Silver Ware Windchimes

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  • KudzuKween #44483

    finished these today!



    [attachment id=17544,2813] [attachment id=17544,2814] [attachment id=17544,2815] [attachment id=17544,2816]

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  •  Anonymous #74942

    Those are really neat. You do look like you live in a jungle–I love it!

  •  Anonymous #74935

    thanks ya’ll ­čśÇ

    i used the handles to make bracelets..and decided to use the fork tine ends for something useful..windchimes!

    i tried to use silver plated coasters or candy dishes,etc. the pink one has a small saucer glued on with silicone caulk.

    i’ve used coated beading wire with crimp beads,and picture hanger wire as hangers.

    these photos are taken in the immediate front yard…

    thanks ya’ll!!


  •  Anonymous #74926

    These are really nice wind chimes..I am working on some pipe chimes,The hanger will be from an old metal chick feeder lid I have had for years..You did a wonderful job..And yes what type of glue did you use..

  •  Anonymous #74674

    so pretty, and such a nice backdrop for the photo…what did you use as hangers?

  •  Anonymous #74673

    Really nice, what did you do with the handles of the forks? I take it you glued the saucer onto a metal tray? What kind of glue? Diane

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