Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

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    Sounds so fun! Love the crawl zone. Can’t wait to see it all done (as I’m sure you can’t either, 🙂

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    I went to google and searched ‘rustic industrial’ or ‘industrial farmhouse kitchens’… WOW I have lots of ideas now. We figured out how to make the butcher block work for 2 kitchens and have some left over! Then I started looking for stencils. I think I’m going to go with ‘caution’ type stencils. I have always loved signs and have several already. I found one that cracked me up. It says CAUTION CRAWL ZONE. I’m thinking I’m going to blow that up huge, cut a stencil and put it on the floor before we varnish. I have a drawer unit that is wilted old kitchen oak – at least 25 years old. I’m thinking some stencils on it’s drawers… I haven’t got as far as figuring out what yet. I just got a kick out of the crawl zone. We also have 3 pieces of wood DH pulled out of the window that has the old house number stenciled on it. I’d like to incorporate that into something, too. If it rains DH might get something put in there this week. If it doesn’t rain he will be painting the house. I have old sewing machine table leg irons that I’m trying to get apart. I think they would make into a neat cart to go under the butcher block table – those legs have been painted with something that really sealed them up. So far I have one nut off and 5 more screws to go. Then I can build a cart I hope. It seemed like I just had a big mental block how to get it to work. Then all of a sudden I had more ideas than I could process. I’m still sorting it all out. I’m liking the industrial thing the more I think about it. I guess it is a good thing I wanted yellow.

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    Wow, what a change. Life always throws you curves, but in this case it was a good one! Go on Pinterest and type in Industrial kitchen and see what comes up! The keys will definetly work in there.

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    The little window is the one removed from the bathroom. This kitchen is costing very little except a ginormous amount of time. The area to the left of the sink is a nice sized walk in pantry. The other side leads to a hall. When we moved the pipes we put in laundry hook ups in that big closet. The house was pretty inefficient with the water and drains. Not so now. We haven’t quite figured out what we are going to do with the dead space above the sink. I’m thinking about little carts to go under the sink or we could put a shelf across the bottom. The butcher block is still in the truck. It weighs a ton. DH thinks there is enough to do that kitchen and the one on the tax house. He figures to pull it out of the truck and cut it to size for each place it will get used. The stainless shelf is way too long – runs up to the window too soon. It may get cut and then the other end used somewhere else. It is big enough to hold up the microwave. Jury is still out on whether it is ok to hold that much weight. We have old cabinets we were figuring on using. We are really liking the industrial stuff though. I spent a day searching for just the right rubber stamps, then an hour practicing the designs… I was going to stamp a mid-century design on the walls but since he sold my cabinet… Now I’m wondering what to put up. What goes with industrial?

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    WOW! Paint is on three walls. We are starting to put things together. The white sink has been sold. DH didn’t want to deal with it…. aw… Anyway we have a hipster kitchen sink – DD begged for it and changed her mind. Then yesterday my son called and said at work they were throwing away a 3 ft by 8 ft butcher block and stainless steel shelf. Both are WAY too big. Too big is ok if we can manage to cut it to fit. I am looking through the junk to figure out what all will go in there to make it function. The sink fits in the space quite nicely. This room used to be a bedroom – the kitchen drain pipes had a really long way to travel after the city came through and put in sewer and water… So we decided to be more efficient with water and drains by moving the kitchen behind the bathroom. We pulled a window from the bathroom, walled up that hole and put the window in the kitchen.

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    How cool.

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    I discovered something today. I was burning trash. In the pile of trash was a window sill insides. My DH closed up a couple windows on the house last week. It had the name of the lumber company and an old house address stamped on it. It is a couple feet long. Some chippy paint on the top and raw wood on the rest of it. At first I thought it was two boards – it is all one board but it has a lot of shaping. I’m thinking I might put hooks on it and hang coats or something. Then I found two more just like it. This should add character somewhere. DH said he never thought about doing anything with it.

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    I like the lampshade idea.

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    I have LOTS of keys. Just trying to imagine what all can be done.

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    I think it would take a LOT of resin. How about doing it small and making a trivit?

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    Would it be possible to glue keys down at random, pour resin over the keys and have a functional work space? I’ve never done resin.

