REpurposed Christmas Ornaments

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  • patina #48214

    Any clever ideas for ornaments made from REpurposed items?

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  •  Anonymous #84674

    Snowflower decorative is also nice, i have done a beaded Snowflower decoration with red and white beads. Waiting for Christmas then i can take it out ­čśÇ

  •  Anonymous #84650

    I am making santa forks..seen it on pinterest. they are cute cute cute

  •  Anonymous #84640

    Do check out Jill’s junklebells…..most of what I made for each month was recycled …

    type in junk-le-bells in the search box or click on the keyword on my sidebar..

    •  Bloom #87166

      i love Marley. . . . .such a beautiful dog.

  •  Anonymous #84332

    I have an advent calendar project with some ornament ideas on my pinterest, here

  •  Anonymous #84331

    Where have they been?

  •  Anonymous #84329

    Check out Jill Ruths site for Junkle Bells and also Prior has some really cool ones.

  •  Anonymous #84322

    lots on here if you search – I haven’t come up with anything new lately.

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