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  • gigi #44012

    cute “chair” ideas for fall?

    or…thanksgiving/halloween themed?

    i have all these metal and plastic school chairs in bright orange and yellow, just dying to be made into something useful…but????

    i know i can sit pumpkins, gourds, etc in them but wondered if anyone has seen something cute sorta like the mothers day/spring ones that hillbilly and a few others posted on here??

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  •  Anonymous #81519

    Some cute fall ideas

  •  Anonymous #69581

    Gigi…that’s the way I feel…why couldn’t I say it that way..

  •  Anonymous #69578

    artifactsMO…love your displays, autumn colors just make me all warm and gooshy…definitely my favorite time of year!!!

    really like the chair color, was it that way prior or did you paint….if the latter, what color of yellow is that??

  •  Anonymous #69574

    Love it!! Beautiful colors!

  •  Anonymous #69571

    Thanks gals…Fall is my favorite season, so it is easy for me to display! Here are a few more photos of that section of our space…

  •  Anonymous #69570

    What a great autumn display! Beautiful!

  •  Anonymous #69569

    How cute…Love your booth…

  •  Anonymous #69568

    Here is a chair that I did for our booth…It is kind of hard to see, but on the back of the chair it says, "It’s Fall Ya’all"

  •  Anonymous #69565

    cannot wait to see chair, hillbilly….love your ideas, keep them coming!! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #69564

    I just made a fall chair… will have to take pix and show you. Not like my others, but only took about 3 minutes to do…

  •  Anonymous #69545

    Cool ideas – thanks for the new website. That’s all I need – still ANOTHER excuse to stay on the computer! LOL

  •  Anonymous #69543

    LuAnn I have the same gigantic mums on each side of my front door.. huge.. and just so bright and yellow.. but gosh.. really have to watch and make sure you water them each day.. at least at my house.. so that is grandson’s job.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #69436

    WELL DUH!!! I’m such a dingle brain…What beautiful chairs. Is artist med the same as MP?? I love that ideal…

  •  Anonymous #69434

    LuAnn–I bet those gigantic mums were stunning! I love your scarecrow’s purple shirt with the black cat on it! Great display!

    Connie and Maggie–What a great website. Loved the wooden chairs repurposed with fabric. The drilled pumpkins were wonderful—especially the one with the flowers! And who would have thought of glow sticks for safe pumpkin lighting?

  •  Anonymous #69414

    I missed it somewhere. Love all the things on there…

  •  Anonymous #69412

    oh yes, that worked! pretty cool looking things on there. thanks!

  •  Anonymous #69409
  •  Anonymous #69403

    mcnaughton, i don’t know if it’s just me, but i keep getting page not found/error when i try to link up to the site you listed?

    sounds interesting, i’d love to see it.

  •  Anonymous #69402

    this probably is not what you had in mind, but I saw these great chairs that had been painted black and the top of the backrest and the seat had been decoupaged in this cool graphic, black and white pattern. Perhaps this will help.…/2009/04/dscf3985.jpg

  •  Anonymous #69392


    This is pretty basic I used for my "autumn" scene a couple of years ago. I just set a scarecrow on a chair with the autumn harvest around it. This may help. Good luck. Let’s see what you come up with. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #69387

    thanks…some of those are pretty cute!!

    i always try to search places but end up with alot of nothing!! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #69383


    I just GOOGLED: autumn chair pictures. Great ideas. I like the chair with the old seat that has a stencil/saying on it. I also like the three different colored chairs side by side. Very creative.

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