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    i need ideas for a retaining wall..

    i need inexpensive….and recycled…

    i was thinking just doing cement block (which i can get cheap on craigslist) and facing it with something ?? like the corregated rusted steel…

    but i would like any ideas you guys have…….

    its for my little cottage i am redoing…and i am not in a i can do really anything i want…noone will see it but me…

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  •  Anonymous #81878

    gardenguru, I like the way you think.

  •  Anonymous #81873

    thank you all !!! got my thinking cap going..!!

  •  Anonymous #81872

    I like the cinderblock /corregated tin idea..I think that would age to be fab!

  •  Anonymous #81870

    I have two ideas:

    1. A couple years ago, I got LOTS of free rocks from someone who was blasting a huge rock hill behind his auto repair shop – he wanted to expand the building and parking area. The ad was on Craigslist/ I made many trips to get as many as I could. Check out any places in your area where they are doing construction (even small construction sites) and you see lots of rock. They have to pay a company to take away the rocks to grade the land for the final landscaping. So they usually don’t mind someone taking it away for them for free.

    2. For some special features in the wall. In addition to what Copperhead suggested, us items such as colored bottles, interesting vases, small toys (Tonka Trucks) a bowling ball, a metal chair – paint it, and old metal garden structure/trellis & add some pockets to put some plants in. Hope this gets the creative juices flowing!

  •  Anonymous #81853

    this site is very interesting, uplifting and encouraging what volunteers, open minds and re-using things can do!!

  •  Anonymous #81851

    old barn wood would rot – too much work to do it over. I have a basement full of metal junk – old boiler, old furnace, water heater, heaters, all sorts of junk… I wonder what you could find at a scrap yard. Old farm implements? Retaining walls need drainage. We built a house once upon a time. We used big rocks that came up when they excavated. Then we ran out of rocks and gravel so we collected rocks anywhere we could get some. The ones we put plenty of gravel between and behind stayed put. The ones we stacked dry didn’t stay as well. You could use old tires. I think I saw that in Mother Earth news a hundred years ago… It’s probably not legal though. There should be info on line about building a retaining wall. No internet back in the day for us… What have you got you could form concrete in? Maybe you could make your own shapes? Drywall buckets for forms and write in the tops, stack them sideways and have words or pictures show? I think some places have square buckets for icing. Wouldn’t have to be the whole wall.

  •  Anonymous #81846

    remembered him!!!

    “house of fallen timbers” blogspot

  •  Anonymous #81841

    i may settle for that…but i want something out of the ordinary….like totally i saw a guy once who built a wall out of old home steam radiators…it was so cool…but they are way too heavy for me to lug …..

  •  Anonymous #81840

    what about using old barn wood to build it with

  •  Anonymous #81833

    just a thought…..remember the guy who posted on here that has his own blog dedicated to making a log cabin from scratch??

    i wonder if he has anything interesting on his blog that would help you out?

    sure wish i could remember the name!

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