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    What’s up? What are your latest repurposing projects? This week I turned vintage tip/snack trays into chalkboard memo magnet boards..more vintage crystal prisms of course! Show me your projects!

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  • Ruth Ruth #86991

    Love the this idea!!! Thank you for sharing!

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  •  Anonymous #83874

    I did an old window. Took a 12×18 flag, mod podged it in the middle of the window, took material that looked like an old flag in the corners and then took a darker blue material with stars and put it as a back drop over the whole back. Was going to take a pic and forgot to…sorry

    • Ruth Ruth #86992

      Would love to see a photo!!

  •  Anonymous #83869

    My first post. Thick cut ceder with repurpurposed industrial lights….happy owners of my bench

  •  Anonymous #83510

    It looks great!!! Love stuff like this.

  •  Anonymous #83509

    My latest junkin’ upcycle. You can read more about it on my blog here http://hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com/

    This was a partial old beadboard cabinet door that i turned into a chalkboard piece.

    • Ruth Ruth #86993

      Neat old door!!! Where are you planning to put it? Would be great in the kitchen if you have the room!

  •  Anonymous #83430

    my latest is on our facebook page..2nd post down…. http://www.facebook.com/greenoakantiques dang i cant put pictures on here…its big with a license plate and bottle caps….. i love junk art, but so far it doesnt fly out the door!!!

  •  Anonymous #83388

    Hope—Thanks for your detailed help. I’ll be checking your blog. Yum!

  •  Anonymous #83386

    McNaughton..the graphics are from http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com. I download them and import to Print Shop (it is like $20 at Staples or wherever) It is doesn’t do as much as PhotoShop but it isn’t $600 and too hard for me to figure out! You could use anything that lets you create a banner. I create a wide banner(sometimes 2 that I match up and tape one above the other to make it big enough)I rub the back w/ a pencil and position it on the piece and go over it w/ pen to transfer. Then I just hand paint it w/acrylic paint. If you go to my blog http://www.hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com and go back in my old posts to Sept. 14th 2011, I did a tutorial on it (sort of!) with pictures. Thanks!

  •  Anonymous #83380

    Thanks, huggybear, He has several posted on his Etsy account. The gate he made with scrap pieces, it even g0es up and d0wn

  •  Anonymous #83379

    chelcass, I love his birdhouse so cute.. we have every kind of bird I think you can think of that visit our property.. and we just love to watch them.. not always happy when they leave a deposit on my vheicle.. but love to watch them and the dog does too.. until he gets tired of their chirping and then he will scare them away.. blue bird, red bird, brown, yellow, black all colors.. and so pretty. thanks for sharing and he does very good work.. and love the fact he uses all recyled items

  •  Anonymous #83378

    Hello all. my husband just opened up as Etsy account for the birdhouse, butterfly houses etc. he makes from reclaimed wood (dumpster diving) and decorates them with bits and pieces we find at flea markets, junk shops and yard sales. Would any of you be willing to join his circle of friends? Thanks for considering. He is Moosehead553.


    ps. here is one of his houses.

  •  Anonymous #83377

    She looks sooo sweet…I couldn’t find the video on your timeline. I guess I don’t know what i’m doing…lol

  •  Anonymous #83375

    Just wanted to share Sweet Stacy’s photo with her tutu and headband

  •  Anonymous #83372

    Hope- Post away! I think I speak for all of us..We LOVE pics. Your work is impressive. Would you share your technique for the French advertisement table tops?

  •  Anonymous #83370

    If you want to see the video of Sweet Stacy go to my facebook timeline Joan Cashwell (Truies Truesdell). and you should see a video posted by Greg Hissett

  •  Anonymous #83369
  •  Anonymous #83368

    I guess I am selfish.. but it makes me feel so good to do things like this.. she is without a doubt the sweetest baby there is.. and her parents are just awesome.. you know the old saying God on gives you as much as he thinks you can handle.. well he picked the right parents for Stacy ..They have a video on Stacy.. If I can figure it out how to post I will

  •  Anonymous #83367

    Huggybear, what an angel you are! Sweet Stacy will look like a princess!

