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    I finished some projects this weekend. I’m using Thanksgiving as my deadline for adding aqua to my family room. I painted the child’s drop-leaf table, distressed it and finished it off with a brown-tinted glaze, I covered old pillows with a damask patterned shower curtain from Home Goods and embellished them with buttons I had on hand. I put a "belt" of that shower curtain fabric around a thrift store pillow I bought for $1.25.

    I used a lot of my old buttons to my "Give Thanks" piece. I spray painted the old frame with gold and glazed it with the brown tint. The letters don’t stand out as much as I would like. Any ideas?

    Most of my supplies were on hand, so I spent about $25 on everything. I hope you like what I did.

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    I bought a whole jar full of vintage mother of pearl buttons this summer while we were on vacation. In my spare time, I’ve been working to attach them to a piece of turquoise fabric in the shape of a large letter “B” (our last name is Barry). I love how it’s turning out. I should finish it in the next month, and I’ll be sure to post a pic.

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    Pretty! I know aqua/torquise is very popular, but I can’t seem to sell it at all. I have just a couple pieces, but so far, no interest. I think I’ll repaint them.

    I saw a display in Ohio one time of button crafts a woman had made. The buttons were arranged in quilt patterns, and framed. Each was pretty big. I wish I could remember what color the backgrounds were on them. I like how you spelled words with them.

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    What if you painted it all the same color…frame and all (I know you’ve already put work into the frame..maybe get another frame and use the gold one for something else?)

    Maybe you could take it out of the frame and mount it on a canvas or board as in the piece that the link will show you.

    Here is an example of what I mean. You would still have the texture and shape of the buttons which may be really neat. It’s just a thought.


  •  Anonymous #82366

    How about dry brushing paint on the buttons? If you like things to look old you could tea stain the background and maybe the buttons would show up more. What ever you do try it on a scrap piece first to see if you like the look.

  •  Anonymous #82365

    The buttons are glued on and it would be a mess to take apart. I’m wondering if I could dry brush some paint on the background?

  •  Anonymous #82363

    Love the color! The small dropleaf table is cute cute cute. I agree with Copperhead if you do the background of the give thanks sign in aqua it will pop more.

  •  Anonymous #82360

    give thanks needs a turquoise back ground so you have more contrast

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