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    Hi guys! I wanted to share an idea I came up with this week. I had some candleholders I wanted to upcycle for my Etsy shop and had also bought a box of old lamp parts at an estate sale last week. I used the old brass lamp globe holder as a pillar candle holder! I love how these turned out. Yay junk! Julia


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  •  Anonymous #82245

    Hope and Joy, What do you think would be a good price if I add all the other things? I love them and the price was right (almost free).

  •  Anonymous #82241

    I love those lamp bases..I run across them every once in awhile. It really depends on the look you are going for. You could go white, bronze,pewtery silver, black or leave as is…or as stated..go really bold..bright magenta or aqua or whatnot. I would add a piece like I did on my candle stands above and turn that central part into a pillar candle holder and the others are all ready for tapers. I would hunt some bobeches and prisms( freedomcrystal.com) and add crystals but that is just me..it would mean increasing the asking price.

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    those would make beautiful cake stands as well!

  •  Anonymous #82218

    I was thinking color, but my niece just shudders when I say paint. She so wants them exactly as they are. But, I need to run them through my barn sale first. I may try and sell as is for someone else to re-purpose. I want to make candle holders from them. I just can’t stand to hit a snag, and this is what they have become.

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    The shape is great – they would look great in Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze (that’s what I used on my buffet lamps) or maybe even an antique silver (you could use a silver spray paint and wash them with a glaze). It really depends on your decor. If you are really bold – go with a fun color – blue, green, or red.

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    Can’t get picture to resize to 250 KB. I so wanted suggestions, so will try again.

  •  Anonymous #82214

    I am going to attempt to post a picture of lamps. One I have started to take apart. My niece doesn’t think I should paint them, but I think I should. Need suggestions. Picture is not very good.

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    She-ne – I’m not sure what the lamps look like, but you may be able to spray paint them. I did that with an old pair of buffet lamps I found at Salvation Army – http://mycoveredbridge.blogspot.com/2011/10/buffet-lamps-cheap.html

    For $3.99 each, the price was right! And they look great now!

  •  Anonymous #82201

    A gentleman at a garage sale sold me a huge pile of “finds” for ten dollars. Two lamps were part of the deal. They are brass with marble and have four candle holders around the light.I planned to just put them in the “junqtique tent” at our upcoming sale. You girls have shown me what to do with them. Thank you so much! I love this place….

  •  Anonymous #82194

    Great job! They look much better!

  •  Anonymous #82192

    Love it! I redid some candlesticks too –


    What do you think?

  •  Anonymous #81865

    Nice! Great idea!

  •  Anonymous #81863

    Me too!

  •  Anonymous #81860

    I like that!!!

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