  •  Anonymous #83366

    Here is Sweet Stacy

  •  Anonymous #83365

    I finished this Tutu for a very special young lady.. Sweet Stacy She was born with Down syndrome and her parents are just awesome people.. I have since made more Tutus and will drop off at the Ronald McDonald House for the patients there to keep, play with or what ever they want.. Just wanted to share with you..

  •  Anonymous #83348

    Thanks hope&joy. They have beautiful things on that site. If I get to go on one of those long yard sales this year, I’m going to be looking for them.

  •  Anonymous #83346

    Those are all vintage ones. I occasionally find them at estate sales/antique auctions and I always buy them.$1 each is my limit because that is about what new ones are depending on the size/shape and how many you buy. Sometimes vendors in antique stores/malls will have them (most expensive usually) and you can get them on Ebay.You can get new ones online at http://www.freedomcrystal.com Click on crystal parts and trimmings on the left menu. They are as cheap as I have found but I like to use old when I can..also no shipping! I like the look of the patina on the brass bits. You could probably treat the new ones to look old though.

  •  Anonymous #83345

    Very pretty! Where do you find prisms? We have 4 resale stores in this small town, but I never can find any prisms.

  •  Anonymous #83343

    Oops..the pic didn’t load…wrong file and too big. Here we go again.

  •  Anonymous #83340

    Hi! I just finished these and took them to my booth today. They are upcycled from vintage lamp parts, candleholders and vintage wood bits…and vintage prisms of course! More and better pics on my blog http://www.hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com

  •  Anonymous #83304

    I love your blue on the table. Great job painting the graphics too! Post more please!

  •  Anonymous #83302


    if i could post pics, i would!!

  •  Anonymous #83301

    Wow!! I went over & looked at your tables. Great job!!

  •  Anonymous #83300

    Hope, you just go ahead and monopolize

  •  Anonymous #83299

    My latest painting projects..French ad tables. More pics on my blog!

    http://hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com/ Someone was saying we need more project pics here. I have a lot more but I don’t want to monopolize the thread!

  •  Anonymous #83082

    Dremmel and water.

  •  Anonymous #83079

    Very Carefully, ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

  •  Anonymous #83078

    DUH – how do you make a hole without breaking the cup???

  •  Anonymous #83077

    Love this. I’ve not seen it before but very clever and simple to. Thanks for sharing.

  •  Anonymous #83075

    I was surfing on the net as usual and ran across this. I wanted to share this with all of you. Thought you might like it. You may already be making these. I am going to give it a shot. I currently have a lot of tea cups because I make the bird feeders that you put on spindles and in your yard. This looks EASY!

  •  Anonymous #83024

    Hopeandjoy, love your wreaths, I’ve been looking for something to make for school. I made a banner out of old book pages and print “let it snow” across it. The maps would fit in nice with the pages. I know what you mean about “blog surfing”! I do the same thing!

  •  Anonymous #83023

    I did some “new” upcycled candlesticks..


    I used vintage wood posts vintage hardware and vintage lamp parts. I tried a faux mercury glass technique (distressed mirror spray paint) that I THINK I found here..not sure. Once I start following links to blogs I will end up about 5 blogs down the road! The mirror paint was easier than I thought. Now I want to faux mercury glass more things! I did a verdigris technique that I think I found here too (3 parts apple cider vinegar 1 part salt) It worked pretty well but your brass has to be raw or have the lacquer finish removed first. The internet said acetone (nail polish remover) but my daughters had run off with mine someplace so I just sanded it good and it worked fine.

  •  Anonymous #82993

    Those flowers have to be tricky to weld – by the time you’d get to the last one the first one would re-heat and fall off…

  •  Anonymous #82992

    I’d say welded or soldered..you can see heat discolorations toward the center of the flowers.

