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    Hopefully this photo will work…I picked up this vintage TV stand at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. This would have probably been from the 50’s or 60’s when the televisions were very small. It’s gold metal. with a mesh top and wire magazine rack on the bottom. There are two rubber wheels in the back and two casters in the front. I’m wondering about painting it for resale. The gal who owns the shop that I’m going to put it in wants me to paint it fuschia pink – you know – like flaming neon pink and set it up as a drink cart. I’m hip with the drink cart business and even bought the screaming pink paint, but I just can’t force myself to paint it bright pink. I’ve got soft pink, melon green, moss green, fossil green, sea/auqa blue, cream and white paint. Any ideas what you would do with it?


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  •  Anonymous #81814

    Thanks for the kind words, She-ne. This IS a great site and I used to visit about 8 times every day!!!

    Hi Gigi! I miss you all!!


  •  Anonymous #81722

    HI MISS THANG……chiccottagejunk!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #81720

    Sue, I’m new here. I get very excited when the old timers show back up. Once a junker, always a junker. I couldn’t live without my junk. During my sale, I am going to be pushing this site. It is just too neat to not be a part of, if one likes junk.

  •  Anonymous #81719

    Thanks, Gals, good to be home…I mean back. I’m getting stuff/junk ready for a garage sale and was really thinking about the fun times I’ve had on this site…..had to check in and see what’s shaking. I’m kinda missing my junk if you know what I mean.


  •  Anonymous #81716

    sure is good to see you – stop back soon!

  •  Anonymous #81713

    It’s good to see you hear Sue. Thanks for the update on the cart and glad it sold so quickly!!

  •  Anonymous #81710

    I was lurking this morning on here, found mention of this cart and thought I’d finally give an update on this tv cart transformed to a drink cart. I ended up taking it to my booth and before I got it wheeled into the door for the building, a lady and her daughter ran over to me. They were kinda bickering and I felt kind of weird….they were bickering over WHO was going to buy the cart.

    They had a day spa a few doors down and one wanted it for their coffee cart while the other wanted it for her booth cart! HA!!! They paid me cash right then and there before I got the darn thing into the building. So, I just didn’t have it in the right market at the antique store. Don’t know what the colors are these days, but that’s the final episode on the screaming pink drink cart!

    …on a sidebar…I sure do miss all of you wonderful gals! I think of you often and have just begun to miss my junkin’ escapades!!

  •  Anonymous #70397

    Hi gals, just got a sec to check in … as of 3 weeks ago – no sale yet. I haven’t been back to the shop because I’ve been too busy. I might have to pick it up tomorrow for my craft show next Saturday.

    Thanks for asking.


  •  Anonymous #70388

    Rosie……….darn you girl!!! Paint those up and sell ’em (or…..send ’em this direction….hahahaha)

  •  Anonymous #70379

    Me, too. Was wondering about the cart. I also gave another dealer a small set of horns the other day. Darn! LOL

  •  Anonymous #70356

    Hey Sue – just looking at some old posts and wondering if your cart ever sold?

  •  Anonymous #67679

    Most people spell my name that way…How funny is that…I have a town named after me…I wish I were that close, boy would we have a junking good time…

  •  Anonymous #67664

    LOLOL WELL – funny you should say that, because I drove through Levita Texas this week-end thought about you!!! Did you know (if we spell your name wrong) that you are only about 30 miles from me? Now…how cool is THAT!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like it that you’re so close…

  •  Anonymous #67656

    I seen some up in Ind. this past weekend and thought about your HOT pink ones…And then smiled to myself…

  •  Anonymous #67655

    LOL thanks! I’ve done it several ways over the last couple of years, but that was my first hot pink Rudolph! LOLOLOL I’ve sold teal and lime and sunshine yellow and apple green and blue…now i have a wait on hot pink. I’m going to have to raid some walls to find new skulls! Here’s the twist…it totally creeps me out to carry those things around! LOLOLOL I make my son do it or I carry them with my fingertips!

  •  Anonymous #67654

    Wow that’s great!!! Whoda thunk…I believe you are on to something…

  •  Anonymous #67651

    Robelyn, I’ve noticed these in backdrops in a couple of catalogues–you are spot on girl!! Trendy with your own twist!

