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    Another use of junk–This is an old herb dryer that I bought years ago. It hangs in my living room where I use it as an ever-changing display.

    Often, I spell out greetings to guests with my vintage wooden school letters. My family likes to rearrange the letters and see who notices.

    I’ve also posted snapshots in the individual "frames" for graduation parties.

    Above it are big letters I found for a great price at Restoration Hardware. They were glossy gold. I sprayed them ORB and hung them.

    [attachment id=25099,3876]

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  •  Anonymous #81613

    I was wondering too! Now I’m wanting to know what company makes it. LOL

  •  Anonymous #81610

    Thanks Vintage Junkie I was reading this and wondering what ORB meant too.

  •  Anonymous #81608

    ahhhhhh! LOL

  •  Anonymous #81603

    I believe she means oil rubbed bronze.

  •  Anonymous #81597

    ORB? Old rusty black?

  •  Anonymous #81582

    Cute! Nice way to change things up.

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