Parade of Trees ideas, please

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    Doing the Parade of Trees in local community…the theme is “All Creatures Great and Small” We don’t have to use the theme…I just need ANY fresh ideas!!!

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  •  Anonymous #82156

    Yeah I found it. This the lady’s website who posted about the artis that makes the owls out of junk. I cut and pasted the address as I could not get it to post correctly. Hopefully it works. Very cool stuff.

  •  Anonymous #82155

    I saw on Pinterest owls that were made out of junk. They were so cute. I can’t remember whose they were but if you go on Pinterest and put in owls in search Im sure you can find them. She did a ton of them. They were made out of anything from the kitchen or workroom that was a circle. So a pot lid for the body and two jar lids for eyes with something more circular in the center of the eye and maybe a button in the center of that. then she would find some kind of metal that would hang down between the eyes for a beak. something triangular for the ears and then I saw springs for the feet twisted around a branch. They were adorable.

  •  Anonymous #82151

    Like the bling idea with the keys, stars ect. Like the vintage animals too.

  •  Anonymous #82146

    I think we used to make little animals out of nuts, seeds, sticks, milkweed pods and such – I bet you could google that one.

  •  Anonymous #82144

    you could make animals out of the pinecones.. and even other natural items. make raindeer out of branches, birds out of feathers, moss can be used for fur, just some things that popped into this goofy brain of mine

  •  Anonymous #82143

    Wonder if I could find vintage animals of some kind on ebay/etsy? Will have to look. Was just thinking I could also incorporate a Noahs Ark idea for this…

  •  Anonymous #82142

    ok…for The Farmer’s Wife Tree I am going to actually use the first line from the poem that the theme came from…”All Things Bright and Beautiful”…I am thinking about blinging up some old keys, maybe adding some color with painted pine cones…maybe even make stars out of the keys??? Do you think I could lay them together to form a star and glue them?

    When I think about the poem, the ‘bright and beautiful’ part makes me think of the sun, moon, stars…so, maybe not the pine cones, I don’t know! 😉

    I am still liking the animal stuff for a tree for my boys. They always want to craft/junk with me, so I think this would be a good chance for them to do that. I also like the random little tree ideas with the little animals.

  •  Anonymous #82139

    too funny, copperhead!! lol ;}

  •  Anonymous #82138

    I just bumped one up. I can see at least one tree with Rudolph marking his space. a la natural….

  •  Anonymous #82135

    you could use old tin cans with a chipmunk peeking out. I can envision my idea but I honestly don’t know how you would get a “deer” or “racoon” in it. LOL But it looks really pretty in my head!

  •  Anonymous #82132

    Ok i’m going to give it a shot. Pine trees randomly here and there like a forest. That white blanket stuff with the glitter to look like snow and the tree’s decorated in whimsey and the little animals scattered about…

  •  Anonymous #82130

    i envision a row of trees from little to big.

    then add your animals and junktifieds according to size

    or maybe opposites (big on little tree/little on big tree)

  •  Anonymous #82126

    make animals out of junk.. like pots and pans, dishes, cups , saucers, make a star out of copper items. use, natural items to add to the animals to make like their tales, ears, fur, etc.make ornies out of small colored bottles. use small gourds to make small animals, paint them and add feathers etc. ideas are endless.. just think out of the box.. so to speak

  •  Anonymous #82124

    paint up some crushed cans to look like animals?

  •  Anonymous #82121

    I am doing one for The Farmer’s Wife. I am also helping with one for my youth group kids, and possibly one for my FCCLA chapter at school. So….I love Diane’s idea, but I feel like I need to incorporate junk. I might suggest her idea to my youth group kids, though!!

  •  Anonymous #82120

    Diane, I love your ideas!!!

    Who’s doing it – you or a bunch of kids? If it goes out doors it would be nice to have a few ornies etc to feed the birdies. In doors, how about some cinnamon ornies in animal shapes hidden in there to smell yummy?

  •  Anonymous #82119

    Ooooh, Diane, you are good!

  •  Anonymous #82117

    I see a pine tree with lots of grapevine and berries, pinecones and feathers and flower bouquets. Then a deer at the bottom with a fox and raccoon, and as you work your way up the tree, smaller creatures, squirrels, chipmunks and birds. With a few white lighs deep inside. Like a little tree catherdral where all the animals are welcome. Anyway that’s what I envisioned. 🙂

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