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    Here’s a garden sphere with the bands.

    Thanks Copper for the ideas. I really like the bird feeder idea.

  •  Anonymous #86419

    How about one vertical ring, one little mason jar or bowl with a candle on the bottom of the ring hung by a chain? Put a bird feeder in the ring and hang it vertically. Getting a jar or bowl fastened on could be a hurdle I suppose. How about an old tin? Didn’t someone post pics of a bird house made out of a tin – put one in the middle of the ring? I like the weather vane idea, too.

    I remember walking past the bar when I was a kid hearing beer barrel polka. I never heard country music until I moved south – we just had polkas. I just about got laughed off the campus for listening to country music, too. It was an improvement over polka music. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bunch of drunks trying to dance to a polka…

  •  Anonymous #86418

    those would look great in the garden!!

    criss-cross several for an open sphere look


    cross 2 and add other items to the top to make a weather vane look.

  •  Anonymous #86417

    Thanks Diane, great ideas! I saw after I posted it where someone made 3 or 4 of them into a sphere. That was pretty neat. I’ll look for the picture tomorrow.

  •  Anonymous #86416

    What a great find! I would take one and make a chandelier with mason jars hanging from it. Or you could take 3-4 and start with 3 chains hanging from the ceiling from one ring, then add another ring with a link of chain and continue on down, add a light fixture in the middle. Of course that leaves you with a dozen more to repurpose! Oh, and I love your rendition of the song. ­čÖé

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