  •  Anonymous #67638

    that is great! I showed DH the pix last night and told him they were selling like hot cakes… he loves junk like I do… but that made him shake his head… LOL!

  •  Anonymous #67634

    Sing with me.. “Rudolph the pink horned reindeer” LOL

    Robelyn that’s awesome! Congratulations!


  •  Anonymous #67601

    Oh my gosh Robelyn – I can’t believe it! And you have a waiting list to boot – how cool is that?! Congrats on the sale and the new Hot color!


  •  Anonymous #67600

    Okay junk friends – I just wanted to let you know that you need to grab your hot pink spray paint and “the deer by the horns” ’cause those things sold in 2 days. LOLOLOLOL Funniest part is I have a list of 3 people waiting for my next installment!!! So – I found another “hot seller”(at least in Texas) but all of you with booths have to try it – at least once and see what they do in your parts!!! THANK YOU Sue for the inspiration!!! ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #66999

    oommmmmmmmgggggggggggggg i would be shot on site if i painted his guns but today i did think of hiding the ones that are where they are not supposed to be shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  •  Anonymous #66967

    ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys make me CRY from laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heidi – do it! That would be hilarious!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  •  Anonymous #66960

    Linda…that’s a good one! I told my SIL to do that to her tools to keep her DH from taking them.

  •  Anonymous #66947

    OMG how will he explain pink guns to his hunting buddies ROTFLMBO


  •  Anonymous #66945

    Heidi,if you really want to get your point across spray paint his GUNS hot pink! :^)

    Ooh and add some prisms LOL!


  •  Anonymous #66943

    are you going to use the guns in the dry sink? (giggle giggle) Diane

  •  Anonymous #66930 those horns i will tell my son if he leaves them laying around much longer this is what is going to happen to then. he NEVER puts anything away. righ niw i have two guns sitting on my dry sink. i am about ready to shoot him

  •  Anonymous #66916

    Gigi…you’re making me cry I’m laughing so hard! ROFLMBO!!! I tagged it “red.neck taxidermy”, but I’m thinking yours is MUCH better! LOLOLOLOLOL I’ve sold a set in yellow, lime green, turquoise and glossy black…let’s see how long the hot pink lasts! BUT! If it’s still there this week-end, I’m grabbing it and bringing it home for a good old “bling session”. LOLOLOLOLOL

  •  Anonymous #66856

    redneckchic–wouldn’t that hot pink skull look cool with jewelry hanging on it? It would be perfect for all the blingy neckaces and bracelets. I think someone is going to snap that right up. Love the pink cart too, Sue. Way to step out of your comfort zone.


  •  Anonymous #66844

    Gigi – I am again – ROTFLMBO!!!!! You funny girl!

    Nope, drink cart hasn’t sold. I’m going the store it’s in tomorrow and maybe I’ll mark it down. I’ve got $35 on it with $12 into it + 25% for consignment fee. I guess I’m being greedy – I’d better rethink it! Same goes for the typewriter – as far as I know that is still there as well.

    Kim – I’ll ship the cart and you can display Auntie Antelope (or whatever she is!) on top of the cart!


  •  Anonymous #66842

    Hmmmmm Gigi…LOL…

  •  Anonymous #66838

    Just wondering if the pink drink cart has sold yet? Or did you price it high so it wouldn’t sell so you could use it yourself? lol

  •  Anonymous #66810

    Oh no gigi… that’s not right but awesome!!! She does need some bling… if she wasn’t so big I’d say she should be in our traveling junk box next time… the pix and places we could put her in…

  •  Anonymous #66802

    you could name that piece

    “HOT PINK AND HORNY” LOL….;O….haha

  •  Anonymous #66793


  •  Anonymous #66792

    OMG!!!! Robelyn – that is one screamin’ pink set of horns! I’m also ROTFLMBO. I agree with the possible need of some bling. I’m so tired that I can’t find anything funny to say. I spent the day painting my new window greenhouse, painting some other items, went to my storage unit twice, cleaned the fridge, watered the lawn, and then sat down to a nice dinner – a bowl of shredded wheat. Whew, I’m tired and in bed with my laptop. Not sure how long I’ll be able to read through all of these wonderful posts. I think that our junkin’ buddies on here are (almost) better than a magazine fix. We have pictures and ideas (even if we ARE stealing ’em from each other!), laughter and tears … and the proverbial shooting coffee out of our noses … what more do we need?!?!


