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    I was in a thrift store awhile ago and I bet there were twenty old wooden blocks that were made to hold sets of kitchen knives. Stood and looked and thought, “There’s GOT to be something that could be made from these!” (Never DID think of anything! LOL)

    While I’m on the subject, the other thing was glass microwave trays. I’ve seen candles, etc. flowers, displayed on them, but anybody have any other ideas?

    What about you? Constantly see things that you wonder about?

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  •  Anonymous #85177

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it.

  •  Anonymous #85153

    Wow, copper those pieces are awesome. That kind of advertising/ rusty/ industrial stuff is selling like crazy in my part of Texas.

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  •  Anonymous #85149

    DPumm, you need to find a Goodwill Outlet – it is like dumpster diving but you have to pay by the pound. I dig for light weight junk. LOL I have scored some real neat stuff there. I have to watch so I don’t get too carried away.

  •  Anonymous #85148

    I have painted alot of roosters and other things on the blocks, other then that the only thing I can think of is weights for a dolls body. I have used some white vases for the body of snowman make-dos. I can’t think of anything I see alot, the thrift stores around here are not that great. I think they throw away alot of the things I would like to have and sell mostly clothes and shoes.

  •  Anonymous #85146

    I see a lot of vases at the thrift store – what beyond totem???

  •  Anonymous #85145

    The microwave plates are perfect for totems, nice and heavy so they won’t blow over. Use inside for layered cake plates micro on bottem then pretty plates on top of vases for the other layers. Knife blocks would make neat paint brush holders… I am not in to cosmetics, but eyebrow pencils, lipstick, combs?????

  •  Anonymous #85144

    drill out bigger holes to hold pens or markers – paint the outside with chalk board paint? When my son was little he would have made little flags on long wires to fly on one… something about holes and little kids…. Might make a lamp or something out of one. I can’t think of much useful though. Maybe bend up some wires to poke in the holes then put pictures on the other end. Aw shucks. I just googled ‘knife block set – re-purpose’ and came up with some of what I was thinking…

  •  Anonymous #85143

    In addition to door stops–how about book ends–paint, paper, decorate.

  •  Anonymous #85142

    Other than painting them and either use them as intended or maybe a door stop? Hmmmmm, will have to think on this one.

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