  •  Anonymous #82989

    loving these! they utilize all pieces of the ware, especially if you have bits laying around from other projects!!

    wonder if they welded or glued tho??

  •  Anonymous #82975

    OMG I just looked on pinterest to see if I could find the silverware flowers I saw the other day, I did a search for silverware under boards and there must be at least 200. I know what I’ll be doing for several hours today.


  •  Anonymous #82973

    Can’t think of any cute saying right now but how about making a flower out of silverware to put on some.

  •  Anonymous #82971

    i don’t know if a border or small frame would jazz it up all it needs but for now..it’s missing something.

    trying to make all different and invest little to nothing (wood was actually shelves from a side cabinet i got free) would like to sell them eventually.

    keep the ideas coming, i’m absorbing them all….if not for this project than for another to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #82970

    if the board is too plain maybe you could make it kind of hippie. Paint some big psychedelic flowers on it and write something about ‘what’s your hang up?’ or ‘got hang ups?’ I forget what was it about hang ups???

  •  Anonymous #82967

    How about “Hang in there” “Keep Calm and hang around”


    PS–let us know what you come up with.

  •  Anonymous #82966

    need help!! need a few words!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    have 6 small wood pieces (measuring 6″ x 7″)

    have crackle painted/distressed edges

    then added bent vintage silverware (to hang coats, keys, dog leashes, etc. on)

    they look too plain with just the silverware and i want funny, cute and/or useful words or short sayings to stencil on…..not just keys/coats.

    any ideas??

  •  Anonymous #82965

    I am thinking of stripping it and seeing what is under neath. There is at LEAST 4 coats of paint on it. And I don’t like the gold. I thought about cutting out the panels on the top doors and putting in punch tin. Bottom left door is falling off. I have many work hours ahead.

  •  Anonymous #82963

    Great old cabinet. Are you going to paint it?

  •  Anonymous #82961

    It has alot of potential… Can’t wait to see what you do with it…Congrats on your great sales.

  •  Anonymous #82960

    I had an antique show this past weekend and sold almost out, and right before I walked out, one of the other dealers had this, didn’t want to pack it, and offered it to me. I couldn’t pass it up. I know, It looks rough. But I thought it had potential. What do you think?

  •  Anonymous #82918

    im thinking about getting some store forms and junking them up….also hoping to find some place to put pennants in the store….also thinking about lights from junk…but i dont want to be responsible for wiring…so im thinking about trouble lights to start with….also a bench made with a tailgate for a back…way too many ideas!!! as usual…



  •  Anonymous #82916

    Wow! I never thought about posting pictures and selling on Facebook. DUH! Remember, before I was gray, I was a true blonde. Ha!

  •  Anonymous #82914

    I told my husband your comments, and we used your idea for knobs. I have to tell you how this sold. I post some of my pics on my faebook, and I posted this one. I had people fight over it. One of the girls computer quit working so she called me to buy it. I posted on facebook that it sold, and 2 people were so mad. I have never seen a argument over an item like that. This little cabinet that we regretted buying actually went really fast. I want to paint it and distress it in a brown, but we have so much to do before the show this weekend. But your idea for knobs worked really well. That is why I Love coming and talking to you ladies.

  •  Anonymous #82913

    like. think i’d be tempted to paint the whole thing one color with an underlying to distress. i love barn wood but i like cohesive too.

    mustard under black would look awesome!

    or even a pale grey with blue tone under.

    or…..even a girly pale pink with a greenish hue under.

  •  Anonymous #82911

    Very cute, there is always a use for a storage piece like this. I like the faucet knob idea.

  •  Anonymous #82909

    I LOVE it! It is definitely something I would put in my house. I’m trying to think if I would use anything besides clear glass knobs on it?! White drop ones might be neat, you know like old faucet handles? or even outdoor spigots?

