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    OMG PINTEREST IS DRIVING ME NUTS….IVE FOUND SO MANY INSPIRING PEOPLE AND PICTURES…. i could imagine making 20…30 boards..ha ha….im hoping to find a way to put a big pinterest button on my facebook to share my JUNKPILE BOARD with my customers…have you seen anyone do this yet?…heres some of the neat junk i have saved…some ours some not.. .

    i love the layaout of the boards,for me its so much easier than going to my files and etc etc andi never learned flicker and you can kindof see it all at once


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  •  Anonymous #82398

    way to go!!… you have more boards than i do!! i thnk we love to sort too…..

    …. i agree…its lots easier to look at your stuff…its just all right there, including the neat links….

    its been kind of groggy for me tonight…. pictures i moved are still there, in some views….

    there is some beau;tiful stuff out there!!! ann

  •  Anonymous #82397

    I’m loving your boards!! I, too, took the plunge and I dove deep! My boards are at:

    I just can’t seem to get enough. Ann, I find this a much easier way than my files and blog rolls. I’m really wanting to get back into crafting/artsing and Pinterest is just making me yearn for it all more and more!


  •  Anonymous #82396

    I’m looking for an old singer for parts… what kind of stuff have you got?

  •  Anonymous #82390

    i think so..for what? we buy them for the parts …if they are going cheap at auction…

  •  Anonymous #82389

    Ann, have you got any old dead Singer sewing machines?

  •  Anonymous #82388

    more space sounds good!!! ditto on I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE PINTEREST a lot…


  •  Anonymous #82381

    One of these days I’m going to dive right in there. I love reading blogs & that does take a lot of time.I have moved again & now have room to do projects when I get stronger.

  •  Anonymous #82377

    Well, I did figure out that you can LOOK without having to join and figure out how to pin things. It doesn’t cost anything to look, right??? ­čÖé Eye candy has zero calories!

  •  Anonymous #82369

    Maggie… you must. It truly does open a whole new world.

  •  Anonymous #82361

    I have been avoiding Pinterest for the same reasons.Please don’t make me go there…LOL

  •  Anonymous #82346

    “Ocular Sugar” – that’s clever! I LOVE the pictures, Ann. Thank you for posting that link. I signed up for Pinterest a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t really figure out how to do it and didn’t have time to mess with it. I can see from looking at your selection of photos how addictive it could be. I figured I’d better not go there! Not enough time or energy as it is to work on all my projects for my booths.

  •  Anonymous #82315

    nice betsy!!! dang , now,i need a bucket list board too….great idea….


  •  Anonymous #82312

    I too, am on the Pinterest bandwagon, Ann. I love searching it and creating boards but it’s way too addicting and time consuming! UGH! (but is a good, compulsive obsessive way! lol).

    here’s my link:

  •  Anonymous #82307

    LOVE the decanters turned into a light fixture! How on earth would you cut that crystal to make that?

  •  Anonymous #82305

    It is addicting! I love the way the boards are and you can organize your own titles. I have been going crazy, there’s so much to see!

  •  Anonymous #82303

    this pinterest journey is making me want to get a better camera and try and learn some NEW TRICKS…. but im so bad with machines…. im loving the little steampunk dolls….and so much more!!!!

  •  Anonymous #82301

    Just spent the last hour on “pinterest”. Got to limit myself but it’s difficult. So many good ideas–one good thing from it though I have alot of new ideas for the upcoming holiday with items I already have around the house. Can’t get any better than this.

    Have a good day!


  •  Anonymous #82300

    no page for me since you already did what I love anyway…

  •  Anonymous #82294

    I think I’m going to need a 12 step program. I ‘loose’ time every time I log in…..

  •  Anonymous #82293

    me too…

    do you have a page copperhead?

  •  Anonymous #82292

    I feel your pain

  •  Anonymous #82290

    you made me do it…….argh !!

    i have been avoiding pinterest because i KNEW it would just consume me……but you made me look..

    i love all your pics !!!

    i just cant spend time on this….i spend enough blog hopping…i could spend all day every day just looking at ‘junk’ and art on the net….i cant stand it !!!

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