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    I am still snowed in basicly but itching to get outside, where is everyone???

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    I know the feeling….we are supposed to get rains again Tues. and Wed. but we will take what the Good Lord sends and be glad in it…this summer will probably be a drought and we will all be praying for rain. Can’t wait to see the other plants you put out!


  •  Anonymous #62980

    I have plants sitting in the back of the truck still yet. We’ve had rain everyday for the last week and looks like a chance pretty much everyday this week…Rain, Rain go away…At least for a week or so…lol…

  •  Anonymous #62979

    Leveta – those are so pretty! You really have a ‘green thumb’ . My plants I got on Sat. are still in the greenhouse since we had heavy rains Sat. night and I didn’t want them to get beat to death ( we had 8″ of rains) ! I am going to work on my containers tomorrow. Will post pics when I complete them. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62978

    Finally getting to work in my flower bed…

    The ones with color are the ones I just put in…

  •  Anonymous #62644

    Now it’s Summer in TX. High 80’s today and yesterday. I’ve pulled out the tank tops, shorts, and pony tail holders.


  •  Anonymous #62608

    My first Easter in Florida. I walked outside and snipped blooms from the bushes along side the house. I must say it was a delightful change from Minnesota Easter dinners…not to mention a whole lot cheaper!



  •  Anonymous #62548

    We have a weekend of rains ahead of us and are under a flash flood watch through Sunday morning. It started raining about 3:00 this afternoon and so far it is steady. I wanted to work outside but will have to put it off until next week. My SIL has a home in Estes Park CO that overlooks the town (house is on the side of a mountain) and their webcam showed about 2 ft. of snow up there. They live in S. Louisiana and go stay a few weeks at the time in CO. I think all the sales are rained out this way too! Just remember April showers bring May flowers! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62547

    It felt sooooo good to get out today and work in the flowerbeds, We took the sides off around the porch and now you can see things and the sun can come in the front window… But tomorrow evening more rain…But today was WONDERFUL….

  •  Anonymous #62188

    Rain, rain, wind and more rain. But it’s slowly getting here – Spring that is. I saw a glorious red Cardinal on a ready to bloom tree branch today. My Jonquils and Daffodils are in bloom, Crocus too. The Texas Bluebonnets are so beautiful – I’ve seen them when I’ve visited family – they are the prettiest color! I’m a Spring & Summer girl but I promise not to complain when I have heard what climates I don’t have to live in …. brrrrr. Bring on the sand between my toes, the sun on my faces, the wind in my hair and summer break from school ( I’m a nurse in a high school)! Jenn

  •  Anonymous #61109

    i got out today for a bit…it was so nice….i love to compost and made big additions to my piles with all the last years plant debris…..one year i composted a chicken…

    ..our winter has been so long, it just felt heavenly out there… and at the store we worked on our garden iron off and on all day…. so it was a great day…about 60 degrees…



  •  Anonymous #61106

    I am originally from Miami but moved to south Georgia in 1982. I love Georgia. It has four seasons, though not to the extreme. The people are friendly and the winters are mild. Last weekend it was in the seventies so I was able to get out and plant some vegetables. Today is overcast and in the fifties but is going to warm back into the seventies in a few days. I’m in such a hurry to get outside that I am taking this coming week off to work on my trash to treasure projects and in my yard.

  •  Anonymous #61104

    O.K. – I officially have dirt under my fingernails from working in the yard today – feels like spring is here in Wisconsin. I anticipate a snow or two still – but this is what we say to that, “It won’t last.”


  •  Anonymous #61081

    Amen to that Di! All of it, needing the rest, ready to go again, and only in HIS time. 🙂

  •  Anonymous #61079

    I hope I didn’t sound like a complainer. I also love the 4 seasons, but we usually get snow in Nov, and then by March, I’ve had my rest from gardening and I am ready to go again. But I do know that the Lord who created the seasons, will send us spring again!! That is His promise. Di

  •  Anonymous #61058

    Oh my whiteflower – what a LOVELY web-site!!! Gorgeous things in your store!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #61054

    whiteflower I have a small shop and it’s name is “off the beatin path”…lol…

  •  Anonymous #61051

    I am stir crazy on eastern Long Island. Last week we had a huge storm that dumped about 10" of snow. 5 days later it was 71 and sunny, which left everything a sloppy mess. Today it is freezing cold – but at least the snow is gone.

