some pics of fairies in a jar

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    I wasn’t sure what category to put these in….recycled pickle jar, recycled nacho cheese jar,and a few more I found out in the yard. Captured fairies! I guess this is altered art, or mixed media??? I cut out a vintage image, added wings, crowns and glitter, beads, filler, flowers, all kinds of interesting things…and I have more to make later, since I saw one made in an old lantern, and I have strings of those..something like 2 dozen(heh!) I hope to get made for our yearly community yard sale!

    okay, let’s see if I can add a pic without any troubles…

    [attachment id=2694,451] [attachment id=2694,452] [attachment id=2694,453]

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  •  Anonymous #86447

    I like this topic.

    The DGDs are over. We trolled the Goodwill Outlet for some “craft supplies” We came up with some fake flowers and some beads and some pipe cleaners. Anyway we have dis-assembled the flowers and then put them together on the pipe cleaners with a bead for a head – they became fairies. The pipe cleaner gets folded in half. Then we make a hat out of the plastic bits or small flowers, then add on the bead for a head. Then we put a few flowers on the pipe cleaner and when done the pipe cleaner that dangles down are the legs.

  •  Anonymous #60949

    Kudzukween, Love your fairies, especially the last one! She is so cute!

  •  Anonymous #60914

    You always make such adorable things!! I love your fairy jars so much. We always host Easter at our house, so I usually get lots of grand baby pics since we rarely have them altogether so I am looking forward to making some of these. Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful!!


  •  Anonymous #60889

    sure, you can put them on your blog 😀 and thank you all again!

  •  Anonymous #60879

    adorable! the third pic especially….she looks like a sheepish fairy thinking of something to do next!! 🙂

    these would make cute place settings at any holiday….christmas-pop a santa hat on the head and ornamental things in with it. birthdays-add silly hat, those horns you blow…candles, etc

    limitless possibilities!

  •  Anonymous #60878

    oh can i put those on my blog? they are so cute….

    im going to try on e for my little guys…


  •  Anonymous #60876

    KudzuKween, those grandkids are adorable and your photos were perfect for this project. I’ve been looking through mine and think I may need to take a few specifically for doing these. I’m thinking I’ll surprise them at Easter by having these tucked amongst my table centerpiece!

  •  Anonymous #60874

    Thanks for all the nice compliments! Here’s the fairies in a jar of my grandchildren. Just pick out a favorite photo, use glitter glue pens($1) Easter grass filler(.50)a jar with a lid(probably free!lol) and some ribbon or string and beads and charms or buttons. I also added battery votive lights inside the lids with sticky velcro, the lights I bought at a yard sale with a lot of wedding decoration leftovers.

  •  Anonymous #60871

    OMG–thanks so much for sharing this. I love when someone tells me how to make something. And grandchildren fairies in jars–that is perfect. Going to have to get busy–I’ve got 8!


  •  Anonymous #60859

    Oh perfect – grandchildren fairies in jars! My grandkiddos are going to love this. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and ideas. My mind is whirling – can hardly wait to get them made!

  •  Anonymous #60849

    I have been collecting jars and the images for fairies, I just need to get them made! thanks for encouragement! smiles, cyndi

  •  Anonymous #60848

    Those jars are just too cute and you are one talented lady to make all of that. I would be bald by now from pulling my hair out! May give it a whirl later though. Thanks so much for sharing the fairies with us! I have a fairy garden in one flower bed but have been to lazy and bought the tiny resin fairies at the dollar store a couple of years ago. Jan

  •  Anonymous #60844

    hey ya’ll, thank you thank you 😀 it’s really easy, it’s like a paper doll,I make a stand out of a couple small pieces of cardstock for the feet, and you slap on some glue and glitter, add a crown or party hat or newspaper hat or witches hat…whatever mood you’re in! Find a free image online,or print out your own photos,print some wings,glue it to cardstock for stability; I made my grandchildren into fairies in old mason jars!Add some colored Easter grass or shredded sheet music or moss or newsprint,some glitter,beads, buttons,cover with waxed paper,tissue paper,netting, or the jar lid.I tied string and ribbons on, and tied beads and buttons to it.

    there are some blogs that offer free images, I find lots of cuties that way 😀

  •  Anonymous #60835

    Those are adorable. I don’t think I have the patience to do all that detailed work.

    cindy (tinta)

  •  Anonymous #60831

    they are so cute!!! thanks for posting…ann

  •  Anonymous #60829

    These are too cute! I just love the images. Please post more pics when you finish the others. Thanks! Jan

  •  Anonymous #60826

    Those are ADORABLE! Where do you find your fairy images?

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