Tupperware Clocks

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  •  Anonymous #82017

    for some reason why does the image of “his wife with clock hands on her face” come to my mind!? lol ;}

    looks like all surfaces are game for “imotime”

    gotta say i like the gameboard, plate and serving tin ideas….but i’d probably use different ones than he chose.

  •  Anonymous #82016

    You all need to look at this persons other auctions. They have 10 pages of clocks made out of everything you can think of. Just to name a few, barbie, baby dolls, gameboards, vintage purses, hats boots,coffe pot, grater the list goes on. After looking at all them I want to make a clock.

  •  Anonymous #82015

    I just had trouble logging on. Then I lost what I posted – I am not a quitter…

    I’m not into tuperware. I was thinking it might be nice to make a clock out of a tin though. Tins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Put some junk numbers where the numbers should go. For numbers, look at what Jill posted her blog on the Junkle Bells advent calendar about a year ago – very creative.

  •  Anonymous #82014

    I agree with Junx and Gigi; I don’t like the product but it gives me an imagination kick!

  •  Anonymous #81986

    me, either….sorry.

    yesyerday, i saw a really cute idea at dollar store, of all places….don’t know as i’ve seen one like it, junktified or maybe i have??? memory going, ladies!! ­čśë

    they made clock and surrounded outside with utensils….at each number.

  •  Anonymous #81982

    i think they are kind of strange…interesting idea, but it doesnt do it for me….

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