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    Is there a easy way to clean rust off metal?

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  •  Anonymous #86053

    I have used naval jelly on stuff to get flaking rust off metal. It will not remove it all so sounds like this may be what you can use to clean it up some. It’s in hardware stores. Easy to use.

  •  Anonymous #86051

    I have used Evaop-Rust, CLR, and vinegar – certainly not all mixed together though. You will need to experiment to get what you want. You can get some things to come out like new. You can leave it less time and it won’t come as clean. Leave it in too long and it will do weird things, too.

  •  Anonymous #86050

    I just saw an advertisement for the Evapo-Rust product in a magazine and it makes the bucket in the picture look brand new. Has anyone used the product? I don’t actually want my metal to look brand new, but do need to clean it up a bit. I have seen in Flea Market Style that they polyurethane to keep patina, but make it look nice, but I am not sure if it needs special cleaning first? I am new at this!! Any advice is welcome!! Thanks!

  •  Anonymous #84693

    Oxalic acid, (check on EBay). Also Harbor Freight sells a product called Evapo-Rust that’s pretty good.

  •  Anonymous #61631

    Yes, Levata I am, it DID scare me though. I broke out the rubbing alcohol and the peroxide.

  •  Anonymous #61630

    Oh my, I hope your ok…

  •  Anonymous #61629

    I scrubbed a rusty curved cheese grater the other day with a wire brush. I’m so glad that my tetanus shot is up to date because the brush put several holes in my thumb. Ouch!

  •  Anonymous #61239

    We sandblasted an iron bed once–worked but very time consuming. The next bed we took to an auto body repair place and had them sandblast it and paint it for us. Yes, cost more, but some pieces are worth it.

  •  Anonymous #61220

    Thanks for the info and Hubs to. I have no way to sandblast. But I can prob do the other. I havn’t even talked to my sister yet about it. But she has got so MUCH stuff and junk I don’t think she’d care to much. She has doorssss and old windows and transums from a old house that was going to be tore down. She took out whatever she could. I don’t think she know what she has for sure….lol And I don’t either…

  •  Anonymous #61219

    You can get it at any hardware store. Hubby said it is a mess to work with and just maybe a good cleaning with a wire brush, some rustoleum to protect it and a good coat of paint might be better. I am going to try and work on my rusty bird cage next week. I have started so many projects and nothing is complete! Where does time go? Let me know what you decide to do with the bed. Even sandblasting might be easier. Thanks! Jan

  •  Anonymous #61217

    This a I’d say a victorian headboard and footboard that my sister has leaning up against her barn. Been there for a couple yrs. Would be beautiful once it’s cleaned up and repainted. Where do you get navel jelly?

  •  Anonymous #61213

    I am thinking about coating my iron bird cage in naval jelly overnight and then tackling it with the power washer. It is truly rusted and needs a little help! Jan

  •  Anonymous #61212

    Nothing seemed to work for me until my hubby got a sandblaster. I just love that thing. A friend of ours comes over with his horseshoes. He can go thru a large box of horseshoes in a matter of minutes.

    Cindy (tinta)

  •  Anonymous #61204

    I have used Rustoleum’s rust remover and a wire brush. It works pretty good. It also leaves a nice finish to protect your piece from rusting more. If I have porcelain or other surfaces that have rust spots…I use Whink rust stain remover. (Works great on sinks, as well.) Sandblasting or using a dremmel with a wire brush does the best job. Good luck. Rust on. Rust off. We junkers are an odd bunch!



  •  Anonymous #61201

    i’m just giggling to myself…wondering what onlookers to this site are thinking to themselves.

    ..it’s like one day we are in love with rust, old paint, age marks, etc and trying to find ways to put them on then the next day is the opposite….trying to take off rust, stains, etc….haha

    good thing to have a chemist in the family, magark! (he may come in handy for us all!!) lol ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #61195

    I did a Google search a few minutes ago on rust removal and most say Naval Jelly seems to be the best method followed by CLR next. Hubby has a degree in chemistry so I will pick his brain for his thoughts. Jan

  •  Anonymous #61194

    Maybe use a wire brush and scrub away. I just bought a cool iron bird cage today and it is rusty so I may try that on it to see if it will clean it up. I posted a picture of it a few minutes ago so you can take a look at all the rust! May get hubby to work on the finer points with his Dremel. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Jan

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