Peg’s Reused Windows

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  • Peg GrahamPeg Graham #43533

    Here’s what I did with some old windows:

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  •  Anonymous #82740

    Great idea. I have made a window for granddaughter a few years ago sort of like yours. Each pane has something about her in it. Mom and dads names, birth date, nickname…etc. Often old windows can be found on the curb the night before garbage pick up.

  •  Anonymous #61513

    sometimes you can get windows from people who work crafter fairs…all you need to do is ask if they have any to sell…i purchased my 1st frosted window that way and he was cheap! (they also had garage sales several times a yr to clear out their stock….i just watched the paper for them to post.

    another thing…if you see them laying in a field-yard, etc…just stop and ask. most times if they don’t give it away they’ll sell it cheaply, too.

    i also turned to my local freecycle and got a wonderful old 8 pane, missing a few glasses but who cares…it was free, chippy, old and i love it….just need to decide how i want to finish it!

    another option….maybe a far fetched one….but if you call a local window/glass replacement place and schmoooooz ­čÖé them…maybe they’ll either cut you a deal or give them to you to be done with the hauling away!?

  •  Anonymous #61510

    Not sure how to find companies that tear down older homes, etc. Hubby’s family is from S. Louisiana and there are a couple of guys down there that tear down those older plantation homes for the lumber, corbels, etc. As a matter of fact their business is called Corbel…neat huh. They have the most wonderful old fireplace mantels and other stuff and it is so expensive. I have an old hand chiseled sign from a 100+ year old barn that I used outside my antiques store several years ago. The guy that made it put ANTIQUES on both sides of it and it is fantastic. We paid $ 100 to have it done and now have it in the booth for sale for $ 99.95. It is made from an old thick and wide barn beam. Will have to take a picture of it for you to see. It would maybe sell at Canton or some other larger place. If I run across a website that has names of places I will let you know. Jan

  •  Anonymous #61509

    If you have a local Habitat For Humanity restore they sell things like windows,doors, etc.

  •  Anonymous #61507

    Jan, depending on shipping, that might be an option for me. Thanks for the offer – but don’t look especially for me. I’ll keep my eye out here too. How do you know where to search for companies that tear down old houses or remodel and then sell or give away the old stuff??

    Peg, wow, you lucky ducky!

  •  Anonymous #61501

    I didn’t even buy these windows…got ’em for free when a neighbor was re-doing their windows.

  •  Anonymous #61498

    Hey if there are any large ones at the sale on Saturday and they aren’t too pricey (under $ 5.00 for large ones) I might can get them and send them via UPS to you. I sold lots of 6 pane window frames for $ 2.00 each in my last garage sale. Just got tired of them sitting around and what didn’t sell was donated to the thrift store. Jan

  •  Anonymous #61494

    Those are just gorgeous! I wish I could find windows with panes in them that aren’t over my budget!

  •  Anonymous #61478

    Peg we have a black pug. He has the white chest and his front feet are white… I love seeing new ideals with old windows.

  •  Anonymous #61475

    Now aren’t you the clever one! I love those! Jan

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