  •  Anonymous #82906

    Evening Ladies, I wanted to show you the finished product of a terrible buy. A friend had this for sale at an estate sale, and it had doors missing, and an ugly paint job. I checked for doors online. I don’t advise it. So she received barn doors. And I am to worn out to repaint. Give me some honest opinions. My aunt had one of these and used it for a liquor cabinet. I don’t drink, but surely can come up with something good for her.

  •  Anonymous #82851

    your gears would also make an awesome earring/necklace stand for showcasing to sell or just at home!!

  •  Anonymous #82849

    New project!I had these gears for a couple months waiting for the "right" idea..they are now cakestands! (You can see more pix on my blog http://www.hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com )Of course I had to bling it up. My husband said he thinks these are automotive fly wheels so I made key prisms out of vintage car keys and mixed them in with the antique chandelier prisms! Shabby Chic meets Industrial.

  •  Anonymous #82841

    Ooh…wooden spools too..then you would have to paint them, or dye them, or wrap scrapbook paper, text,string, lace,yada yada yada around them. (now I wish I would’ve added feet!)

  •  Anonymous #82840

    wooden knobs would work definately! (I think I spelled that wrong) Paint those babies up (or not) and screw them on!

  •  Anonymous #82839

    I just have wooden drawer pulls ๐Ÿ™ But I think they will work to ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #82838

    Oh I like the ideas you have for feet on those drawers!!!! You are giving me ideas like crazy!!!

  •  Anonymous #82837

    China knobs are old metal ones would work too..or stacked nuts(nuts and bolts nuts, not squirrel type LOL) or drilled wooden game pieces..checkers, dominoes..those old white china electric fence insulators (if you can find them)

  •  Anonymous #82820

    HopeandJoy, using glass knobs as feet is a wonderful idea.I have loads of old drawers and was wanting to put feet on them, but couldn’t think of what to use to keep them old looking.

  •  Anonymous #82818

    Diane..I debated adding old glass knobs for feet on those.

  •  Anonymous #82817

    I need to repo my old rake head from my antiques booth and do that in my kitchen for my rolling pin! It sits on top of my canisters and keeps falling down behind..brilliant!

  •  Anonymous #82816

    I’ve seen old tools used as handles too and keep thinking I need to look for some when out flea market shopping. I will share a idea for the rake with you, don’t remember where I saw it, maybe on here, but I have sold several. Anyways make a bow from wire and attach at the bottom of the handle and hang a big crystal down from it. I usly hang something on them so people get the idea what to do with it. Yours would be neat with other kitchen tools and/or some small hanging collectables. I’ve been thinking about making one and adding a small nest and bird for this spring.

  •  Anonymous #82814

    I had a new project I just finished that I wanted to show you. I seen this on a website somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where, so I thought I would give it a shot. I did a little fidgeting to it. Also look at my new rolling pin holder. It keeps getting wrapped around my kitchen towels, so I had to do something.

  •  Anonymous #82809

    Hope and Joy, love the boxes and mannequin, I use a sewing machine drawer to hold my spices next to my stove. Think I’ll add some feet and a knob to it. Like your idea.

    Anne, would love to see your bags, my sister and I were talking about making some just the other night and she said wooden handles would be neat. How do you attach them?

  •  Anonymous #82808

    Ahhhh..just had the broken cabinet.

  •  Anonymous #82807

    hand wheels off the old treadles.

  •  Anonymous #82804


  •  Anonymous #82803

    I can use those wheels to make an old sewing machine work again for another 50 years…

  •  Anonymous #82802

    DANG it! Double post! Sorry!

  •  Anonymous #82801

    These are the sewing machine drawers I upcycled the other day and a mannequin I finished last night

  •  Anonymous #82800

    These are the sewing machine drawers I upcycled the other day and a mannequin I finished last night

  •  Anonymous #82796

    totes…. old salvage wood and spindle handles and junky additions…. some are looking gothic… some industrial,,, some white and pretty..



