Tank Garden (Cattle tanks that is..)

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    If anyone is interested, I’ve posted an update on my tank garden and will continue to do so this summer. If you click on the “tank garden” tab at the top of my blog you’ll see how the garden came to be.


    I have so many ideas of things to add to it!

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  •  Anonymous #81457

    There is a cattle tank in the garden center near here with water garden and fish – it is so cool!

  •  Anonymous #81455

    thanks …i put it on..our facebook…. http://www.facebook.com/greenoakantiques ..

    at the store we plant in one, in dirt. it helps on the watering work…we have sold somany tubs and pailos this year….they just look great all filled up…

  •  Anonymous #81452

    Sure, as long as it’s linked to my blog.

  •  Anonymous #81443

    your garden is great…. i have 2 horse tanks for sale….can i use your picture on my facebook.?

  •  Anonymous #81442

    At the Chase county fair? That would have been fun to see. Thanks everyone!

  •  Anonymous #81420

    Jillruth how charming!!!!

  •  Anonymous #81415

    at the Chase County fair there was a huge cattle tank garden set up…and I thought of you JillRuth!

  •  Anonymous #81054

    jillruth, I love your garden. The tanks are great and the mix of “cool junk” with plants is just perfect. I want your garden! lol

  •  Anonymous #81052

    Love your garden pics!!

  •  Anonymous #81045

    Oh yeah, I LOVE your garden Jill.

  •  Anonymous #81044

    I found one in the tax house’s garage rafters. I’m thinking a hydroponic garden might be kind of cool.

  •  Anonymous #81042

    love them!! and have a couple for sale…. i planted one andit sure saves on watering..


  •  Anonymous #81034

    I posted some more pictures if anyone is interested.


  •  Anonymous #80614

    Jillruth, that’s exactly what it means. My window boxes this year have spikes in the center as thrillers, vinca vines and a small white trailing flower for spillers, and pink and purple petunias for fillers.

  •  Anonymous #80613

    Is “filler, thriller, spiller” a way of filling a pot? As in one spectacular plant, one that fills in, and one that trails down? I personally wouldn’t paint it either. Be sure to drill holes for drainage first.

  •  Anonymous #80612

    I bought an old blue speckle ware canning pot at a GS for 50 cents and plan on using it as a planter. I think geraniums and some sort of trailing plants will look pretty in it, following the filler, thriller, spiller idea. I originally planned to do some decorative painting on it, but I think I’ll just leave it alone and plant it.

  •  Anonymous #80601

    Thanks all…I love being down there.

  •  Anonymous #80599

    very cool! I love old zinc buckets and containers in the garden. I like your coffeepot banner too..I have several of those myself! Great job!

  •  Anonymous #80590

    Looks great! A friend of mine took a big cattle or horse trough and turned it into a homemade hot tub in the backyard. Practical, but it isn’t nearly as nice as your garden.

  •  Anonymous #80585

    I like it too.

  •  Anonymous #80584

    Looking good!

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