  •  Anonymous #66765

    ROTFLMAO AND spitting coffee while I’m laughing!!!!!!!!!!! Anything goes in red.neck land, right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Ya’ll are hilarious!!!

  •  Anonymous #66763

    Wait a minute…girls don’t have antlers so it must be….oh nevermind …we’ll say it’s a girl lol

    Anyhow Love ’em they’re tres(red.neck) chic


  •  Anonymous #66759

    Well of course! No self respecting female jackalope would be caught dead without her jewelry on. DUH LOLOLOLOL Diane

  •  Anonymous #66757

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that works for me!!! should i put some rhinestones ’round the horns? ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #66752

    So it’s from a GIRL Jackalope right? Diane

  •  Anonymous #66744

    Sue, oh dear Sue….this one was for you!!! I’m known for painting my horns/skull things some off-beat color (sell the heck out of ’em…spray paint is the best! whoo hoo!) – but I have to say, this is the first time I whipped out the hot pink! And, it was with you in mind…I was spraying and giggling and spraying some more!!!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so fun!

  •  Anonymous #66472

    wow– didnt think pink paint would make it that different looking!! Now I do not even think of a TV cart– I think also of a festive serving cart!!

    I think we had the same cart in our home when I was growing up!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice work and thinking creatively gets you everywhere!

  •  Anonymous #66000

    OH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! That’s tooooooo cute Sue!!!

    I’m off to have a drink…

  •  Anonymous #65956

    Great transformation. I love the old TV stands. I’ve picked up a few in my travels. I just repaint and resell. I even picked up an old mesh plant stand (for 10cents) and now use as a side table on my patio. Aren’t these just the best.

  •  Anonymous #65904

    Sue…I’m the same way. I’m always afraid that people will think my ideas are silly. My DD & I are both perfectionists & when we started making our primitive crafts we had a hard time taking something we had just made & spraying coffee/tea stain on it to make it look old. LOL

  •  Anonymous #65894

    Di – I guess I just keep it safe most of the time. I have many of projects that haven’t been started because I don’t know if my “ingenious ideas” are the right thing to do with the piece and I don’t want to ruin anything…I’m a perfectionist and hate making mistakes! I know – I know – you can’t make mistakes if you don’t try anything! Kinda hard to step out of my comfort zone.


  •  Anonymous #65886

    Hi Sue

    I just LOVE your hot pink cart!!! I am just like you, so indecisive if I should go with a color that I usually don’t use. Maybe this will inspire me not to be soooo afraid of color. Di

  •  Anonymous #65873

    loving the cart…watermelon is one of my favorite fruits and those white/green towels, etc on that pink….makes me think i’m smelling it right now!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  •  Anonymous #65862

    That is adorable! If I find another one it will be a wild color too.


  •  Anonymous #65861

    I LOVE it! and I never would have chosen pink myself either. Let us know when it sells.

  •  Anonymous #65849

    I think that store owner has a pretty good idea what will sell. It did turn out very well! Surprised me! LOL

  •  Anonymous #65847

    Maggie – I’m with you. Sometimes I do things not to my personal taste and then I’m pleasantly surprised when it sells as predicted.


  •  Anonymous #65830

    Not my taste, but very cute!!

  •  Anonymous #65826

    Me too!! Diane

  •  Anonymous #65821

    I LIKE!!!! IT….

  •  Anonymous #65820

    Thanks, Gals. I think we made the right decision!


  •  Anonymous #65819

    I love it! Pink was perfect for that cart!

  •  Anonymous #65818

    Turned out great….congrats! Jan

  •  Anonymous #65817

    That turned out awesome – I am so glad you did paint it pink! The display is wonferful.

