take home valentine’s treats

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  • justcraftin #44812

    My grandson has to provide the take home treats for the valentine’s party. I would like something that we could make together. Some crafty project. Very new to all of this. Thanks

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  •  Anonymous #77999

    oh good idea copperhead. kids are taught this trick in art class often, so maybe that might help!!

    heck you may even be able to provide each child in class the supplies already cut, etc to make it a craft/take home treat!! to do together in class or take home and make!!

  •  Anonymous #77992

    We made little woven heart baskets and took them to a nursing home one year. They are tricky to do until you get the hang of it but well worth the efforts. Kids love it when they figure it out. The baskets will hold a cookie or a candy real easy. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/Heartbasket.shtml

  •  Anonymous #77991

    by ‘treats’ do u mean food or small gift

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