Valentine Button Heart

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  • mcnaughton #45301

    I enjoyed rooting through my button stash to make this framed heart.

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  •  Anonymous #83052

    I would love to see the white button background. The red on white really makes it pop whereas the pink is a softer look I think. Not sure why I didn’t do red???? I have another heart that I may have to try the red on. This was my second pink and white and they seem to sell fast in my booth but I am ready for a change.

  •  Anonymous #83049

    Lovecrafting–I like the pink and white buttons together. I’m sorry my white button background doesn’t show up. I think it is an asset.

  •  Anonymous #83048

    Cute! I love buttons. Really fun!


  •  Anonymous #83047

    thumbs up ladies!

  •  Anonymous #83046

    too cute..both of you !!

  •  Anonymous #83045

    I did the same thing on a wood heart I had bought at the thrift store awhile back. Painted the heart pink then used all pink and white buttons on it.

  •  Anonymous #83044

    really cute…what is the actual size of framed piece??

  •  Anonymous #83042

    I like! I like the variation of color.

  •  Anonymous #83040

    Third time a charm?

  •  Anonymous #83039

    Let me try this again…

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