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    My niece told my sister who told me about this site. It’s a social network where people post pictures of EVERYTHING! Type in “old doorknobs” and tons of pictures come up with what people have done with them. I typed in “silverware crafts” and pictures of chandeliers, windchimes, jewelry and more popped up. You have to ask to be invited and then they send you a link to sign up, no cost. Just thought you’ld like to look.

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  •  Anonymous #86200

    Is anyone else having problems getting on Pinterest? When I click on the site, the bar comes up across the top with the logo but no pictures?! I’m having withdrawels. Help!

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    My Pinterest is tied to my Facebook and I haven’t switched to the timeline yet. I don’t like the timeline but hear in doesn’t matter that they are going to switch everyone.

  •  Anonymous #83059

    sorry, i already switch to timeline…i thought everyone was going to be switched soon really hasnt made any difference to me…i dont ever look at my own wall, i only look at my feed.

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    Question: I requested an invitation, and I see that you have to sign up through facebook or twitter. I have blocked pinterest on my facebook, because my newsfeed was getting filled with all my friends actions on pinterest. If I want to see their pins, I’d rather follow them on pinterest than have them take over my facebook newsfeed.

    I see that I can sign up for pinterest, but limit my actions on it to only me. That’s good.

    But it also says that if I allow the pinterest app, I will automatically be switched over to the new timeline. I realize that’s coming, but I didn’t plan to switch over till they make it mandatory.

    Has that happened to any of you? That you got switched over because you signed up for pinterest?

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  •  Anonymous #82954

    i finally jumped on the bandwagon…

    totally addicted..

  •  Anonymous #82904

    I have been so busy trying to get our spring barn sale underway, I have only had time for finishing projects. I check this forum every day and still love it here, where like-minded folks gather. Hope you will all check my pins out on Pinterest.

  •  Anonymous #82903

    I cant help myself…I love it. Although come morning that alarm saays…stay off of pinterest!! uggg..needm more discipline.

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    Jennifer, I like your site about Mother Earth, I have something similiar called things that make you go WOW, I see you’ve pinned some of mine, Yeah! I have too much fun on pinteres, and now my “responsible” sister told me she is addicted, I am LMAO!

  •  Anonymous #82898

    I love …i have a board dedicated to my ebay sales vintage items only and soon to come my etsy page, as the market in my area is nothing more than tube socks and baked goods i am forced to sale online..i love looking at your pins and hope you enjoy mine, it is fantastic to draw inspiration for like minded people

  •  Anonymous #82888


    Ann — your board on angels in cemeteries struck a chord with me…I have always found these captivating. In the cemetery on Macinac Island in Michigan there is one so sweet with her hands outstretched…I seek her each time, and each time she tugs at my heart. Who’s grave does she watch over?


  •  Anonymous #82887

    Mine is

    I had to leave out the “i” in the diane “in” the valley

  •  Anonymous #82885

    I am loving the site. Please take a look. I have spent half the afternoon visiting you guys and I love your boards. Everyone has such great ideas and taste. Yes, I am addicted.

  •  Anonymous #82884

    i enjoyed your boards kari…. such fun….


  •  Anonymous #82879

    I am really loving pinterest….even blogged about it….

    Find my link here:

    Such fun!


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  •  Anonymous #82368

    Hello again all! *waves* I had to pop in again since a have a brief moment. AND had to comment on this post. I am completely and utterly in love with Pinterset. I have found some of you without even realizing it! 🙂 I just feel it’s another place to socialize and feel connected to your fellow junkin’ friends. I have very little time to blog anymore, but popping on Pinterset for a quick look is a lot simpler for me. If you’re on, find me and I’ll find you!

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    im looking forward to seeing everybodies board!!i thnk you will like the wire girli jsut pinned on mine here… its pretty easy after you get started…. i wishi could rearrange the pictures tho…. also would like to put a button to my boards on my facebook page….i havent s een that done yet…

  •  Anonymous #82319

    help! i’m being held prisoner on Pinterest!!!

    my daughter told me about the site; i think a lot of the younger gals gravitate towards it because it encompasses such a variety of interests. and, yes, it IS totally addicting!!!

  •  Anonymous #82258

    Ann, be warned, it is VERY addicting! I love all the inspiration.

  •  Anonymous #82243

    THANKS betsy…i got it…but have so many favorites its kind of hard to see the pin it button….i can see this is really going to be FUN!!!

  •  Anonymous #82237

    I couldn’t figure mine out. My windows is set up different from the tutorial. She-ne thanks for helping me figure out how to do my boards…

  •  Anonymous #82235

    Ann, I downloaded a “Pin It” button which is saved to my favorites tool bar located across the top of my screen. When I see a picture I want to Pin I just click it and voile’ a window pops up and lets me pin it to whichever board I have created and want to post it on. I don’t have to be on the Pinterest website to do this and it is quick.

  •  Anonymous #82234

    Click on the picture you like. It will take you to another “screen” to repin. You will be asked to name the board that you wish to pin it to. You can name it something like Recipes, crafts, etc. You can always pin to a choice of any board that you set up.