  •  Anonymous #65816

    OH WOW! That is just too cool for school! You were right on with the hot pink. It’s such a happy lil drink cart ๐Ÿ™‚


  •  Anonymous #65815

    Please bare with me, I’ll try it again…

  •  Anonymous #65814

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink! It looks very festive!

  •  Anonymous #65812

    Oh, fudge, I didn’t do something right. I hope if you click on the picture link that you can see the pink cart!

  •  Anonymous #65811

    Well, I ended up painting the old TV/Magazine stand screaming pink and I think it turned out alright after all. When I took it to the shop to sell, the owner (who requested the hot pink) wasn’t in, but the gal working just fell in love with it. We decked it out with some hot green margarita glasses, some pink and green dish towels, and some magazines. I think I like the finished results after all! Thanks for your encouragement to just do it!


  •  Anonymous #65521

    Oh, Robelyn, I’m sure the Home Makeover show with Ty Pennington and the gal with all pink tools and hard hat would love it!

    You are right Ki – Change is only a paint can away. I’ll post pics when I get it done.


  •  Anonymous #65520

    I love to find these. I’ll attempt to post a picture of one I turned into a rolling bar/wine rack. The last one I found I just painted (both w/flat black Rustoleum) and used it in my kitchen for a plant stand.


  •  Anonymous #65508

    Can’t wait to see it! If you hate it, you can always paint it a new color! Change your mind…change your paint!



  •  Anonymous #65478

    Sue – hot pink hot pink! LOL I painted an old metal tool box hot pink…ended up keeping it and it sits front and center stage in my bathroom with sparkley things spilling out of it! (You should have seen my sons face when i hauled THAT in the house…) LOLOLOLOL Oh my gosh – I can’t wait to see it!!!

  •  Anonymous #65452

    I think sometimes the scary turns out to be the cutest…

  •  Anonymous #65438

    Yeah, hot pink is kinda scary, but it will probably be adorable. I can see it with the margarita glasses and drink umbrellas too.

    And like Breznlin says you can always paint over it if you don’t like it. I think it’s going to be great.


  •  Anonymous #65436

    I can’t wait to see it… I’d be scared to paint it pink too- but we all might be surprised and it will turn out great and we’ll all want one!!!

  •  Anonymous #65435

    Diane, that’s exactly where I’m going with it. I have two neon green margarita glasses, some drink umbrellas and a couple of other things to stage the cart with when I’m done. I guess I’ll take the plunge and paint it hot pink today if I have time. I’ve got errands to run and my boys are coming for a day visit. I’ll make sure I post the before/after pictures when I’m done.


  •  Anonymous #65434

    Maybe you could find some pink flamingos to go on it. Not the huge yard ones but maybe on a basket or something. Diane

  •  Anonymous #65433

    I think that’s just what I’ll do. I’ve got the screaming pink anyway so I might as well try it.

    Sometimes it just makes me feel better sounding it off you gals first!


  •  Anonymous #65427

    You could always paint it the pink she wants and if you don’t like it, spray it another color! I think the pink would make a great drink cart for a deck party!

  •  Anonymous #65426

    Oh my heavens, what a re-do! That is really neat and thanks for finding it. I searched the community a bit last night but gave up. That’s pretty amazing that the wicker basket fit that perfectly. It has given me some ideas.

    Tina, I kinda like the idea of painting it black, but I’m a Shabby Chic gal and just not sure if I can go there. : )

    Sometimes things sit in my storage areas because I’m too afraid of “ruining” something if my idea/vision doesn’t come out right. Does anyone else have that problem?


  •  Anonymous #65423

    great, thanks, that’s the one i was thinking of!!

  •  Anonymous #65421

    Here is the previous post with a repurposed TV stand. I found it using the “Search the Community” function on the left sidebar.

  •  Anonymous #65400

    oh ladies help me out if you remember….early posting by someone that made something similar into a drink cart…it was adorable!!

  •  Anonymous #65399

    I would paint it kind of glossy black because it has a little bit of a modern look to me. And I agree it would make a great drink cart.

  •  Anonymous #65396

    I like it, but I can’t see it pink! I think green would be better.

  •  Anonymous #65395

    I love the greens…But you gotta admit the screaming pink would stand out…

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