time to junk it up!!!

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  • copperhead #57820

    WHEE the bathroom walls are painted and the floor is in. Costs: Tiles 10 cents each. Mis-tint paint $5. It is a mint green color. The tub surround, potty and sink are ready to go in – might be a few days with this ADD job…

    Any ideas? I did find a first aid kit yesterday.

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  • helgajones helgajones #87844

    Keep up the good work in remodeling your bathroom. You have started real well and I believe that you will come up with more ideas. You just have to add some more decors like a good mirror and some good lighting. Good luck and I know that you will see the results that you wanted.

  •  Anonymous #86193

    There are pipes and wires behind. The cabinet sticks out pretty far.

    •  Sheryl992 #87156

      There are some vintage medicine cabinets that you can wll mount. You can find them at fleamarkets and antigue stores. I would also look online. I found ours on the street. Good luck. You could also use moldings to Jazz up the doors and make them look like paneled doors. Have fun with the process. Check out some of the decorating blogs.

  •  Anonymous #86192

    Is there room between the studs to set the medicine cabinet in? I love the wall color.

    And Margo, are we going to see pictures?

  •  Anonymous #86191

    oops the pictures didn’t turn up.

  •  Anonymous #86190

    We found the old cheap type square metal towel bars! I also have a wood medicine cabinet someone made – has a towel bar across the bottom. The medicine cabinet seems bulky though. It is a small room. We are putting in a small wall mount sink. So I’m thinking mirror and first aid kit. But I think we might need more storage than that. There will be some room under the sink and maybe some next to it on the wall. I have a piece of the original window frame we took out. It has the old address stenciled on it – but it isn’t the current address… it is 2 X 4 size and about the length of the old window. Any ideas for that? The door is very cheaply made old single panel door – the knob/plate = cool. Every door in the place seems to be painted a different color. I still need to practice rubber stamping on a piece of dry wall scrap DH painted in the wall color. I’m thinking some dark blue or hot pink… cream color maybe? Would cream rubber stamp over that mint color? Then I wonder what about a shower curtain? How do you match that with those old style tiles… Maybe rubber stamp on the shower curtain? I guess I should have thought ahead on that one when I picked up the cheap tile….

  •  Anonymous #86189

    Very nice job, Can’t wait to see it finished. I’m just beginning a small bathroom re-do myself. Just paint and accessories for now, No major construction.

  •  Anonymous #86187

    Oh yeah – we bought a tub surround and a sink. It was hard getting a sink small enough to fit. After we bought the sink we found IKEA. I LOVE that place……. but we didn’t want to spend that much money on a sink. I think we have the most money in the tub surround… The old sink was plastic and pretty bad shape. We did keep the tub. It needs another go round with some cleaning.

  •  Anonymous #86186

    Oh and a before picture…

    well after some demolition. We walled up the window and moved it to the kitchen. I have a phobia about taking a shower in front of a window.

  •  Anonymous #86185

    Oh, um, we did have to buy drywall and new pipes… now those add up. I have been thinking about rubber stamping the walls. I found a little square rubber type picture frame at the dollar store. The back side of it works best. I’m thinking two colors. What two? Am I crazy?

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