Repurposed without modification?

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    What junky items have you found that have another use, without being modified?

    Here’s mine.

    [attachment id=28669,4091] [attachment id=28669,4092]

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    Ki, I had to laugh at your front door junk… what is it with front door junk??? we seem to collect stuff by the front door. Stuff that should go to someone else’s place or stuff that just got here and someone’s arms musta gave out. Yeah that stuff gets re-purposed all the time. Mostly it collects more stuff. I have a sewing machine table in my front hall suppose to go to my shop 6 months ago – it is holding up more junk that is suppose to go away. Junk just don’t take legs and leave but it sure sprouts wings and collects by my front door. Oh and DON’T L.O.O.K. in the garage – nope. don’t even think about it…

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    I love that! Re-purposed items are my favorite! I love the ta-da moment when you stumble on a new use for something. I bought a movie screen on a stand the other day and planned to take it to my son’s pad. I had it standing by my front door (unopened) and threw my jacket over the top of the stand when I raced in from outside. It made the perfect coat stand. It was hard to give it up after that!


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    I have a thing for rusted things too. My husband just doesn’t get it. Can’t tell you how many times he’s offered to ‘knock that rust off’ at his bench grinder. Or paint! I’ll bring home something with wonderful worn areas or chippy paint and he’ll tell me, “slap you a coat of paint on that and it’ll look brand new.”

  •  Anonymous #83754

    I love walking the old tracks to pick up any rust items laying around, then use them as is to tweak my garden areas, containers, birdhouses, etc.

    adds abit of drama, scale, dimension and rusty charm!

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