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    It’s pretty sad when the only ones posting to our blog are spammers, so let’s get some conversation going. What is in your garden that you have made or found. Anything interesting that your add during the summer months? Do you have a flower “bed” or a funky birdfeeder, bench or windchime?

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  •  Anonymous #86396

    How did you hold it together?

  •  Anonymous #86395

    Nice job threebees! Happy to have you chime in. I have a friend who likes owls, she would love this! What are the eyes made of?

  •  Anonymous #86394

    My pics are to big….

  •  Anonymous #86393

    Oops picture to big ….but here is another…

  •  Anonymous #86392

    Here is another one..made this one for my mom.

  •  Anonymous #86391

    I just made this.

  •  Anonymous #86390

    I just made this.

  •  Anonymous #86389

    I just made this.

  •  Anonymous #86016


    looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to do something similar – it does seem like a lot of work

  •  Anonymous #86015

    LuAnn, I do believe I am 55 years ahead of you on that mailbox oven… I like the pinterest board. DGKs are coming over in a couple days, I should get some idea what they think of a mud kitchen. I’m sure they will have ideas.

  •  Anonymous #86012

    I guess a mud kitchen can look however you like it. I have a small patch of patio/older garden area for my GD’s kitchen. I did purchase a little tikes mixer/sink to get her started and will add shelving units of some kind with a table and chairs. I had never heard of a mail box for an oven but what a great idea. I will have to add that too. I actually have a board that has idea on it: http://pinterest.com/luannsum/playful-kids/

    Good luck everyone on the new gardening season and hope to see wonderful pictures.

  •  Anonymous #86010

    Hello all, been a long time a lot has happened. Just move from Tenn back to Michigan in Sept. Of course I dug up all the bulbs and plants I could and brought them back with me. I will be starting anew this year. Did get some irisis and other bulbs planted in the fall. Have some garden art in the shed (store bought) so I will be make some this summer. I have 3 GOG windows and I think one will go on my work shed the other two will hang in windows in the house. Bought some old heavy duty milk buckets at a yard sale and think I may try a tipsy planter. Other then that not sure. Time will tell!!

  •  Anonymous #86004

    I had a mud pie kitchen, never called it that but that is a good name for it. It was a space next to a shed with boards layed on the ground to mark off the room. I had a wood spool table and a couple old chairs, a old cabnet hung on the wall of the shed along with a couple decorations and had a wood box made into a stove. My Mom and Grandma gave me some dishes, pans and silverware, my cousin and I spend a lot of time there.

  •  Anonymous #86002

    Maybe another question: “What does a good mud pie kitchen look like?” Maybe I should ask my DGDs that one… I have room for a mud pie kitchen I just have never thought about doing it. It could be great fun this summer.

  •  Anonymous #86001

    Maggie I hope you heal and all follow up tests are good! I’ll say a prayer for you!

    Can’t wait to get to the garden here either! However, today, it is snowing. Yep, only 31 degrees. A couple of inches on the ground and still coming down.

    We have a playhouse that basically has a “sand kitchen” but the mud one sounds like fun.

    Copper, I bet your daughter is so very grateful to have you around and to have your help! Having someone bring soup when your down sounds very loving.

  •  Anonymous #86000

    I wish I could have seen that cat pop out of there, too. Another time she packed the mail box full of snow and it turned into a giant ice cube. Mail man yelled at her again. He said he kept laughing so she didn’t believe him. I remember my Grandpa told us it was against the law to put mud pies in the mail box. We must have been scared – we never did it again.

  •  Anonymous #85999

    Rotflmao, I can just imagine the mailman opening the box and the cat jumping out!

  •  Anonymous #85998

    We thought so at the time – it isn’t as bad as what my DD die with a mail box. She stuffed the cat in ours. The mail man chewed her out big time. I think I want a junk mail box for the yard…

  •  Anonymous #85997

    Copperhead, that’s funny, but a mailbox would make a perfect oven!

  •  Anonymous #85996

    My cousin and I got in sssoooo much trouble with the mail man for baking our beautiful pies in the mail box…

  •  Anonymous #85995

    I’ve seen the muc kitchens on pinterest. Reminds me of when I was little and we would make mud pies! There is something fun about playing in mud!

  •  Anonymous #85994

    Looking forward to loads of conversation from everyone about their gardens too.

    I’ve always been one for “junk” in my gardens-makes them unique. My favorite grouping was a mirror I hung with 2 garden children statues on a bench sent in front of it. Nice reflection.

    This year is going to be especially fun. Putting together a “mud kitchen” for my 2 year old grand daughter. Can’t wait to get started–that is if Mother Nature ever cooperates–cold and rainy.

  •  Anonymous #85983

    I haven’t had a chance at the garden – it is still in the idea stage and just barely getting the lawn mowed for the first time this week. I spent today hauling my DD around – she fell last night trying to teach the DGDs to skate and broke her wrist. I had made soup yesterday so I hauled it to her this morning. Then I hauled her and the kidos into town, met her DH who took her to a specialist. I watched the kidos until they got back. We had an egg hunt in the yard and sewed on some 4-H projects. Miss Mercy is 8 and is making herself a sewing kit that looks like food. So far she has made a carrot to hold scissors, an ice cream pin cushion and a doughnut pincushion. I’m proud of her. She has a very creative mind. We are slogging through the house repairs with a LOT of time out for this and that. The good news is the plumbing is done and the wiring has begun. A few more days and I’m hoping we will put things back together. I think I can post some pics now that I can set the new camera in smaller frames. I have some ideas up my sleeve and may be asking for more ideas.

  •  Anonymous #85982

    Thank you moderator.

    Maggie, I’m so sorry about the mastectomy, hope everything went well. I’ll add you to my prayer list. I can’t wait till I can plant tomatoes. There is nothing better than a fresh tomato out of the garden.

  •  Anonymous #85981

    Spammer has been zapped

  •  Anonymous #85980

    Diane, I also wish we had more people on here. I keep checking to see if anyone has posted anything. I think it would help if it was easier to post pics.I used to live in the country & I had a beautiful garden, but since I moved to an apartment in town, I have to garden in containers. I planted two tomato plants yesterday. I’m going to try & get some more things planted today. I’m recovering from having a mastectomy on April 5th, so I have to take it easy for a few days.

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