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    do you worry about copyright? right now i need a generic picture of a type case.for my facebook…….. those cases with all the compartments….. i can just google and go to images and get just what i want….. is that what you do? is that wrong? i know its kind of wrong….but whats the main way you see it done? im not t alking about expensive art work ….



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  •  Anonymous #83588

    I ran into an interesting article and discussion on this very topic: google DDKPortraits(a lawyer/photographer) discusses the issue of pinning and repinning. I didn’t realize there were issues of pinning your own work: rules against self promotion, and repinning possibly copyrighted material!

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    I would think as long as you try to credit the pic’s original source that most would be ok w/ it. How many thiings end up pinned on Pinterest with and without credits? Yes I know…”If everyone ELSE was jumping off a bridge…”

  •  Anonymous #83514

    its what i do….for my blog….

  •  Anonymous #83513

    try http://www.thegraphicsfairy.com she has lots of copyright free things on her site and there is some really great stuff there. Hope this helps.

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