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    Well, I took a close look at the table. It is just oak veneer over poplar but we are just going to try it anyway – it will be across the room from the sink. I need to dis-assemble the top tomorrow afternoon. My sister was in town so we messed around trying to fix a couple bad machines – fail… Then we really did fix a couple but got so confused we just had to go to the Goodwill Outlet and junk…. gasp… I bought about 10 pounds of normal old dead keys. I’m thinking I can make one really awesome wind chime or decorate a light fixture or a whole wall or break into someones house if I can find the right key… Maybe glue them all to the table and make a really hard to clean counter top… The light fixture has me kind of torn up. I have scissors I could put on it or keys now. Maybe I will change it out every once in a while. That would drive my DH NUTS… He’s got two coats of mud on the pantry and bathroom now. It rained – sorry Health Department you’ll have to get over it… no paint for the blue house today or yesterday. I’m starting to get excited about putting things together. I have WAY too many ideas with no where to go yet…

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    I love reading your posts. It sounds like a lot of hard work but I can just imagine the sense of pride and satisfaction when it all comes together. Add some more to your blog.

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    The table is going to be made to work for counter tops! It has places at each end to add leaves. A table leaf will fit one of the cabinets. The table is big enough it can be cut down to fit the other cabinet. We are thinking the cut off piece of the table can be the back splash. The end pieces might make some shelves. We still have some hoops to jump through. There is a rather large window that will be replaced with one that was in the bathroom. That way the counter tops will be high enough to be of use. Then we will have to patch the walls. In the mean time on dry days paint goes on the blue house and not by me. GGGRRR. Did I mention there is NO budget. This kitchen is getting done on a very skinny budget. I hope it looks ok. Not everyone could do this. My hubby has done handyman work for about 30 years or so. I should be a professional scrounger. If I need it I find it. Today I found some little 1 ft long old fashioned towel bars at the Goodwill Outlet!!! The kind that looks like from the 1950s. I keep watching Lowe’s & HD paint mark downs for a wall color I can stand… no luck so far. I’ve been kind of thinking about white paint anyway then doing some 1950s doodles in places since wall paper would cost an arm and a leg. I will have to practice to see if I can get them consistent looking. I sure will be glad when the blue house has all it’s paint…

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    Where there is a will there is a way, maybe a bandsaw?

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    Is there a way to slice a table leg in half the long ways?

  •  Anonymous #86091

    Add those to the sewing table legs?

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    Well, he has the dry wall up in the pantry and the bathroom. The blue house has about 2/3s of the paint it is suppose to have by June 12… It is suppose to rain again so I betcha it won’t get done by June 12…

    The kitchen will have that little sink cabinet and we have some 1980s wood cabinets to go on the other side of the kitchen. Has anybody else cut up an old table to use for counter tops? We are thinking about it – it’s free… My DD has one too big for their place and huge for ours – somebody marred it with a knife… It is oak glued together – kind of a chunky table. I’m thinking it can be cut down, sanded then some finish.

    Any ideas what to do with big chunky table legs – uh left over table legs?

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    Wiring and plumbing are roughed in!!! We shopped for lights this evening. I couldn’t find a thing I thought would go in the bathroom. I did find a vintage looking circular florescent light for the kitchen. It is like I remember in my Grandma’s kitchen. I think there might need to be a few more lights. I’ve searched our own hoard and came up with too ‘new’ looking for the house or parts that don’t go together. Someone already ripped off all the globes and nothing from the store matches. I’ve been watching CL and the thrift stores as well. At this point a pull chain would be the cheapest and most authentic… How do you hide a modern looking vent fan?

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    The vinyl seems to be ok. Yes the price was great. I’m thinking prepping it and painting the cabinet would suit me best. There is enough shabby in that house already.

    BTDT = Been there done that

    DH’s back to doing the pipes. He almost has the water pipes put in and almost has the drain pipes in – then he has to do some wiring after that things will start to go together. Mind you this is not the tax house I have the blog about. It is only the ugly little cottage next door. I’ve started a little business repairing sewing machines – I sort of grew into the whole house some how. At any rate we are fixing it up so that I can do more there. We might ‘camp’ there for the summer so we can get some other stuff done as well.

    I am gathering ideas trying to figure out how things are going to go together. This is very long awaited. I have an old iron sewing machine table leg I’m thinking maybe we can hang pots and pans on it… DH is worried it would be too heavy and pull out from where ever we hang it. I can’t decide if it would be better hung from the ceiling or hung on the wall. It may depend on what we can do at all. The attic is a very tight area above. DH says the boards have to be in just the right place to hand it from the ceiling. I wonder if chains would be more forgiving. Then I have to decide which direction it will hang.

