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    Hi guys! I wanted to share some tables I repainted yesterday. They were pretty bad but I liked how they turned out! You can see the befores and afters and steps on my blog Please don’t judge my grungy carport cement LOL..we are out in the country and nobody sees it but us! (actually it is not as bad as it looks in the was wet and there were leaves all over the place!)

    [attachment id=25243,3897] [attachment id=25243,3898]

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  •  Anonymous #81783

    Beautiful job on the tables and your tutorial was great. I really enjoyed your blog also. P.S. I love old 50’s prom dresses like the one you mention in your blog. I have several!

  •  Anonymous #81781

    Great job. I love the color too.

  •  Anonymous #81768

    fantastic !

  •  Anonymous #81766

    they look wondeful andi enjoyoed your blog too.

  •  Anonymous #81714

    Great job! I read in your blog that you use wet baby wipes to wipe off the antique medium. I never would have thought of that! I most always end up using a wet rag to remove some of the medium where it gets too thick and too dark so I will give this a try. Makes sense to me that it would work great. Thanks for the great tip!

  •  Anonymous #81708

    You done a great job!!!! Love the color….

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