbe’s. I wish I could remember the name of the town. Cammie, help me out…you took me there. I didn’t get photos of the wonderful furniture stored in several buildings next to his shop. My heart starts to beat faster just thinking about it!



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