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  • Peony #45020

    I had the best time today! I planted my window boxes and had some leftover petunias. I have an old wooden birdhouse on a decorative, turned, wooden spindle stand. It’s white and about 30″ tall. Too low to the ground for birds to use. It has a door on the back for cleaning it out. I never did find a use for it.

    But today, I shoved an old plastic pot inside the clean out door, with a scrap of old flexible screening in the bottom to keep the dirt from draining out, and planted bright pink petunias in it. Now the back (with the clean out door open and petunias spilling out) is the front. I’ll have to lay it down to water it, but that’s no big deal. It’s really cute. If I could figure out how my camera works, I’d post a picture. LOL.

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  •  Anonymous #81461

    No, I didn’t post photos. My cell phone doesn’t take pictures and I can’t find my camera. But it’s a white birdhouse on a stand with pink petunias spilling out of it. The opening for the petunias is large enough for them to come out because it’s actually clean out door on the back of the birdhouse.

  •  Anonymous #81439

    Don’t think so.

  •  Anonymous #81433

    Did they ever post photos?

  •  Anonymous #80366

    Sounds great. Post pics if you can.

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