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    I inherited a veneered, cedar lined chest of drawers. The entire outside of the dresser was veneered. With the assistance of my hair blower and a putty knife, I was able to remove ALL of the veneer. However, the person who handcrafted this old chest, used double stick tape in several places. I have sanded it, moving most of it. It is at least 50 yrs old and in removing the tape, it took part of the poplar wood with it, leaving little dents all over the front. Does anyone know what my next step should be???? I would like to stain and varnish it. But, I am beginning to wonder if I should re-veneer it. This is the first piece I have ever re-finished, needing someone’s expertise, Please!!!! Thank you!!!

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  •  Anonymous #84229

    I would smooth it with some spackle/wood filler, sand, prime and paint that bad boy. (I am usually not a sander or primer, but when you use wood filler it is called for) If it is cheap wood underneath (or a couple different kinds as was sometimes the case) it is not going to stain evenly. Re-veneering to me is not a simple DIY job for most. I can’t believe you got all the veneer off..that stuff usually has pieces that are really stuck on and just not coming off no matter what!

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    welcome, sunny!! i’m sorry you went to all that work and aren’t too pleased….it’s a head scratcher!!

    ladies, would the diy chalk paint recipe work here?

    i’ve used crinkled brown bags and it looks awesome over wood. almost gives the look of leather-suede or something close.

    i just ripped in big sections, crunched and decoupaged with my own glue mixture. later, added some poly to seal. cheap-o…done-o!! ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #84214

    love how your mind works copper..i would love to see all those ideas!!!!

  •  Anonymous #84211

    What is your point of no return? you can re-veneer or you can paint or you might cover it with something – torn paper bags, wall paper, book pages, chicken feed bags, baseball cards, what have you…

  •  Anonymous #84209

    Ann is right about the wood and the dents. I have used veneer before and it is not bad to work with. You can hide alot of bad wood and dents. See if you can find some 1/8 plywood that would work great.

  •  Anonymous #84198

    often the wood under the veneer is inferior and not worth refinishing…plus you have little dents now…so i would paint it …we do that a lot on uneven surfaces….. usually a base color then with a dry brush coat on top of a close color….

    soomehow you have to make the roughness work for you…

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