  •  Anonymous #82773

    Love them! (Can you hear JoAnn Worlie from Laugh in?)

  •  Anonymous #82769

    Also, I have been making these for a while. I don’t know if you have tried them, but these southerners LOVE these from the booths and shows too!!!

  •  Anonymous #82768

    I went shopping and seen something that I LOVED. Except I didn’t want to pay the price, so I came home and did it myself. I needed to make more things for my show in 3 weeks anyway.

  •  Anonymous #82748

    I made message boards from old silver trays. Applied glitter around the edges. Holiday messages on the chalkboard (center) said fun holiday sayings. The nice thing is you can change the message anytime you want. Set tray on a table easel.

  •  Anonymous #80812

    Thank you hopeandjoyhome. That sounds like something I need to have on hand and would be fun to see how it works on different things.

  •  Anonymous #80791

    it would be in the jewelry supply area.

  •  Anonymous #80790

    looks like the cheapest place is http://www.dickblick.com it is an art supply site..it was like $3.76 there and about $26 bucks on amazon (!) that must’ve been an industrial size bucket for that price. Also looks like it is on Ebay and possibly at Michael’s craft store. It is a chemical that reacts w/ various metals to add patina.

  •  Anonymous #80787

    Thanks for the help on how to age silverware. How I have another question, what is liver of sulphur, what is it used for and what area of the store is it in? Guess I should have said I have 3 more questions :^).

  •  Anonymous #80784

    Well, the house is cooler but certainly not cleaner. Yeah I was thinking I Love Lucy too. I should write my own. It is rather funny when it isn’t happening.

  •  Anonymous #80782

    Copperhead, I can see your insulation debacle as an “I love Lucy” episode!

  •  Anonymous #80778

    I just bought a whole bunch of it already aged… good old GW

  •  Anonymous #80744

    I ruined the finish of a silverplated spoon in the kitchen sink once when I put in it in a container with household bleach in it.

  •  Anonymous #80742

    you can age silver with liver of sulphur…can buy in a hobby store….a very little goes a long long way….

  •  Anonymous #80738

    Good Lord! LOL I shouldn’t laugh, but that sounds like the norm around here.

  •  Anonymous #80737

    we JUST got done insulating the attic. DH said it would take about 2 hours… He also said there would only be a little mess by the hatch and by the machine. It took about 2 hours to get the machine to work. Got it all cleaned out/unclogged – turned it on and the hose fell off – insulation blowing ALL over the world… The on off switch didn’t work. I stood there holding the hose on the end until I collected my wits enough to unplug the beast. Got the hose securely on – instead of duct tape he used a hose clamp like for a dryer. It took about half an hour to blow the first section of attic full of insulation. DH comes down and clogs the hose again. Got it unclogged. He goes up the ladder into the second section and the plastic he had over the living room closet door comes down… Got the other section done. Clean up is a son of a gun – I think I’m going to go the the thrift store while HE finishes up cleaning… insulation all over the yard too….

  •  Anonymous #80736

    I feel for you Rosie. Last month, DH and the dog were both really sick the same week. I swear I never sat down and didn’t get more than a couple hours sleep a night. Fortunately, both recovered nicely. Must have been from the excellent care they got at home. LOL.

  •  Anonymous #80734

    LOL That’s cute, Copperhead. Wonder if they really meant it? LOL

    I’m just hangin’ on by my toenails. We have people in totally redoing a bathroom, building a deck and mowing and trimming our yard. DH just had back surgery and my “projects” have consisted of drying his feet after a shower, arranging the truck seat so that he can ride, etc. LOL

  •  Anonymous #80730

    I saw a sign said ‘will barter for anything except eggs and women’

  •  Anonymous #80726

    Nabby….My favorite from my hubby says “still cozy after all these years” the one that sold best in our store was BE NICE OR GO AWAY! lol

  •  Anonymous #80725

    Google says eggs ..also humidity, heat, sunlight so eggs+ outside? Make sure it is silverplate not stainless.