  •  Anonymous #82233

    I just get on and start looking. When I see something I like I click on the repin.

  •  Anonymous #82232

    i got on….thanks to a friends invite….now im trying tolearn….i cant seem to figureout how to get to the pin button easily….do oyou always have to go to your favorites to get to it?

  •  Anonymous #82164

    Diane – my other blogs are for our family construction biz and and 1 for my writing career, which I just found out I have messed up by redirecting somehow! Arrrgh I don’t know what I’ve done wrong and really need to fix it. This is what happens when you try to do too much.

  •  Anonymous #82163

    Dear Helen, I have to tell you, it is ADDICTING! I check in with my junk friends here but I have been spending WAAAAAYYYYYYY too much time looking at pinterest. Hey, where’s your other blogs?

  •  Anonymous #82162

    I signed up but am actually afraid to try it. I have 2 jobs, 4 blogs, 3 dogs, junking, thrifting, crafting, cooking oh and a family and I can’t add another addiction.

    But I have seen people use my blog photos on it (I don’t care as they are images from magazines, not my personal ones).

  •  Anonymous #82150

    i applied and am waiting…. how long does it usually take?

  •  Anonymous #82149

    I’m on the Pinterest bandwagon and spend more time than I need to searching it and enjoying all the inspiration. I share a lot of your concerns.

    One humbling thing I have found is that there are very few original ideas looming in this little ole head of mine. Just when I think I have a cool repurpose idea, I google it and Voila’.. it’s somewhere on the net already in a similar version. That is how I found Pinterest, when I was googling repurposed vintage lace. Now I realize it’s just a matter of creating a unitique realm within the style you’re envisioning be it repurposing jewelry, clothes, lace, architectural elements or whatever. We can put our own touch to it and make the ideas our own and hopefully this will stand out. (oops… I got a little carried away with my rumblings! lol). Here’s my link

  •  Anonymous #82136

    I love the pictures. But a lot of the ideas are things I have already seen. But it’s nice to have an online scrapbook to look through. So one of the things I noticed is a LOT of “artsy” photos. Some of them, well let’s just say not my taste. What happened to no nudes?

  •  Anonymous #82133

    Leveta, you are right about what sells in different areas.

    The ladies around here are usually up on the latest trends. However, this year, I had banned silk flowers, because I thought they were so “old hat”. Well, at our community gathering, I had a lady ask if we would have the lady from Houston back, the one that does the beautiful Christmas (silk) floral arrangements. She uses a lot of grapevine and twigs, so they aren’t totally silk.

    Since our place looks like a community, with five different old time buildings, I have decided to let the ladies who do the more modern stuff be set up in a different building. The old homestead and its yard will be used by my family members and others that do things similar to ours (vintage,primitive,shabby chic,antiques,and re-purposed items).

    To make it an event, and get more free publicity, we have added an old time singing area, alongside several men who do

    re-purposing. One makes cigar box guitars and plays them. We will have a lot of our old time decorating completed, and we are having Santa drop in from 6-7 for the parents who wish to come by and take pictures. He is the real Santa, complete with a real long white beard. We have known him for many years. He loves children.

    We will have a tent with lots of antique/vintage items for ladies who wish to do their own re-purposing. Our buildings will be filled with lots of ideas, as this is the way I decorate.

    Just throwing this out there, thinking it might be something you would want to do. Seasonal one day sales work so well for us, because they are based on impulse buying. It is like they know they have to buy today, if they like it. They can’t go home and think about it.

    I just feel that if folks are in a good mood, they are more likely to find something they can’t live without. Your place looks like it would make me be in a great mood.

  •  Anonymous #82129

    Our area is behind times. Anything different is view usually for the first time here when I live. It’s funny in a way. Anything old on here is new in my area pretty well. I think other then my fall produce, I think that’s why people liked my shop. One lady done all her christmas shopping for her family cause the stuff I offered was different then the run of the mill in the stores. And I have you ladies to Thank for that…

  •  Anonymous #82127

    I think that Pinterest has to be used for ideas to get the creativity flowing, but to do something just like what you find there only dilutes the market. The only plus is that it is such a large audience it will be much harder to dilute, as what is hot in one area is not in another.

  •  Anonymous #82125

    I still don’t know to much about what I’m doing but I went in this morning and pinned several things. Ok, what is a good adhesive craft glue? And on the terra cotta cake dish what kind of glue did they use to attach the small flowerpot to the basepart? And if you paint it do you need to use a specific kind of paint…For those who don’t remember or are new, I ask alot of questions…lol

  •  Anonymous #82123

    im waiting for a reply….i would have to think about having my pinterest on my facebook business page for some of the reasons mentioned abouve….on the otherhand…most of my fans love stuff and would like to see a lot……it might be a plus on my business page… they might be on there already or already seeing tons on utube…or all the other great web places..

  •  Anonymous #82122

    Am I the only one that is a little afraid of Pinterest?? This is what I mean….i have a HUGE holiday sale coming up. I am afraid that I will hear a lot of “Oh, I saw one just like that on Pinterest.” or “Did you get this idea from Pinterest?”

