Scrabble Keyboard-this is rally cool

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  •  Anonymous #58882

    This is really something. I’d love to have one too.


  •  Anonymous #58877

    What an cool creation…i have this sort of strange fascination for Scrabble tiles. Have a huge old coffee jar filled with them, and I’m still picking them up from yard sales. I made a family board using tiles and a Deluxe Scrabble board. Did you know the deluxe sets come with red letter tiles? *elaine*

  •  Anonymous #58876

    Beautiful work, what a craftsman! I’d love one, but it isn’t in my budget. They’re worth what he’s asking for them though, so very nice. ~tenderlee

  •  Anonymous #58870

    I saw it, too. I want it!

  •  Anonymous #58863

    what an idea!!

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