Vintage clay flower pots

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  • Barb CountryLaneBarb CountryLane #44787

    I recently got a BUNCH of old clay flower pots. They are all used, and have the patina that comes with age. They range from 1″ to 4″, and also have the saucers.

    I have no idea how much to sell them for. Any ideas? I’d like to sell them individually, or maybe in sets of 4 or 6.

    I saw some on ebay – 17 pots for $279.00. They didn’t get a bid – I wouldn’t think so at that price! I’d settle for much, much, much less than that LOL

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  •  Anonymous #77805

    I’ve decorated flower pots in the past, painting them mainly. But I think I’d rather sell these ones as is because of the patina.

    I was looking at a picture in a magazine this morning of flower pots just like mine stacked in rows in a greenhouse. I loved the look, and we’re thinking about building a greenhouse………..I may just keep them!

  •  Anonymous #77796

    I think I would paint them (spray paint) and add a little bit of decoration (christmas theme etc.?) and a few christmas flowers for a nice inexpensive arrangement and a bow.

  •  Anonymous #77735

    Thanks Ann, that’s about what I was thinking for a price. They aren’t rare around here either, but these ones are very pretty because of the patina.

  •  Anonymous #77727

    we sell ours for about 1 or 2$$ each….the normal nice old reddish clay ones…….they really arent very rare around here….

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