    I have a small shop off the beaten path (www.whiteflowerfarmhouse.com) – my business depends largely on the tourists from NYC and out west. The nice weather brings them out. There are over 30 vineyards for wine tasting’s out here on Long Island’s north fork. I am lucky enough to have my shop next door to a big tasting room. I can’t wait till spring to bring in the business & get out to the flea markets and local tag sales. Thank goodness for websites like this one to get through winter boredom!

  •  Anonymous #61050

    that’s neat…

  •  Anonymous #61048

    I’m a native Floridian, making western NY my home since, well, since most of you were babies probably. (1976!) I love it here, though. One of the few Floridians that chose to move north. I love the 4 seasons. And the mountains. We are in the midst of our usual snow-rain-snow some more-rain some more weather. And WIND! We live under, and I mean directly under, the oldest, biggest weeping willow I’ve ever seen. And when the wind blows like it did last night, I don’t get much sleep. We need to cut it back, but it’s so neat looking. My grandkids say it looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. I wouldn’t know about that, but I do agree it looks magical. Soon it will be budding out and covering the house with it’s little yellow frizzy bits and weeping on us. We have tons of nesting squirrels in it. One little momma pokes her head out of a knothole a few times a day. I suspect she has babies in there right now. I can see this hole from my kitchen window, about ten feet away. And yes, I feed the whole bunch all winter long. They’re on their own in the summers.


  •  Anonymous #61012

    redneckChic- I would love to see GREEN!! I finally bought some more houseplants for my bedroom because I can’t take it anymore! This week it has been in the 40’s but with rain… today it’s 11 degrees with 30 mph winds… so now it’s cold with flood warnings and windchill warnings… seriously… what is going on? Hopefully we’re on the downturn!

    Rebeljunker- I feel your pain! (I’ve been there in those awful temps and windchill this winter) Enjoy your warm vacation!

  •  Anonymous #61009

    P.S. Rebeljunker – enjoy your vacation!!! Wave at me while in Texas – it is gorgeous in Corpus!!!

  •  Anonymous #61008

    spring spring spring! I was so excited – 80 degrees outside (high humidity – this is Texas after all!!!) sunny skies…yum! There are bluebonnets all along the highways – irises in my front yard – trees with new leaves – even my rosemary bush is all in bloom! Ofcourse, today starts with 40 degrees and big rain storms that are going to last a week, but that’s okay! We are DRY in this big state! All are welcome – c’mon on down!!!

  •  Anonymous #60980

    Have fun on your vacation Rebeljunker!

  •  Anonymous #60978

    Springtime, springtime where are you? This is from a Franklin video, and today I am wondering where spring is. I live in southern Manitoba, Canada, and today morning we had -23C with windchill of -45C. Now in the afternoon, we have a blizzard warning, and it is very windy with reduced visibility. But we do have on thing to look forward to, our family of 5 is traveling to Corpus Christi Texas on Mar 21. Yahoo!! At least we have a taste of spring there. Di

  •  Anonymous #60968

    Oh-How’s-It-Outside….big OHIO!!

    snow, lightening, sunny, rain, dry, flooding, hail, cloudy, windy…you name it…we get it…ALL…but always due to change in a few hours to something else!!

    guess when i see some form of life springing from the ground i’ll “believe” it’s supposed to be spring in Ohio!?

  •  Anonymous #60961

    Love pussywillows….

  •  Anonymous #60958

    Lovemygarden, I’m a wee bit jealous. Here in SW Michigan, we finally lost all of our snow, thanks to the 3 inches of rain we got these last few days. Hopefully we’ll be budding out soon like you!

  •  Anonymous #60955

    don’t know what’s prettier…the flowers just starting to come up from the ground or in full bloom….beautiful all the same, huh?! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #60944

    Wonders lay beneath the snow sometimes – great photo Dottie. I have a couple to share that I snapped yesterday. Easter Lillies next to – what else – some old junk! And the leaves beginning to appear on the weeping willow were gorgeous against the blustery blue sky.