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the site, but I see so many of the things that I have been making the last few years and than I posted some of my own stuff and it got repinned….

    I am just afraid that it might make my customers look at my work a little differently…maybe I am over analyzing things!!

  •  Anonymous #82063

    Leveta if you click on the picture of the “pin” it should take you to the original website where the picture came from. Then if there is a tutorial you should find it there. Sometimes it’s just pictures. People often add if there is a tutorial in the description of the pin.

  •  Anonymous #82062

    yeah Ann, I like looking but I doubt if I could figure out how they do it.

  •  Anonymous #82061

    wow im in eye candy overload from seeing 2 pages…jillruths and luanns…. i dont know if i could find time for this…but it seems so wonderful…

  •  Anonymous #82057

    Thanks LuAnn. I just love the wreaths. Is there a way to find tutorials or do you just have to guess on how things are made? I know a few have the tutorials. I can see why everyone loves the site. Maybe I can get someone to help me figure mine out. I have the newer windows and it’s set up differently…Again THANKS!!!

  •  Anonymous #82050

    Here’s a link to my pins. Enjoy–I’ve found alot from people here.


  •  Anonymous #82049

    Guess i’m to dumb to figure it out. My tools aren’t set up like the one on the video. It doesn’t have the same features.

  •  Anonymous #82045

    Pinterest is now one my of favorite places to visit–behind this one! Can’t seem to stay away.

  •  Anonymous #82040

    I’ve noticed that pictures pinned from an iphone won’t keep the link…I wonder why….

  •  Anonymous #82036

    oh my gosh I have been in this website for a long time and could stay for a lot longer but better get back to work.. what an awesome site.. thanks for sharing… love the glitter time out timer.for little kids.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #82035

    I’m addicted too…

    way too much fun especially for a magazine-aholic like myself who loves photos!


  •  Anonymous #82012

    glad to see they are giving credit. but I think after something has been repinned several times it’s original source gets lost. I saw some pictures that were definitely mine, but don’t link back to me. But most do, so that’s fun.

    I’ve signed up so I can comment, My son has been raving about it and his fiance’ is loving it for wedding ideas.


  •  Anonymous #81995

    well now i guess i will have another sleepless night. when i find a site like this i want to see it all. and you know how one thing leads to another to another……………………

  •  Anonymous #81990

    I have my Clothing students on it looking for recycled/upcycled sewing projects. They, too, are totally addicted. When I first showed it to them and was gushing over it they thought I was nuts and they made fun of me…but then they are on it and love it!

    I have heard about and tried tumblr, too. Not sure how to use it. Anyone else tried that yet???

  •  Anonymous #81979

    If you go to my link, , you will see the one picture I have pinned so far. My niece, Sarah, made this metal sculpture for an awards ceremony. Welded it and everything! Ain’t she awesome!

  •  Anonymous #81971

    Jill you have some great things pinned! Love your style!

  •  Anonymous #81970

    She-ne, love the pictures…

  •  Anonymous #81969

    She-ne, love the pictures.

  •  Anonymous #81968

    No I wasn’t holding out–I’m a newbie there. I’ve only been on pinterest for a short time and am still learning to navigate. How do you find people to “follow”???

  •  Anonymous #81966

    Hope this link works!

  •  Anonymous #81959

    I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I always find amazing recipes on there too.

  •  Anonymous #81958

    Carla can you give us a link? I couldn’t find you there. Thanks 🙂

  •  Anonymous #81957

    You can follow my boards here:

  •  Anonymous #81956

    OMGosh!!! Duh…I just noticed the post name…LOL…Sorry Diane…

  •  Anonymous #81954

    I have been on Pinterest for a few weeks and totally love it. I hope you will all become my followers. Mine is listed under Carla Blackstone. Name of one of my boards is My Piddle Binks Life.It is the board where I pin all the crafty ideas I find.

  •  Anonymous #81952

    Shelly and LuAnn, you mean you KNEW about this site but were holding out on us? Shame, shame. ;0

  •  Anonymous #81951

    VERY addicting!! You start following others’ boards who have similar tastes to find even more great ideas.

  •  Anonymous #81949

    I was told about pinterest a while ago and Shelly you’re right–it’s addicting. I will admit it is a nice way to keep ideas somewhat straight in one place.

  •  Anonymous #81945 is so addicting. I can spend hours on it but I love all the ideas!

  •  Anonymous #81942
  •  Anonymous #81938

  •  Anonymous #81937

    Whats the name of it? I checked out some of the links you posted, got some cute things.

  •  Anonymous #81935
  •  Anonymous #81934
  •  Anonymous #81933
  •  Anonymous #81932

    Yeah! it worked! I am totally loving this site! Figured out it’s linked up to facebook. Don’t know if you need a facebook acct or not.

  •  Anonymous #81931

    So I typed in fall decorating home recycle and found this cute pumpkin made from a book! Hope it comes out.

  •  Anonymous #81930

    I just typed in old doors and 2 pictures came up that I knew were Margo’s. When I clicked on the picture, it gave credit to “Robomargo”. So that’s good to know that they give credit to the pictures.

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