tote bag from scraps and old skirt

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  • copperhead #47562

    I am going to try to load a picture. LOL

    see what happens.

    [attachment id=30150,4133]

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  •  Anonymous #84227

    Neat Copper and yay on the pictures too!

  •  Anonymous #84221

    Love them both and the fact that you are posting pics ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #84215

    very cute !!

  •  Anonymous #84213

    I like, and THANKS FOR THE PICTURES!!! JR has been very short on pictures for a while.

  •  Anonymous #84208

    Cute! I am sewing machine challenged……

  •  Anonymous #84207

    The second bag was made from scraps I found at the Goodwill outlet.

  •  Anonymous #84206

    Maybe I can make another picture of the other bag I sewed.

  •  Anonymous #84205

    Oh this is cool – I made pictures!!!

    Keep sewing those corners – then join the ‘new’ corners and you are ready to sew the lining – sew by hand and you are done just as soon as you sew on some straps.

  •  Anonymous #84204

    Then the side corners get joined – careful to stitch in between the seams and not catch the lining. This is basically like making a kid’s toy cube.

  •  Anonymous #84203

    I just sewed around the blue squares, clipped the corners. trimmed the skirt part to match up with the rest and then turned the whole mess.

  •  Anonymous #84202

    Yeah!! I did it again!!! Anne you are going to have to do this – I don’t even know why it works…

    Ok Then I lined it with an old skirt.

  •  Anonymous #84201

    Ok pic of how it was set up. All the corners are sewn only to the seam so they can be turned when the sides go together.

  •  Anonymous #84200

    YEAH!!! I DID IT!!! This must be my lucky day!!! I made this out of scraps and lined it with an old skirt. I’ll try another pic – maybe some of you who sew can figure out how to do one.

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