What colors are selling? What upholstery fabrics are selling?

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  • mcnaughton #56435

    I’ve asked this question before, but it is a new year. What color of painted furniture and accessories are selling for you? I see a lot of aqua and orange in the magazines, but don’t know if they will sell here in the Midwest. I’m getting ready for a July event and need some advice.

    Similarly, what kind of pattern on upholstery do you suggest? I have a vanity bench and an old piano stool to re-cover. I’m thinking that chevrons might have been overdone. I welcome your conversation.

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  •  Jkorak #87133

    Vintage looking fabrics and aqua are good sellers for me ,in ohio, also sage green, black, and soft yellow.

  •  Anonymous #86080

    i like orange and pink.lol…and super warm rich tones at hoome ..BUT my best selling color AT the store right now is grey…we are painting a lot with it… with a little dry brushing over it…

  •  Anonymous #86071

    look at towels for color at JC Penny, etc?

  •  Anonymous #86070

    Great picture!

    I was totally over chevron fabric when that whole silly craze began…just do not get it. However, I am also not a very good “follower”….if everyone wants blue, I will pick green.

    Anyway, I recently saw a Flea Market flip show on HGTV where they decoupaged old love letters to the front of the drawers of a dresser…quite lovely.

    In terms of accessories, I remember Ki once suggested to scan the Pottery Barn catalogues, paying attention to their vintage props….this shows what the trends are. Great advise!


  •  Anonymous #86068

    Aw, Junx, your so sweet! Thanks, but how come you two look so cute and I look like a deer in the headlights?

    Oh and DPumm, I was wearing your pink rose pin that you made me and everyone loved it!

  •  Anonymous #86067

    yeah .!! love meeting virtual friends in person !!

    Diane, meeting you made our day !!

  •  Anonymous #86066

    here in my neck of the woods(NW Arkansas) I amk selling furniture pretty well. Colors range from white,cream, blues,greens,aquas and even some pretty bold turquoise. Most pieces that I have to upholster I use canvas drop cloth ,toille,or French inspired fabric. Hope this helps.

  •  Anonymous #86065

    I went to the Luckett’s show this weekend. It was filled with vendors with TONS of furniture. White or cream seems to be a classic but there were a lot of blues and greens too. My favorite piece was a dresser with 5 drawers. It was just your ordinary tall dresser with 4 inch legs. The body of it was painted white and each drawer was in a different muted shade of blue/gray/green.

    I met Junxtaposition and we were talking about all the bird themed items. If you can find fabric with a bird silouette, it’s gonna sell. Or toile (SP), there was a lot of that too.

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