Shabby Romantic Repurposed Pink Metal tray memo magnet board

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    Hi! I got this shabby pink vintage metal tray last week and knew it needed a new purpose…and here it is! I like how it turned out and wanted to share. My process (such as it is) is on my blog Now I need to make some repurposed magnets for it!

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    Love the earring magnets! Great idea!

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    Hopeandjoy, great magnets. And we LOVE pictures of projects! The more the better!

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    They look great!!!!

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    beautiful !


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    Great job. Love the bling. LuAnn

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    OK..finally got some magnets made yesterday. I had fun playing.More pix/closeups on my blog (link above) I feel funny linking my blog, but there are more pix there and I don’t want to clog up this site w/ my pix. Copperhead, I’d like to see some you made!

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    love it…would use daintly jewlery magnets……..

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    WOW!! i want!!

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    I am torn between useful sized magnets and larger artsy magnets but I think a big artsy magnet would cover up what it was supposed to be holding..I guess it would be magnetic eyecandy!

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    Hmmm..lets try this link

    danged technomological junk!

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    for some reason your blog isn’t coming up with the above address

    might want to recheck ­čÖé

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    Ok so I liked the idea so much I broke into my old earring stash and made magnets – burned my finger good on the hot glue… I had some awful looking earrings – way too big for my ears – nice magnets ‘oD I also have a stash of old game parts – I’m thinking those might make nice magnets too. I found some old wooden monopoly houses at GW the other day – not sure what to do with them. The Campbell soup tray is in too good shape to scratch up with a bunch of old magnets- gotta go check out GW… LOL

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    got old typewriter keys to add magnets? would be cute individual or formed into a word like memo or ?

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    Oh, I like the glue on earring idea!!!! Maybe a gaudy or antique button glued on a magnet. I like advertising type metal so I stuffed some magnets into old metal bottle caps & glued. I have a Cambell’s Soup tray would work up nice as a magnet board.

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    I say with the lovely pink magnet board you need to use old jeweled earrings for a little “bling”. Remove the back of clip earrings and glue on magnets. Good luck and let’s see what you come up with.

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    Love it!!!

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    So cute! I like to paint embellishments, so I would paint a small swag of rosebuds across the top, but that’s just because I automatically look for opportunities to paint. Looks nice just the way it is.

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    I made it from vintage crystals from my stash. It is 2 long prisms and one tear drop prism and 2 8 bead sections of garland..I just hooked together what I thought would be pretty for this.

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    WHERE did you find the crystal embellishment?

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