Suggestion 4 Distressing Old Metal Gym Lockers

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  • luv2farmnd #49441

    Ive got some old metal gym lockers that I sprayed the inside a dark rust and the outside as well ,then on the outside I want to spray a satan black over the rust and do some distressing to make it look new but yet old.

    However, on the back of the locker I tried to sand some off with sandpaper but it just scratched it more so and doesnt look right at all.

    Any suggestions out there?


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  •  Anonymous #84754

    LOVE YOUR PICTURES BISBEE…..whats selling out there?

    i sell my lockers in the rough….so far….but would like to see one painted once in a while….

  •  Anonymous #84743

    Bisbee, I liked your Facebook page. You have a lot of great stuff in there!!

  •  Anonymous #84739

    Steel Wool is a good choice to knock corners down as well as buff out the paint.

  •  Anonymous #84727

    just saw this one..I already replied in “the one that got away” thread!

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