What would you do with these little wood drawers?

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  • CallefCallef #45059

    These were part of my yard sale loot – a whole cardboard box full of these little black wood drawers. Would you leave the primitive hand lettering on them, or paint over them? I don’t know why I like these, but I’m attracted to any kind of boxes or drawers.

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  •  Anonymous #81064

    I love to use old drawers to hold pictures. Recently, I took an old drawer(much larger than these), and put the legs from the same old dresser on it. I shabbied it up and now, I use it for a magazine holder. I think I have pictures of it on my blog.

    http://www.piddle-binks.blogspot.com I love to re-purpose old wooden drawers.I have attached some on the wall as shelves.

  •  Anonymous #80768

    Ain’t THAT the truth!

  •  Anonymous #80762

    What fun, creative ideas! I knew you guys would come up with all sorts of cool things. Too bad we all have way more ideas than we have time to produce them.

  •  Anonymous #80761

    Chalkboard paint on the fronts to write your own message.

  •  Anonymous #80760

    You could add old knobs (same size/height) and glue them on the bottom and use as a file box or add fabric to the inside and put makeup and the like in there. For the file box I’d leave the paint alone but for the makeup box I’d paint to accent the fabric. Let’s see what you come up with.


  •  Anonymous #80759

    wonder if possible to make smaller ones into one tall stackable unit…..hinged somehow to a post that when open….would swing out (If you can envision…like a spiral staircase does)

  •  Anonymous #80758

    How about making a junk lamp out of them

  •  Anonymous #80757

    i’d be tempted to keep 2 of the larger w/long handles….add some hinges to join as one and use for my love-letter stash ;}

    as for smaller…apothecary chest!!

  •  Anonymous #80756

    LOL..I had a favorite old 1910-ish geography book(with a bad cover/binding) with the coolest illustrations and maps that I used in my old store. I tore the pages out and lined the backs of old wooden crates that I was using stacked for displays. They lightened the look of the dark wood.

  •  Anonymous #80751

    I’m planning to sell these – “great minds think alike” – I have a box of misc knobs & hardware that I can use for the ones that have no knobs. I love the idea of putting old knobs or something on them for feet! For lining them with paper, I had thought of using pages of another old encyclopedia I have. The binding on it is so deteriorated I had decided to use it for decoupage projects. There’s something about the primitive writing on these drawers that I like – very crude, not neat or centered, but appealing for just that reason. I think I will just clean & wax and leave them alone. Thanks for the feedback, guys!

  •  Anonymous #80750

    love love love those

  •  Anonymous #80746

    Those are so cool! Are you wanting to keep them or sell? I would leave them as is and add cool pulls on the ones that are missing them..white china knobs, old mix and match pulls, old glass knobs or even some made from stacked washers and nuts..old rusty ones would be a plus..that would be fitting w/ what they used to hold! A cabinet made for them would be cool or just stack or even add old knobs for feet.. I am a sucker for cabinets w/ small drawers! Black and text are both “in” now..but if you are keeping and don’t like it..paint away!

  •  Anonymous #80745

    I would use them as shelving-screwed into the wall-either left alone or painted to match decor. Sometimes I’ll use a piece of scrapbook paper on the inside (just set in the back-that way I can change it on a whim)

    Of course I ALWAYS need shelving and storage!

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