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    I inherited a veneered, cedar lined chest of drawers. The entire outside of the dresser was veneered. With the assistance of my hair blower and a putty knife, I was able to remove ALL of the veneer. However, the person who handcrafted this old chest, used double stick tape in several places. I have sanded it, moving most of it. It is at least 50 yrs old and in removing the tape, it took part of the poplar wood with it, leaving little dents all over the front. Does anyone know what my next step should be???? I would like to stain and varnish it. But, I am beginning to wonder if I should re-veneer it. This is the first piece I have ever re-finished, needing someone’s expertise, Please!!!! Thank you!!!

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  •  Anonymous #85185

    I’d use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Plenty of stuff out on Pinterest on it. I repaint just about anything!

  •  Anonymous #85170

    I agree with Ann & Copper. Use wood filler, sand & paint.

  •  Anonymous #85161

    ditto with copperhead…i would just sand down and repaint…. and wood fill…. really doing veneering would take a pretty a dvanced wood person…


  •  Anonymous #85156

    I see a lot of old sewing machines tables with loose or torn up veneer. There are experts out there who can tell how to fix/replace/repair it. I bet if you google search you will find something. There is a really good but old book called The Furniture Doctor written by George Grotz – it’s kind of a holy grail of furniture finish repair. It is a fun read even if you don’t want to refinish furniture. He does address veneer problems in the book. I’m thinking they used cheap wood and then put veneer over it to look good – cheaper than solid wood. If you are just going to paint you might need to use wood fill or some sort of fill on it – directions on the wood fill.

  •  Anonymous #85154

    Have you received any answers to this any other way? I have the same problem with a couple pieces of beautiful vintage furniture but am at a loss at what to do!

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