Teapots with crystal “water” How to…Anyone?

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  • lucylou1 #44923

    I’m new to this forum and LOVE it, so much inspiration! I know I’ve seen those teapots that have a stream of “water” coming out of the spout made of beads or crystals. Looking for a tutorial. Thanks so much!

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  •  Anonymous #79213

    Thanks to all for the info, I found it!

  •  Anonymous #79202

    I made one but don’t know what topic it was posted under. It’s been so long ago. And Welcome…

  •  Anonymous #79201

    welcome lucylou!!!

    go to search community…put in ladybugs as topic, then scroll down to “mosaic watering can” post by kudzukween.

    she may have a tutorial on her blog? just click over her name/member (also to left) and it’ll take you to it…then just check her older postings. they’re cute, good luck!!

  •  Anonymous #79200

    Fish line with some crystals? Attach with buttons or fishline sinkers to secure. you can also use ‘search the community’ at the left above ADVERTISE and right under COMMUNITY.

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