  •  Anonymous #80724

    leave it out in the yard

  •  Anonymous #80722

    I’ve been making silverware wind chimes and have a question for you all. Does anyone know how to age silverware? I want to use some older (sorry vintage) stuff for the tops but most of my silverware is shinny and they just don’t look right togather.

  •  Anonymous #80721

    i bought several old wood screen doors that have the paint peeling, natural distressed look, and started taking the panels apart and using them to make signs. All kinds of different themes, farm, beach, kitchen, paranormal etc… Would love some suggestions on different sayings to put on them.

  •  Anonymous #80701

    Have been painting wine bottles for hummingbird feeders and they are doing well at craft fairs… just got a huge (maybe a gallon and a half) clear glass vase and am going to paint sunflowers all around with a few bees amd maybe a ladybug thrown in Hope” tech-y” son can help me post picture if it turns out pretty.

  •  Anonymous #80695

    Callef, that looks cool!

  •  Anonymous #80693

    I saw magnetic paint in the store and thought how fun…but it was pricey as I recall.

  •  Anonymous #80690

    Update: I just did a quick search and found “Rustoleum Magnetic Primer” – it says topcoat with any latex paint or even chalkboard paint. Has anybody used this?

  •  Anonymous #80689

    Oh, poop – I hate this picture resizing requirement. What a pain. Ok I’ll try again.

  •  Anonymous #80688

    Well, DUH – you’ll have to pardon me, I’m blonde. ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t even think about the trays being metal. The reason I was asking is that I have a fabulous piece that’s a chalkboard that isn’t selling (picture attached) I think it might be because the chalkboard area is rather small and there’s not room to write all that much. If it was also magnetic it would be much more versatile. The board is either wood or MDF (it’s white laminate type material on the reverse, but the white side is not in good condition)

  •  Anonymous #80670

    akkk!! Double post..did I mention I have no patience when it comes to button pushing either??

  •  Anonymous #80669

    lol mom..we call them “horse overies” ever since one of our kids dubbed them that!

  •  Anonymous #80668

    lol mom..we call them “horse overies” ever since one of our kids dubbed them that!

  •  Anonymous #80667

    I did it bass ackwards. I painted one coat of the colored spray paint (Krylon) and then decided if I taped off the edges and the painters tape pulled off the paint I would be ill so I taped the edges so as not to get black chalkboard paint on them, painted a couple coats of chalkboard paint in the middle and then cut a piece or cardboard the exact size of the middle and sprayed the edges..and my fingers a bit..when dry I sprayed the backs.I added a row of gold metallic dots to cover any descrepancy between the black and the pastel because I am a nitpicker and it would bug me if I could see it. They are magnetic because they are metal.If I had sprayed them the pastel color and let them dry a couple days before I taped them and did the chalkbord bits, that would have probably worked, but I have ZERO patience when I am in a project!

  •  Anonymous #80663

    LOVE those trays – gorgeous! Did you paint with magnetic paint then chalkboard paint over that? What a superb idea that they are dual-purpose. I would love to know how to do that.

  •  Anonymous #80660

    lol lol lol try to have a kid pronounce that. i son did once and it sounded liks whore do vers……………lol we said ‘call them snacks honey’..lol lol lol lol

  •  Anonymous #80652

    Yes, they are those little tip trays or snack trays..I think they used them way back when to hold hors’doeuvres (or how ever you spell it!) at parties.

  •  Anonymous #80651

    They look great! I have been waiting until I finish a huge project at work to start a new craft project. The work thing has been sucking up all my free time, like a giant black hole in space. Hopefully, I can get started this week as the project should end soon.

  •  Anonymous #80647

    cute…are these those little trays ??? i have a load of them and was just looking for a project for them……..may have to give this a shot ! thanks

  •  Anonymous #80646

    I really like them. Love the colors and bobbles…

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