What are your best sellers?

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  • daisytoaddaisytoad #45135

    Post pics if you have em! Let’s share each of our best selling projects and get each other in gear for the holidays!

    I’m trying to locate the file with mine!

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  • JoshuaPierce JoshuaPierce #87853

    That was cool!

  •  Anonymous #82742

    Looking at these pictures again makes me eager to get started on a similar project with a much bigger wood toolbox. But first I’d better finish what I’ve already got going – I have a terrible tendency to leave things partially done and start something new, which results in a giant MESS all over my workroom!

  •  Anonymous #82736

    Absolutely very beautiful boxes. Nicely done.I love the green colors. And maps, who would have thought.

    Michaels has several different types of ModgePodge. They are great products. With coupon is always a goodthing.

    I think I’ll do something with an old footlocker I have in the garage. Encyclopedia books…I see them when thrifting and have never come up w/ a good idea for them. Hmmmmm….out to the garage…..

  •  Anonymous #81658

    thanks..i cant wait to try it …i do alot of decop….and mine is always sticky…..this sounds like a great product !

  •  Anonymous #81656

    I have got to get a coupon…

  •  Anonymous #81653

    Cool – I see you can simply click on the link to see the product; you don’t have to cut & paste – no pun intended! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #81652

    You can cut & paste this:


    to see a picture – it’s called “Hard Coat” Mod Podge and the label is purple. I found it at Michaels; I’m sure all the craft stores have it. I just recently found out about it from reading somebody’s blog. I don’t know if it’s a new product, but I had never heard of it before. So far I’m very happy with the results. The only problem was it only came in the small size. I try to always buy when I have a coupon for 40 or 50% off.

    Maggie, I don’t know why you couldn’t use it on papier mache. It would be worth an experiment.

  •  Anonymous #81648

    I really do like those boxes! I wonder if that process would work on paper mache?

  •  Anonymous #81647

    Where did you find decoupage that dries hard??? THAT’s what I’ve always hated about the stuff – too soft!

  •  Anonymous #81646

    Callef, I will follow your suggestion and use some of the pages to line old drawers. I plan to set aside a day next week and decoupage lots of things.I think I have an old bed tray off in my “collection” somewhere. I may try to use some of the pages on it.

    I so wish I could come up with something to do with the backs. They are really worn, but a pretty green color.

  •  Anonymous #81645

    Thanks for the compliments! I use Mod Podge to glue the maps on, and yes, I did paint the boxes first. I’ve recently discovered the “Hard Coat” formula of Mod Podge, which I really like for the finish coats because, just like the name, it dries nice & hard and not sticky. DO NOT throw away those encylopedias! 🙂 I have some as well, that the bindings were so deteriorated I couldn’t sell them, but I’ve been using the pages to line drawers, such as old sewing machine drawers and others. I also used a couple of the pages on top of an old bed tray. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but it’s looking good.

    I picked up a very cool old trunk today at an estate sale for FIVE dollars – woohoo! It’s one of those old army footlocker types, and all the leather handles are intact, which is rare at such a cheap price. Some kid obviously painted designs on it, but I can easily remove or paint over that and I may decoupage the whole thing with maps. I recently scored a whole bunch of old (1930’s and up) Nat’l Geos at the flea market for next to nothing. I dug through several boxes to find all the ones with maps still inside.

    I just wish I had more energy and hours in the day to do all these wonderful projects!

  •  Anonymous #81644

    My daughter want to do a memory book with an old encyclopedia (glued the pages together so there were maybe 10 really thick pages…the grade above her did them last year in art (amazing art teacher!)

    Another girl used an encyclopedia set, glue them all together for a plant stand, end table type thing…very cool!

  •  Anonymous #81641


    Wow! Love what you have done. I am getting so inspired. I have a set of old 1911 encyclopedias (probably spelled wrong). I can see their leaves decoupaged on boxes. I would keep them, as is, but they are in really bad shape.I was considering tossing them until one of my “pickers” suggested trying to find a use for them. I can’t wait to try this.

  •  Anonymous #81637

    WONDERFUL!!! I can see why they sold quickly. Did you paint the whole box first? If you don’t mind me asking…

  •  Anonymous #81633

    Great job, Callef. I’m working on decoupaging maps on a lamp shade for some funky lamps (mid century modern) I found and have them for sale in my shop. I’ll post pics when I get them done.

    Daisy to answer your question, I haven’t really done a lot of repurposing or projects with my things because I don’t seem to have time. Selling “as is” I also move silverplate candlebras quickly and pretty much any nice silver that I can sell for a reasonable price. Also I’ve been selling lots of vintage bundles of fabric.

  •  Anonymous #81632

    i think this is going to be a best seller in its pricerange….

  •  Anonymous #81631

    I love those boxes! I have a hard time decoupaging heavier paper, any tips?

  •  Anonymous #81630

    very nice job !

  •  Anonymous #81629

    Nice job!

  •  Anonymous #81628

    These 2 boxes I decoupaged with maps sold quickly and I made a nice profit. I love maps and am looking forward to doing more.

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