  •  Anonymous #60925

    There is hope for me yet! Look what I found yesterday.



  •  Anonymous #60502

    Michigan has had a taste of spring today–up to 50 deg, rain and would you believe a possibility of thunder storms. It will be back to winter this weekend–high in the low 20’s. But you’re right–March starts Sunday so spring can’t be to far off.

  •  Anonymous #60498

    I think you should!!! I’ve been playing outside all day – my rose bush thinks it is spring already and shooting out all kind of lil’ green leaves – birds everywhere and the geese keep flying over! On the other hand, Texas is famous for ice and snow (it only last about 3 hours before it melts away) in March or April! We are also a state of “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes”. LOL I’m sending it all up North for you guys though!!! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #60497

    Wish I could jump on a plane right now!


  •  Anonymous #60495

    Okay guys…you are all going to hate me after I tell you this….

    It is 84 outside today…has been like this all week…expecting a cold front this evening…tomorrow’s high is going to be 73…

    I am so sorry – but ALL of you guys are WELCOME to central texas!!! Come visit – the weather is great, the junk is good and you can come across some real good “rednecks”!!!

    Stay warm!!!

  •  Anonymous #60489

    Oh well…expecting 10 inches of snow over the next few hours here in Western Wisconsin. But – March is Sunday – right?! Perhaps this means it will go out like a lamb.


  •  Anonymous #60465

    I’m in Central New York and we still have several feet of snow on the ground. We had a good thaw earlier this month and then it promptly snowed 2+ feet in 36 hours….ugh….I am so ready for Spring!



  •  Anonymous #60383

    Well, we got 15 new inches of snow over the weekend, so it’ll be a long time before I see any early spring bulbs popping through. Argh! I still love Michigan, just don’t always love the snow. In fact, at Bible study this morning, one of the gals said that on Sunday at church, one of her little charges, (about 4 years old I think) said that she was “done with the snow” and that she was read for spring. Funny how they repeat what they hear!

  •  Anonymous #60374

    it’s been a pretty mild winter here in the tropics! very few really freezing days. Last week I saw a peek of yellow and found some daffodils blooming, and the azaleas are starting to bloom,too. The grass is really growing, and the blue butterfly bush had buds on it.

  •  Anonymous #59923

    Kari Thank you…This past week the spring peepers have comeout. They sound so wonderful…They are little frogs….The Robins are coming back, and I heard some say sunday that their Easter flowers are starting to come up….

  •  Anonymous #59918

    Christy & Leveta…my heart goes out to both of you & your states -wind & ice – just terrible.

    Thank goodness for the robin or the bluebird or the snowdrop or the flock of geese —- whatever signals the return of spring & hope. Even after wind & ice, it does come again.


  •  Anonymous #59917

    Christy sorry to hear this….It’s been terrible all over this yr(KY)…We had the bad ice storm here 3weeks ago and you can still see the effects of it everywhere….It’s been a odd winter in places that don’t normally have problems…

  •  Anonymous #59912

    I’m in southern oklahoma. We’ve had some awful weather here–had the huge tornado this last week so everyone is still recovering from that. Eight dead and over 100 lost their homes. The weather since then has been nice.


  •  Anonymous #59898

    Hi I’m from southern Manitoba, Canada. And I know we won’t be having spring till end March-April. Had a beautiful snowfall yesterday. But I am starting to look at gardening magazines, and then I know that in my mind winter could be over soon. But we all know that spring will come in His time!

  •  Anonymous #59889

    Another Mid-westerner here in Iowa… last week we did have a nice thaw into the upper 30’s and one day of lower 40’s… I was super pumped to go outside in jeans and a sweatshirt!!! Am definitely itching to get out and garden… although since the snow has melted I see all the rock the plows have pushed into my yard, the leaves I didn’t get collected from last year… so this new dusting of snow will have to cover that up until it gets 50 degrees and I can go out and play…

    ALTHOUGH- I did see 2 auction listings in the paper this weekend… When the auctions start… it’s a sign that spring is around the corner!!!