    The other thing I have that could hold up some pots and pans is a leg off a wood sewing cabinet. I have sets and sets of legs… Some are kind of modern which fits with the house time period. Anyway I have a set of modern legs – one or two might go at an angle and hold some pots and pans. Eye bolt at each end. Long chain on one end and a short chain on the other. Then some hooks to hold pots and pans. Very simple. It will be a rather small kitchen.

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    Copper, what does BTDT mean? And, you know I don’t think I’d clear coat the cabinet. As much as I love rust…I think it sandblasted and repainted would be awesome. Just my thoughts. One thing to think about too is the vinyl brittle at all from age? The price was sure right!

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    No we are not living in that house – argh – BTDT though. Right now we have two going at the same time. We are crazy. DH and son are putting insulation in the tax house today. The next step is a DUMPSTER!!!! We have a ton of stuff that we can’t reuse. We never planned to re-do so much of the place – when he started probing things were worse than we ever dreamed. I think we will have a nice set up when it is all done. The blue house will be home. The ugly little cottage will house my sewing business. DH gets a very nice big garage plus one for the car!!! Then we have about an acre and a half between the two. It is very close for me for work. I found some vinyl tile – (vintage) for 10cents each so we will see what happens with that. I have enough to do a large room in a zillion different patterns. I’m loving that. DH isn’t so sure. Anybody think I should just clear coat the side of that cabinet? We found some metal upper cabinets but they were sold out from under us. I’m thinking about alternatives – any ideas? We have a truck load of birch plywood cut offs – high quality from SILs work. I’m thinking of some shelves.

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    Copper, I like your sink. Boy, you all are busy! I sure hope you can get it all done. So you’re living in that house now?

  •  Anonymous #85959

    household we have way less than the can a week. We probably don’t fill it in a month.

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    I would look awful silly taking a bath out in the yard… but is sure is where I’d rather see it… On the other hand we have the Indianapolis Health Department. They are the gestapo around here – they go around the neighborhood deciding if you have junk in your yard and if you should get rid of it – if they want you to get rid of junk they fine you $2000… then they ration garbage – you get one can a week.

  •  Anonymous #85936

    Copperhead, Double bummer. Page 47 of the flea market style. Put the old one out in the yard for a water garden.

  •  Anonymous #85935

    There is nothing endearing about that bath tub – it is short and wide and no relaxation slope to it at all. Might as well have a horse trough… DH won’t go for that though.

  •  Anonymous #85934

    the steel sink goes to DD’s house. darn.

  •  Anonymous #85933

    at least it is down – here is the pile of trash

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    Worst of it is – this is not the house on the blog… this one is next door… sigh. we figured fix a few things and move in – it has turned in to more than that… the grossest bathroom on the street…

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    Copperhead, I really enjoy looking through your fixer-upper. A labor of love 🙂 Love the old sink! and a surprize behind every wall! You must be pulling your hair out at every obstacle and smiling at every find.

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    Why is it there are so many obstacles when you are trying to remodel? We just had to take out more plaster – the walls were crumbling behind the drywall someone put up over it. Always more messy and more work. We found 10 cent a tile for the bathroom at a Re-Store – so the bathroom will have vintage vinyl tile. The tile color I picked was white with green. When we dug into the bathroom walls we found cut up old green metal tiles. The guy doing the tile was hiding his scraps inside the walls. So far no razor blades. The rest of the tile had been removed and was long gone – the walls were crumbling or had big gobs of glue where someone tried to glue the drywall to the old walls.

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    Ok I shall try to post a picture of the sink – it’s drawer is in the cabinet – waiting for some clean up. The clean up has done wonders. Just a little rust on the side of it. Inside the sink there is a little damage due to maybe the faucet leaking for a long time.

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    Gigi, put that addiction to good use! I would have trouble finding enough bottles. Too bad coffee cans wouldn’t work…haha! Then my addiction could be helpful.

  •  Anonymous #85557

    unfortunately…my hubby could build a greenhouse a day with his pop addiction!!

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    Jill, that’s a pretty impressive site! Use what’s available, how frugal and inventive.

  •  Anonymous #85555

    Is it rusty Copper? Do you need to paint it. Would love to see pics.

  •  Anonymous #85554

    I would like a green house too… so many projects… so little time…

    I’ve been cleaning up an old metal kitchen cabinet for the kitchen. It’s a lot of work.

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