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    So, what was the item that got away….the “didn’t bid high enough”; “didn’t grab fast enough”; “thought too long about it and oops it was gone”. That one, the antique or vintage find that you didn’t take home but really wished you had.

    Spill the beans…


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  •  Anonymous #84726

    I’m a former SD farm girl myself but have spent the last 23 years in east TN! The midwest has the best farm junk! We go visit my parents in the summer. We are thinking of renting a truck on the return trip next summer. This past summer my husband went to a sale(alone) and was bemoaning what he didn’t buy. I said RENTAL TRUCK!! I also said, “Don’t tell me what you didn’t buy!” makes me a bit mad and a bit ill!

  •  Anonymous #84725 can fake a rusted iron finish by layering black, brown and primer rust spray paints..just spritz them in short bursts layering the is really just keep spritzing layers until it looks like you want it to. I’d start w/ black or brown a good coat and go from there with the spritzing. I think some of the new ‘oiled bronze’ ‘hammered bronze’ spray paints would be fun to add and experiment with too.

  •  Anonymous #84723

    A church group always has a three building sale…tons of stuff..during Junk Jaunt to support a camp. They bring a semi load from larger cities. My friend and I were comparing our finds, and had considered buying several of the same things. She was lamenting that she had passed on a bag of ceramic alphabet letters with animals that could be added to picture frames for baby gifts etc. I had bought it, a day later, uncovering it in the piles of unfinished craft projects and materials. I decided to let her be the keeper of the bag as she had some ideas to use them soon. at the same sale I saw an antique, ornate candle stand standing in the corner. In my mind pictures of how I would decorate it for Christmas flashed in my mind. When I reached it through the crowd my heart sunk as a I saw the small “sold” tag tied to it.

  •  Anonymous #84704

    I have these same lockers Betsy and just sprayed inside of them a dark rust color and the outside top and sides and going to spray stain black over the outside rust part then want to sand some off to make them look more distressed BUT cant figure out what to use to sand them off as I tried on the back a small pice of sandpaper but that more so scratched them.

    Anyone have any idea how to make them look old distressed with new spray paint on them?


  •  Anonymous #83738

    I went yard saling with a bunch of girls and I looked at a bust that I really wanted but didn’t want to pay the price the vendor was asking so I went looking for the vendor and while I was hunting him down someone else found his wife and got it for a great price. Couldn’t talk her out of it but she loved it as well so I was satisfied it was going to a good home.

  •  Anonymous #83735

    I remember going to an auction and having all my stuff in a pile. When I came back, people were going through my stuff and taking it. I was so mad. They said a man said it was left. I try to write on a box “do not touch” but what do you do to keep people off your stuff and not miss the bidding?

  •  Anonymous #83732

    Oh I do find these stories intriguing…..only a fellow junker would understand!

    My latest “loss” was a batch of feed sacks & chicken feeders at auction. There were two rings….and the one I was following seemed bids away from the farm items I had my eye on…, I decided to make a run for the car – leaving my Dave in charge of both auction areas. I arrive back to find that we had both missed the auctioneer as he sold “my wants” for rock bottom prices. “Dang” could be heard over the stream of bidding! Oh well……lesson learned – keep your eye on the ball……….and no bathroom, food or car stops should get in the way of the hunt.


  •  Anonymous #83726

    OH BETSY….OH i feel for you, they are wonderful!!!!

  •  Anonymous #83722

    My story happened just recently while I was on my Sisters’ vacation. One sister is my partner in this junking business and the other enjoys hanging out so of course, we had to hit some estate and garage sales on vacation.

    We went to a Surplus sale by MHMR where a lot of office furniture was being sold. I spotted a set of tall lockers like this picture and knew we didn’t have room for them but had to ask how much they were anyway.

    The lady in charge told us $5.00 and they’d help us load them, but there was no way we could get them even on top of our car so we had to pass………… I am still shaking my head at that pass! ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #83709

    Mine was a life size cement deer I saw at the Rose Bowl Flea recently. I fretted about it being so heavy and I was so tired and so hot and couldn’t make up my mind. I always say You snooze you lose. I lost! I know better. It served me right. I am still looking for that deer to display in my living room by my courtyard window. I saw a cement jockey today…a passed wishing he was a deer…

  •  Anonymous #83705

    I’ve let a LOT of stuff get away but I just have to let go of it – It is only stuff. The hardest to let go of was my Grandparent’s house – it was an old stone house in Wisconsin – it went for more money than I had at the time. I think it was the memories and such. But, I still have those…

  •  Anonymous #83701

    letting others bid on my husbands grandmothers blue mason jars.

    while i did get her egg scale and gathering baskets and a small dresser like hutch…i kick myself every time i look at a jar!!

    yes, i can always get some if i’d like but they’ll never be “her” jars…..never hold her touch, her stories.

    “sigh” kick myself “sigh”

  •  Anonymous #83700

    I had to leave (hubby was getting restless) and let an antique table go. The stuff was going really cheap and it was a beautiful square table with 2 leaves. But there will always be another one. I hope.

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