What colors are selling in your area right now?

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  • lovecraftinglovecrafting #58062

    I have painted so much furniture in the past 4 years of having a booth that I have the worst time deciding on paint colors. I have ordered a paint pallette from RH hoping for some inspiration but kind of wondering what is selling in your area.

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  •  Anonymous #86311

    I like the darker shades of blue. I don’t liker the lighter blues though.

  •  Anonymous #86307

    Maggie-funny that I saw a fashion article that said cobalt blue IS the color for the year.

  •  Anonymous #86288

    I recently painted 2 pieces(a chair & a vanity bench) royal blue, because I had the paint & fabric that matched. It sold right away. You never know what will sell.

  •  Anonymous #86287

    Aqua (especially paler tints) and gray are very popular. For fall, though, I always like to use the deeper, richer and traditional fall shades of browns, golds, red, yellow, orange, with some green to accent. We’ll see how it goes!

  •  Anonymous #86240

    It seems colors are getting brighter, Pink, teal, and of course there is always black, white and cream. Gray also seems to be everywhere.

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