Rusty Bed Spring-5 Minute Patio Lights

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  • KudzuKween #44577

    This is quick ,and I think it really nly took 2 minutes *wink*

    You need a rusty bed spring, a rusty cottage cheese mold and a battery operated votive or glass holder and candle votive.

    Simply slip the end of the wire on the top side of your bed spring into a hole in the cheese mold, add a light, and enjoy the beautiful star pattern! you could also hang the molds over twinkle lights or cluster the molds with twinkle lights, add a hanger to the mold and hang from the porch…dozens of ideas there…

    [attachment id=18592,2973] [attachment id=18592,2974] [attachment id=18592,2975] [attachment id=18592,2976]

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  •  Anonymous #75645

    And I was picturing an old metal filter thingy from an old coffee percolator….that I got RID of! Dang!


  •  Anonymous #75641

    sounds great! or maybe a tuna or chicken can…would be easy to punch holes in a short, squat can. you could rust it up. i was also thinking these cheese molds might be good just set over a votive somehow, not too close of course, lol..but then light would come out of all the punched holes. it would somewhat keep the wind from blowing out real candles…or even….hmm, set over dusk to dawn lights…i guess you’d want a drill if you did too many of them at once. set the can over something else so you could drill the holes on the outsides of the can. hey…put 2 tuna cans together with the candle or twinkle lights gathered inside it….just thinking out loud 😀

    and thanks ya’ll!


  •  Anonymous #75637

    That’s what I was thinking, hmmmm. Diane 🙂

  •  Anonymous #75636

    Diane – I had the same thoughts – no cottage cheese mold. Maybe a big old rusty tin can with holes punched? How about a painted tin – just add holes.

  •  Anonymous #75635

    That is so cool! Got the springs, check, votive I can get, check. But where in the world can I find a rusty cottage cheese mold? Must improvise I suppose. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm? Diane:)

  •  Anonymous #75632

    Great Idea!!!

  •  Anonymous #75627


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