  •  Anonymous #59886

    I’m in about the same area as Petals. The thaw then the dust of snow. I think alot of us here in Illlinois are getting antsy to get spring here. We do tend to jump the gun sometimes tho. Just when we think winter is over and we’re preparing for spring one more last blast of snow will hit us. My b-day is in April and I’ve seen it snow 12 inches. That’s no fun when you’re a kid and that year I got my first 10-speed bike and I couldn’t ride it til the sow was gone. A few years ago we even got snow in May. We should be seeing the Robins in a couple of weeks. That always helps to see them.

    If you are from a warm area, I don’t want to hear about!! (lol)

    Cindy (tinta)

  •  Anonymous #59882

    I’m in Northern Michigan,and as chiccottagejunk says I absolutely LOVE it here but…winter sure can hang on. We had a nice thaw last week but are expecting another snow storm Wednesday.I am soooo ready for Spring.

  •  Anonymous #59877

    Okay ladies…don’t hate me cause I’m in the south. I’m in Central Florida, where the temps have been in the high 70’s/low 80’s for the past couple days. Normally this would be a good thing, but we had our coldest temps in 20 years a couple weeks ago, and everything got hit by a hard freeze or 2. Long story short…most people’s yards look like Morticia Adams was there! Black, brown, droopy & depressing! Then they tell us not to start trimming stuff back until mid-March, just in case of more cold, which I have a hard time “obeying”! Down here in the south, we’re silly enough to think we can save our plants by wrapping them in bedsheets…let me tell ya’ll now…ain’t gonna work!! :o} *elaine*

  •  Anonymous #59876

    indiana….and i cant wait!!! just sun would be nice….im planning my garden displays now….and looking for cool old stuff…saps old chairs, anything fun and junky…arouond here they put a metal bed out in the garden and make a flower bed….much better than the old days when the crafters made those awful big wood things of old chubby women bending over….

    we have barnwood carpenters who are making us lots of stuff too…birdhouses , benches and picket fences… all recycled wood…

    i get droopy after too many dreary days..

    we did get some sun this weekend…


  •  Anonymous #59872

    Southwest Missouri here. Sounds like everyone wants spring to hurry up! Me too! I cheated – sowed some early greens in my coldframes and have sprouts to remind me it’s just a few weeks away. (I swept a dusting of snow of the tops of the coldframes this morning!)

  •  Anonymous #59871

    I’m in central Illinois. We’ve had alot of snow & ice this winter but the warm spell last weekend melted all of it. We did get a light dusting Friday night but nothing major. Today it was in the mid 30’s.

  •  Anonymous #59869

    SW Ar. here. We have had a few nice days recently. I saw the first pair of bluebirds in my yard on Feb.8. That makes me feel like spring is near. LOL

  •  Anonymous #59868

    Hi from western Wisconsin…I did see a robin return on Feb. 2 – and can feel spring trying to break thru — however, even with the recent thaw, we know that snow & cold are hanging around here for a bit. Today was mid-20’s and people were almost giddy with the heat:0)


  •  Anonymous #59864

    I’m in Michigan, and here we say “if you don’t like the weather, wait a little while”. I live in a snow belt and we’ve had over 2 feet of snow at all times for the last two months. Last week we had a few warm days of 45 degrees or warmer – even 59 degrees, so almost all of the snow melted. Woke up to snow yesterday and today. We complain, but never move out of the state. I LOVE Michigan and wouldn’t trade it for any other state. BUT it stay cold and snow for a bit too long.

  •  Anonymous #59862

    ohio….the state that never remembers what season it is!!! 🙂

    it’s raining, irt’s snowing, it’s thundering and the sun is shining…etc…etc.

    beginning to think that the letters stand for:





  •  Anonymous #59860

    NW Arkansas here. We are in the high 40’s today but kind of dreary looking outside. I am staying in and working on small projects. It always brightens my day to sit in my craft room with Dh. He is working on the details on a dollhouse he built. It is pretty amazing looking.

  •  Anonymous #59859

    I’m in Ky. along the ohio river near Owensboro. It’s mostly sunny here today and in the lower 40’s. 2 Weeks ago we had that horrible ice storm. There are still some people out of power…I’m so looking forward to seeing yellow easter flowers…The spring peeper have come out of hibernation and are croking happily…

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