What should I do with my bucket?

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  • hgiahb #45085

    I recently bought a beautiful teal 5 gallon bucket just because of it’s color. I want to find something to do with it. I’d like to use it as a decoration in my room. Any Ideas??

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  •  Anonymous #81076

    magazine holder…

  •  Anonymous #81070

    Well, read my post again, in that case! LOL How about putting a large glass vase down inside of it and making a huge arrangement of white flowers in it – maybe some “just picked-country looking” flowers?

  •  Anonymous #81067

    It is just plastic, and my bedroom, which i am currently in the process of redecorating

  •  Anonymous #81057

    What’s it made from? (I know that’s not correct grammatically but that’s the way I talk, okay!? LOL)

    I was thinking that it would look neat setting in a corner with some type of arrangement in it – perhaps fresh or dried or maybe just some interesting “twisted” looking canes, etc.

    What room are you thinking about using it in?

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